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  1. i don't even know why a co-op game everyone is on the same side, needs leaderboards. it's so last decade. Nightwave should have stayed in too until the next one is ready. It is punishing players.
  2. Play with her on harder stuff OP, she's definitely underpowered as usual. Her 4 should be way stronger.
  3. the same issue on two different computers after this update.
  4. for me it's almost entirely on the orbiter it just is awful. lots of slowdowns and the temps on my gpu are a good 15 degrees higher since the update. Never was an issue until that. No other games are affected and this is consistent on two pcs.
  5. same here 2080 ti etc. I play a lot of high end games with max settings and only seeing it in this now. i'll notice in the orbiter i'll run up the ramp turn to go back down quickly and see some sort of fps stutter issue. reverified and all that. I have this game installed on two different pcs too, same setup and it's happening on both,
  6. I'm having the same issues. Every since the update the temps seem higher too on the gpu, by a good 15 degrees. No other games I play are affected like that. I play a lot of GTA Online (maxed everything and advanced settings too) and that game runs cooler now than warframe which used to run much cooler and gpu not hitting 100 .
  7. Will they ever get along?
  8. I rather have Lester from Warframe to be our main contact, but that won't happen. Anything is better than Lotus though.
  9. I like the fight but i hate the jumping parts and how you teleport over and over then get one shot by the boss, it's cheap af. I've never been good at it since really old games as a kid. I hate it actually. The other parts of the fight are great though!
  10. so far nothing is dropping off him but mods for me. I put my 2 hours into it. I wish it lasted longer because I doubt I will get any of the wolf specific stuff from this. 🙁
  11. so no point in ever doing these? I don't get why they made it so unfriendly. I have work, family, pets, friends, other games, other hobbies.
  12. I'm only able to do a little over half these challenges. I hope I am not wasting my time. All I care about is the stuff at the end.
  13. Thanks the 2019 Nova convention would have been a disaster!
  14. That's a poor suggestion and paltry insult. I've been playing this game since beta. I don't want god mode but I don't want bullet sponge Ubisoft enemies either. It's not even a challenge it's just bad and definitely not fun. Fighting the enemies at the difficulty they are now in Fortuna isn't skillful, it's monotonous. It was fine as it was before when they first changed it. A lot of the spawns current act like a survival game server setup by someone who is messing with the spawns and putting in too many enemies and turning their health(shields) up to ridiculous time wasting amounts. There's zero skill involved in that kind of gameplay and if anything it promotes the opposite of the type of gameplay this game is about. The way it was kept things at a much more satisfying pace. You act like this game is a magnum opus of "challenges" but it's not. It's a f2p loot shooter. The true skill and challenge you seek is in other titles. Bulletsponges and cheap enemies is not remotely skillful. It's just frustrating.
  15. yeah I agree, lame bullet sponge nonsense. I'm not giving into rivens since they can be nerfed and I don't even do sorties they've never felt fair, just constant silly deaths. Right now changing the difficulty back makes it more a turn-off. It's hard to process what is even going on half the time with lame enemies too far away to be affected by enemies the size of a dot, shooting at me while a broken spawn of tons of enemies with bullet sponge Ubisoft levels of bad are all killing me over and over. It's really frustrating and not fun. Maybe for 4 people but I will never do that and unless they remove the 3 or under players, or solo player which is what I do, it's a 1-4 player game, it should scale a bit better.
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