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  1. first christmas i don't play warframe. i can't solo railjack so i waited 2 years for nothing but bought a lot of platinum in those 2 years i regret.
  2. I only play solo. sucks after years of doing it since day 1 of this games release they went another route and it killed this game around the time of year i needed it most. I don't even log in now. Done spending hard earned money on it if it no longer is supporting my playstyle. I know it's harsh or "wrong" to some for me to say this but backstabbed is what I feel.
  3. it's not working for me either. i try to claim it and the page gives and error. i play gta and rdo and I can claim those twitch items fine so it's something to do with warframe.
  4. I have connection issues too so always just solo in most games. Railjack is the end of this game for me.
  5. I solo and will always only solo. I guess this game isn't for me anymore. it has been 100% (i quit when raids existed because they're lame and for mmos and I have played enough of those, this is not an mmo) and then I came back and solo'd everything else. There should npc crew members like star trek online helping out. That game was more fun at this point. And don't bother responding, you'll never convince me of your gotta group, got to add more people i don't want in my life to play a game I play for fun. not to socialize or feel some sense of teamwork together. I get that from my real job and side projects as an artist. I don't want it or have time for it in warframe of all games.
  6. I've been soloing or duoing warframe since the beta (founder), I don't play with others but maybe 1 other friend now and then. I'm hoping that can continue. I built my ship entirely by myself and got everything to this point solo with the occasional friend helping, 1 friend not many. It's not that as the op put I "don't have friends" or solo people don't, just none play this but 1. I have tried getting at least 50 people into this game over it's entire existence and half of those people did make it past the rough start new players have but all of them left because of the farming. I don't have time to form new friendships and put effort into that. I don't want to put time into learning the ins and outs of a new friend's personality to enjoy a game. I already have a ton of real life friends and a few online ones that I rather devote my time than someone new. I'm not playing warframe to find a date or new best friend.
  7. I just play I play entirely solo. I don't want to be in a clan where someone is the boss of what i'm doing. The reason I play warframe is to play on my own terms. It's great people can group up and make the game easier for themselves but soloing is what I enjoy, plus my job and life of constant travel make it so it's the only way I can play and want to play. I don't want to devote mental energy to small talk and niceties to appease some members of a clan.
  8. Did they change the FOV of most of the game? It makes me sick trying to play now. Everything feels really stretched and strange.
  9. I like this kuva lich idea but i don't think i'd grind relics whatever, I really never liked kuva siphon anyway. I know i can buy that pack but those are limited charges on those mods? I love warframe, I've spent 1000s on it over the years but I'm playing too many games these days and i am accustomed to faster fun being delivered than farming to defeat a boss. I think the system itself seems awesome but I wish they'd have gone about it another way. The more farming I have to do the more distance the desire to play the game itself grows. Nightwave is already a massive turn-off for me. I still think a mode that can be soloable or with friends that is more like a siege campaign on new maps with multiple objectives that's a bit randomized where by the time you reach the end you fight your kuva boss, would be better. There could be generals (bosses) on earlier missions related to the campaigns you defeat that show up to help you on the final battle where you kill the boss and take his weapon. The most exciting thing about this release was the darkness color palette and some aspects of melee 2.0 though it still feels the same more than not.
  10. I got him now thank you!...... but now what? I see all his stats and stuff, cool pic but what happens next? I thought something would appear on the star chart but i'm not seeing anything to do now.
  11. after you get your lich, are you supposed to say anything on the star chart maps or does that happen later?
  12. i wish they'd let me buy a lich. 4 hours of playing i haven't seen any new content except for what's on the marketplace. unless my account is bugged every grineer looks the same and i'm just playing the same old same content and i'm bored.
  13. I'm having a similar problem where it's already ypdated and hangs on checking for updates for about 4-5 minutes suddenly one day for no reason although I am always up to date. it eventually loads the game but it's strange. i never had problems before like this. No other games are acting differently. It might have been after a windows update though. I'm not sure.
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