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  1. I get this too. Also in sanctuary onslaught. I've played warframe on 3 different pcs and this problem has been on all 3 and my cousin gets it so i assume it is warframe.
  2. I agree with all you said too. Also, I already deal with toxic people offline and elitists, I don't want it in the game i play to escape that either. I'm just a casual player who has most stuff but I play at my own pace. I don't like a lot of the popular frames except Nova and Wisp and I don't really like any of the popular weapons. There's so many to choose from I switch stuff up quite a bit. I don't even bother with youtube guides or anything. I just experiment and play to have fun.
  3. I agree. I have other weapons that do way more damage. It’s sad they nerf popular and keep unpopular trash. The unpopular stuff is boring which is way I put more time into other games now. Painting a car in a few racing games I play is more rewarding.
  4. When I play Remnant from The Ashes (boss fights specifically), Battlefront 2 or WWZ, I often wish Warframe had some of the things those games have. I mostly play Warframe for the cosmetics at this point and really only certain frames, streamlined looks and not busy designs. So I often take massive breaks since pretty stuff doesn't come along often. With Remnant though I wish boss fights in warframe were like those. With battlefront 2 I like that in the co-op I am not rushed by other players and not trolled by the game itself like running into confusing design choices like I do in WF (specifically teralyst and orb nonsense). In battlefront 2 the combat is so addicting and the melee is more fun too. I like how the co-op missions progress in either pushing forward, holding or being pushed back and it's not just kill x amount of things or farm mechanics, the game is good at making you feel powerful . I hate farming it feels dated. In WWZ just how 2 people can play all the content and do well and making quick choices in intense battles with 100s of enemies on screen is memorable. I know all last week I played warframe but I can't remember any highlight moments aside from things I customized in the arsenal. I still think ME3 multi did powers way better than this game. There was cooldowns and not energy pools which felt more strategic and the abilities were fun, nothing was designed as trash to rank up, everything was mostly good. Playing that game was fun. In warframe farming as fast as possible to the exit screen so I can get up and walk away from my PC is the reward. Hoping they release actual attractive designs is the other thing I look forward too. Seeing a new gun and hoping it doesn't get nerfed or is weak AF and gets tossed away after hitting 30.
  5. Can you do this - Laura Branigan Self Control? around the chorus
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