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  1. I’m getting this same problem.
  2. Yeah I don’t play Warframe to socialize. I have enough friends in my real life. Often while playing Warframe I am talking to them so I wouldn’t put strangers before them. If not them then Spotify. I don’t play games to socialize and I’ve played Warframe since the beginning so I think 7 years now, and in 7 years never socialized and not going to change now. I play to solo, not stand around chatting it up. It’s fine if you want to, just saying life is even more demanding than 7 years ago, last thing I want is socializing in this. The games already got a grind from hell in it, that is an oppressive soul crushing experience, I don’t want another layer of complete and utter drain in this game.
  3. My entire ship looks really bright now and different
  4. I want the reward of no more grinding. Years ago it worked when it was minimal, my rl job always was a worse grind. These days the grind in this game and maybe one other I play is more grueling than my RL job. I deeply don't enjoy grinding for stuff. It's not fun. I don't really do it anymore but it's disappointing to see the next new thing be tied to yet another grind. Thankfully 7 major games I want are coming and I'm playing another right now and loving it. It's got some grind but not the levels of this. In a week or so the grind will be eliminated in that game with an update to eliminate the grind. Then a few weeks later a steady stream of new and unexplored games launch from now until april of next year.
  5. Remnant is just overall better for me after 7 years of the same. Yes different games but also similar in some ways. I also love the camera perspective in there too. Smooth combat and no junk guns. Great boss fights and you can solo them instead of some heath sponge nonsense most older games have. The game values my skill and most importantly my time and if I want to play with others it’s my choice. There's a lot of nice things that I'd love to see in other games... ahem!
  6. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.
  7. I know they patched the range now but all Nightwave tasks not finishing until two tries happens to me. I posted about it somewhere on the forums before. A lot of times it's the 1000 daily one that I have to do two times, but also the cache one which sucks. It'll say I got it then i go back to the ship and I don't have it. Also last week the 5 orb vallis ones, the first two i didn't didn't even count after doing all 5. I did the 5th and 4th hardest missions, then 1-3, went back to the npc after nora didn't trigger with her message and saw checkmarks missing from mission 4 and 5.
  8. Yeah it won't encourage me to play more. I have other responsibilities. I don't have endless amounts of time to play this game and get all the stuff. I just wish there was a value placed on the players time because grinding in games shouldn't be a thing anymore, at least not to this degree. I'm not expecting DE to have the solution to grinds, I'm sure they've been trying to find it themselves so game-play becomes more meaningful. At the same time (and NOT related to this event which is easy, just boring and grindy) they can't have solo players being punished by the game being harder if I play alone. Typical coop centric games suck.
  9. hopefully never. That was why I quit before. It would be fine if the cosmetics or items you get from them were something we could buy at least, but people that don't want to do it , can't do it because of connection speed, or can't sit there that long shouldn't be exempt of those things.
  10. this is why i never buy rivens and don't even do sorties
  11. i don't even know why a co-op game everyone is on the same side, needs leaderboards. it's so last decade. Nightwave should have stayed in too until the next one is ready. It is punishing players.
  12. so far nothing is dropping off him but mods for me. I put my 2 hours into it. I wish it lasted longer because I doubt I will get any of the wolf specific stuff from this. 🙁
  13. so no point in ever doing these? I don't get why they made it so unfriendly. I have work, family, pets, friends, other games, other hobbies.
  14. I'm only able to do a little over half these challenges. I hope I am not wasting my time. All I care about is the stuff at the end.
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