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  1. Limited? Unless you only had 1 ability on, you wouldn't be limited in any way. In fact almost all of my warframe builds got 1 or 2 more slots.
  2. I said -Duration. MINUS. I'm talking about Fleeting Expertise.
  3. You haven't really thought about the people who likes this cute little mod called Overextended? You know, because I'd like to have at least DECENT strength while having max range. But nooo, if I want that then I can't have max efficiency, So wadduido? Ermgurd new +strength corrupt mod, bettr get it plox. 30 Vault Runs later I finally get it. Spend all my fusion cores and about 400k ranking it up to 8. Huehuehehuh can't use yer rank 2 blind rage, only +15 strength for yu trololollool WHYYYYSIUDFGSDIUSDUGFHSDIURGSDUGIOWD
  4. It's most likely a bug though. Like someone said on pg1, the game probably reads Transient Fortitude as Blind Rage since it's the only corrupted mod with the same positive effect.
  5. It has to be a bug. Why would DE disallow two corrupted +Strength mods but allow two corrupted -Duration mods?
  6. Alright, the problem seems to have fixed itself. My Vay Hek scans just showed up.
  7. I've also noticed a few times that while in a mission, my Zephyr would move her head towards something, like you do in the ship. It looked like she was looking at something... Well, you know, she might just have an Eagle's eye.
  8. Today I joined a Vay Hek keyshare party to get his codex scans (I'm a collector). My Helios scanned Vay Hek probably around 10 times in all 4 missions, and scanned his Terra Frame 4 times. When I leave the party to check my scans, there's absolutely nothing new in the codex. This may not be a Helios problem though, as I managed to scan Vay Hek once manually. It's strange, though. Because I could swear that the Zanuka Hunter scan was taken today. And yet... when the Stalker appeared today as well... Helios wouldn't scan him (And yes, I do have a scan left for him). They said they had f
  9. Oh well, guess I'll just have to settle with 85% strength
  10. Yeah, imagine. 112% Power Strength and still max efficiency!
  11. I can't put on the new corrupted mod Transient Fortitude along with Blind Rage. I really hope this isn't intentional... http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/545260203889743856/380BC448E78A202103FDCD06F0FE68122FA977F4/1024x640.resizedimage
  12. You have 3 more abilities to use, and all you have to give up is one mod slot.
  13. In the last Prime Time episode they said that there will be a 2nd Day of the Dead, and that the skins will return.
  14. Oh god, those infected guys are pretty creepy q.q Wish there was a cheat code I could use...
  15. Alright guys, I've bought the game. 10 dollars, used, for PS3. Can't wait to play :D
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