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  1. When you say "old Ember", you're not talking about the closed-beta male Ember, are you?
  2. There's a problem though. With phase 1 of the melee rework, the auto-blocking will cancel and prevent charge attacks. So this'll be all fun and games until someone hits you with literally anything.
  3. Wrong. They made it a one-handed cast and usable in mid-air back when Bladestorm was reworked. Also, there are plenty of mods to help with knockdowns.
  4. There's also the fact that Warframe runs on the Evolution engine.
  5. I'm really hoping that the next Open World will be on Eris with infested, and though we don't know a whole lot about DE's plans yet, I do remember them giving one little tease a few Devstreams ago. I can't remember the exact quote, but they said something like "The next open world is going to be hot". Easiest guess there would be Mercury, but I'm really hoping it's not, because, although a lava planet would be cool AF, it'd be the Grineer again, and we still have 3 other unused factions they could choose from instead.
  6. Aim, walk sideways, and dodge at the same time.
  7. Low? What? I just played for like an hour yesterday and I encountered him.
  8. None of these are appearing. You gotta upload em to a website like imgur and then paste the link
  9. The Corpus design variety in Orb Vallis is so refreshing to see after years of seeing the same old Crewman, Moa, and Osprey models making up 99% of the Corpus faction, with nothing but colours to separate them. With the release of Fortuna (or later?), could we also get this design variety added to the rest of the game?
  10. Hey DE, long standing player here. I've been loving Warframe ever since U12: Zephyr Rises, and have 4,000 hours clocked in. Due to TennoCon happening right after The Sacrifice, you pretty much glanced over it in favor for Fortuna talk on the last Devstream, so now would be a good opportunity to actually talk about some Sacrifice stuff. The thing I want answered the most is; Will we ever be able to add Umbra polarities to other gear at some point? Maybe with a special item or something? Those Umbra mods are really sweet, but need a lot of resources to become viable, and it hurts a lot more when you need to Forma every other slot, strongly restrict your build flexibility, and use Steel Charge just to be able to use them on other Warframes. Will there be more Umbra Warframes and/or mods in the future? Obvious question. We like Umbra. We want m00r. Will specter AI be looked at to improve Umbra behavior? Some better targeting and navigation would be nice. Also, Umbra chill in Orbiter when? Alright, that's it, thanks for reading. Oh, and I almost forgot my good ol' Hektato:
  11. There's just one little thing I want answered... Will be ever be able to add Umbra polarities?
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