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  1. Seems less like a light Warframe and more like another Gara. Abilities revolve to much around glass to be more than a mirror Gara. Honestly a light Warframe shouldn’t necessarily be tanky but mobile because it’s light. If glass has to be involved then it should focus on smart build ups and traps. Could easily make this Warframe synergies with Gara to make a power couple. With the name Euclid, who was the father of geometry, the abilities should allow more control of the light bouncing off in angles rather than something more random. Light Should be more controllable though glass. I have some idea if you use the name Euclid and a light Warframe. My ideas center around a Warframe that sets up traps and ambushes, being more selective. Remember that light isn’t necessarily lethally radioactive, only from certain source would it be considered so (I.e. the sun) Gleaming beam: creates a beam of light that deals very minor heat damage. The cost would be extremely minimal. Passing though Gara’s Glass will cause Gara’s glass abilities to flash, blinding enemies in the vicinity. This ability would be cheap as it is more of an activation ability to initiate synergies rather than a straight powerful one. Glorious Prism: Puts down a pyramid glass prism that can capture light and re-release it in a stronger form. (Glass prism would most likely have duration due to being non-mobile). It would be activated by firing any light ability at it which would frantic increase damage and making it basically into a death orb. The Reflected rays of light from the prism can activate other prisms, increasing the damage more (having a maximum cap to prevent infinite damage or damage is gradually increased to instead instantly) and increasing the size of the rays. Once the duration ends the prisms overheat and explode glass everywhere dealing slash damage. Blink: Euclid turns into a beam of light going straight and ricocheting off walls and glass. Impacting an enemy blinds them and deals minor heat damage. Hitting a prism will redirect and empower heat damage dealt while ricocheting and reset reset the duration. The Warframe will not benefit from regen or abilities while in transit. Passing through Gara’s glass will also empower and ricochet the ability. Focal Beam: Euclid uses many focal lenses and creates a dangerous beam of light that deals massive heat damage. Hitting prisms with this beam will empower them causing them to explode massive amounts of light dealing massive heat damage and possible minor radiation damage. Hitting Gara’s glass will focus the beam increasing the damage. passive: Has increased energy regen in the light and Increased ability power in the dark. This is more inspired by the saying “Light Shines Brightest in the Deepest Dark” An alternative to your passive,Instead of scattering shards of glass when shield is broken they could emit a flash of light that blinds enemies in the vicinity, allowing Euclid to run and recover their shield. Could also have a bonus when Gara and Euclid that they share when in the same team. don’t know if any of my criticism or tips may be useful but this is what I personally think. Yours would be more interesting if Gara didn’t exist
  2. Yeah, kinda figured too much may be happening with it. Considering the two Warframe ideas, the other could be Vishnu to make them reflect upon each other. Could probably split the final ability up 3 ways to make it to activate them separately.
  3. Some people started posting their ideas for a "gravity" warframe so I decided to post my own. A gravity warframe is a touchy one due to a possible resemblance to other warframes (especially mag) so I centered mine around a Blackhole concept as well. A melee centric warframe that pulls enemies towards it to pulverize them into them into dust. This is a warframe with a Blackhole in the center of it's body being contained only with void energy. This warframe may run off of timed abilities and charges rather than traditional energy style. Due to the idea of gravity being a force of nature, I thought that making some ability affects (such as pulling or visual hinderance) should affect allies to causing the warframe to be a hindrance to allies at time however does not cause damage to allies. Name: Shiva Gender: non-binary Passive: Supermassive Shiva's abilities will generate magnitudes until he reaches a Charged state in which he converts them into basic void energy that infuses with his body to prevent internal damage Charged stare increases melee damage and reducing damage of incoming attacks for a short time. This is shown by a magnitude counter (most likely a black circle that will develop a revolving swirl around it). Magnitudes are used to activate abilities instead of using energy. Shiva will generate 1 magnitude every second with the max being 100, causing charged state to happen when going over 100. Ability 1: Accretion disc Shiva releases slight magnitude of their power creating a massive burning disc of dust and gas swirling around them. This ability will deal minor radiation and heat damage while slowly pulling enemies towards them1. This ability will consume 2 magnitude every second and can be deactivated at any time Ability 2: Relativistic jets Shiva releases magnitudes built up that causes gas and dust to launch at near light speeds in a line going behind and infront of them. This ability will consume all magnitudes gathered up while damage and range will depend of magnitudes spent. This attack deals radiation and puncture damage while punching through all enemies in the direction. Enemies affected by this ability will be knocked down (and possible launched) Ability 3: Photon Sphere Shiva will reveal more of their center causing a Photon sphere to from around them, crushing and absorbing any projectiles that hit the sphere (both inside and outside) and cause them to orbit for a short time. the sphere is shown to be a large black ball that makes it difficult to see beyond the sphere. Enemies trying to enter the sphere may be hit by captured projectiles (may affect allies?). Enemies inside the sphere will take large amounts of impact damage every second and will be significantly slowed1. This ability has its own health while also hindering the users vision and ranged combat. This Ability is primarily used to allow Shiva to approach ranged enemies while taking less damage. This ability will consume 20 magnitude and can be deactivated at any time. Ability 4: Death, Destroyer of worlds Shiva opens their containment chamber (in a meditation like pose), revealing the most destructive force in the universe. This causes three effects depending on how close enemies are to them. In the outermost ring (largest zone) enemies take Radiation damage and a slowly pulled towards the center1. The Middle Ring (Event Horizon) will deal impact damage for every second inside, causing enemies and projectiles to be hyperly slowed while being pulled towards the center at a higher rate2. The Innermost ring (Singularity) will deal an incredible amount of Impact damage and absorb projectiles. At the end of this ability, Shiva will generate a damage absorption relative to how many enemies died in the ability radius and damage absorb during the duration. The ability consumes 5 magnitude ever second nor can it be canceled when enacted. Photon sphere will be still active if this ability is initiated with it active (which could screw up damage absorption). notes1: Allies are also pulled at the same rate of enemies. warframes will be fast enough to it doesn't trap or majorly slow them down. notes2: Allies are pulled at half the rate enemies are (For higher pull speeds) which causes it to become difficult to direct of move outside the area Notes: I may create actual stats if people actually like this concept but other than that this is one that I've thought about for a while but never could really figure out without potentially being a better version of a warframe or to overpowered. This one is probably to overpowered which is why I added the little negative parts of this warframe affecting allies and being slower to generate magnitude. was inspired to put my take on gravity warframe by tattsu7793's Hadron concept (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1283771-hadron-the-gravity-warframe-not-mag/) and zyquaza's Horizon concept (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1283733-horizon-gravity-warframe-concept/). Would like criticism on this if you would kindly do so....
  4. Yes black holes ooze radiation but that shouldn’t be the bigger danger of it. You don’t need the Warframe to make a black hole but could be the black hole. One ability could focus on the radiation aspects (probably an attack based off of relativistic jets) but not much more than that. Abilities could center around it instead of at a location, making it perhaps a more melee focus Warframe that pulls enemies towards them and immobilizes them. Could even have abilities that have it literally eat bullets shot at it.
  5. Honestly a gravity Warframe would most like have to revolve around a black hole theme to avoid being to similar to other Warframes (also black holes are the most powerful versions of gravity). All damage from it should be impact because it’s gravity, not some magnetic disturbance or radioactive element, but just the sheer power of gravity. Abilities could be something like the Event Horizon, where it basically freezes enemies in time around him, or Singularity where enemies around him takes good impact damage while being significantly slowed. I know impact damage isn’t the best damage but making him deal magnetic damage makes him more comparable to mag. The passive could revolve around manipulating personal gravity or density that could enhance jumps, falls, or slams. the Warframe shouldn’t manipulate gravity but BE gravity…. Just my thought on a gravity Warframe (been thinking about one for a while now)
  6. Dreamer, do you remember the Stories of Aurgelmir? That there was once a Warframe, one of the first tests, that could change planets. They say he was so large that a mere step could crack the ground, that his breathe could move the skies and change the weather, and that he could create glaciers with just his hands. They say he was able to shape worlds and destroy them. Yet when the Sentients came, they say he sheltered his people and protected them. That he froze the entirety of Sao’s Ocean to trap a great sentient and moved them into the void. People say a lot of things about Aurgelmir yet no one remembers him. People reason that he’s just a myth, a way to justify Sao’s disappearance. But Dreamer, I know you’ve heard the news and gossip. That the Frozen moon has been found in the void. Dreamer, We shouldn’t wake that Slumbering Giant to avoid the gaze of whatever sleeps with him. -Nora Night
  7. This is a alternative concept to my Gold demon Warframe: Avarice in the sense they both revolve around gold. This Alternative Concept for a “gold” Warframe represents the everlasting symbolism of gold and traditional alchemy through the philosophers stone. Due to the alchemical origins of this Warframe, he may come off as Lavos “Brother”. Ouroboros is a smaller and skinnier male Warframe that resembles a humanoid figure in a cloak. The arms of Ouroboros are large for his size due to they are 2 sets of arms (one set of arms over lay the second set). In the palm of his hands are small crimson stones that absorb Materia to empower his abilities. His extra set of arms will never ungrasp his base set of arms. Instead, when he uses his abilities, other sets of Golden arms form from his cloak to execute these abilities. Ouroboros never uses his real hands but holds his guns with ones that are summoned. He hovers with his arms behind his back instead of walking. This is to create a intimidating and powerful presence over his enemies. Through killing enemies with his abilities or in his abilities areas of effect, he absorbs “Materia” which is captured in his Philosophers stone. Materia inside the philosopher stone will increase exponentially over time. Under a certain number the increase will be minimum but will drastically change at higher amounts. Holding ability activation will “Cash In” the Materia empowering the abilities power by however amount of Materia was spent. Cash-in will consume all Materia. Passive: Ouroboros will gain shield recharge and over shield based on his amount of stored Materia. Existing Materia doubles at a interval of every 20 seconds. Enemies that Ouroboros kills will grant 5 materia. Abilities: Transmutation- Ouroboros creates a extra set of arms that make a circular hand sign. It will create a field that will turn everything in the area to gold for a set duration. Enemies inside the area will also appear as gold, weakening their armor and reducing incoming damage. Cash-in: Ouroboros will collapse his hand Transmutation hand sign dealing Magnetic damage equal to his Materia. Enemies that die from this will turn into statues of gold and give 20 Materia. Enemies that die from this ability have a higher loot drop rate and drops double the amount in credits. Equilibrium-Ouroboros summons a set of hands that create a parallel(similar to a equal sign) hand sign. This ability will heal Ouroboros through sacrificing his shield and energy. If his Health is full when this ability is activated, he instead heal his allies. Cash-in: Ouroboros claps his hands together, turning his cloak gold, creating damage absorption 3x the amount of stored Materia he carried. He also grants nearby allies over-shield equal to Materia cashed in. Quicksilver- Ouroboros has an extra set of hands hold his gun, transmuting it’s bullets to mercury dealing bonus toxic damage with increased fire rate. Allies near Ouroboros’ area will benefit from this abilities effects. Cash-in: Ouroboros will make Golden duplicates of his current gun, having 4x the amount of guns he had. These guns are carried by other Golden arms summoned from his cloak. These guns benefit from the quick silver ability but will last for the amount of ammo left. The extra guns have ammo equal to 1/2 the amount of Materia that was stored. The guns will disappear if Ouroboros is defeated, reactivating the ability, or switches weapons. Magnum Opus: Ouroboros will use his Materia to create armor that protects and rejuvenates him. This ability requires are least 500 materia. Ouroboros gains a armor boost equal to the amount of Materia consumed until the mission ends or he falls. If Ouroboros falls in combat he will instantly be resurrected, destroying his Magnum Opus. This ability can be activated multiple times giving up to 3 Magnum opus stacks. Note: this is just an alternative concept to one I’ve already made. Would appreciate feedback.
  8. Was thinking about it while working on a different Warframe concept art. Don’t know what you would call them but was thinking of a weaponized shapeshifter Warframe. Not talking about the lightweight change base physical appearance stuff but truly morphing ones body (like Venom or Parasyte.). Theme: Shapeshifter/Monster Warframe 1: A fleshy grotesque design as the idea leans more on the monstrous side of shape shifting. This would be a being more in line with Jeepers Creepers and The Thing as Abilities would revolve around changing it’s appendages (or growing new ones) and bone structure to offensive or defensive capabilities while “assimilating” enemy corpses to activate these abilities. These would be things like Turning it’s arms into blades, Hard cartilidge like growths to absorb damage, Growing wings, ect. It would use biomass (perhaps as Heath?) from dead enemies to use these abilities and make them stronger instead of energy. This Warframe would be geared towards exterminate, Survival, and assassination missions and not be as effective in stealth oriented missions. Aesthetics: a more fleshy like appearance with bone like structure that is metallic in the center. Higher biomass will increase the size (if biomass is represented in health then taking damage may cause size to dwindle and eventually show the center. obviously not much thought has gone into it but thought it could be a neat idea…
  9. If DE ever acknowledge him in the first place. But yeah, Avarice prime would have that drip
  10. Pretty neat idea but why Aiki? Aiki is oneness and blending in combat ,but more through joints, to soften enemies blow and linked to Aikido (which doesn't involve) . Maybe a name more representative of Fukibari (japanese martial art involving needles) or Hattori (first ninja clan to incorporate needles as weapons ) due to them being ninjas that actually specialized in using needles if you want to go the assaultive Acupuncture route. Fuki would be a good name in my opinion and more resembling of theme.
  11. changed his abilities and stuff to be more focused on his role. criticism is appreciated.
  12. This is actually a combination of Warframes I had before melded into one. The Warframe theme is general horror which includes Spiders, Puppet/Dolls, and the madness. They use their webbing of shadows to puppet, pull, and slice enemies while biting into enemies with a mouth full of teeth and Toxin. Counter to any other Warframes way of manipulating enemies (mind control, thrall, undead), Arkham’s victims minds are not being affected but bodies are forcefully being moved. Such inspirations for their string abilities was inspired from Hellsing (Walter C Dornez), Naruto (Shikamaru), and demon slayer (spider demon mother) Gender: all. The Warframe is made of multiple people of different gender and will identify as a he and she when telepathically “haunting” enemy minds. The telepathic voice is recognized as two voices both distinctly male and female. Calling it any pronoun would be correct and wouldn’t be bothered by any. description: the exterior of the Warframe is like a shell or Exoskeleton carrying the real core underneath. the face of Arkham is fairly smooth, similar to a mannequin or blank puppet, with a toothy grin of sharp teeth the stretch across it’s face. Most of it’s body is fairly unassuming and blank yet gives off a disturbing vibe. It’s body is made up of smooth plate like parts that may writhe or shake at different times hinting to it’s true form underneath the shell. When using it’s web like abilities, Arkham sprouts spider like limbs from it’s back to execute the actions such as the puppetry for Dancing Marionettes, pulling for Just a taste, and assists in dangerous elegance. It’s “true self” is maddening and incomprehensible to all minds. Anyone who has lived through an encounter describes it as a formless being with many eyes and mouths yet they have already gone mad. Passive ability-Feast on their fears: Arkham recovers a small amount of health when killing enemies cowering in fear Dancing Marionettes: Arkham covers enemies in webs have a 50% chance (100% if cowering in fear) of controlling them for a duration. The ability does slash damage per second to controlled enemies. Holding down the command before the duration is finished causes an abrupt end with the strings constricting, dealing slash damage. Puppets can be hurt by allies and enemies. Just a taste: Arkham grapples and enemy with webs, pulling them toward it and bitting into the enemy. Arkham heals from this ability and all enemies around it has a 75% chance of cowering in fear. Dangerous Elegance: Arkham lays intricate webbing around itself then it begins flailing it limbs creating a violent, invisible, slashing zone that deals heavy slashing damage to enemies inside. This zone will also block incoming bullets while active. Upon enemy death from this ability, nearby enemies have a chance to cower in fear. Weaving Madness: Arkham reveals it’s true self causing enemies become paralyzed with fear. Enemies already cowering in fear will become mad succumbing to a permanent confusion debuffs. This ability deals void damage to enemies in the area. wanted to do something a bit horror oriented for the upcoming Halloween. This is just a bit of fun but please tell me your opinions.
  13. Location: Neptune, capital of Corpus Time: after the collapse Styx Orphanage Raid was a very successful mission itself although it’s focus was flawed. The mission was ran by The Lead of security, Agan, in beliefs that the Styx Orphanage housed and protected the being known as Avarice. While they didn’t find Avarice, they found evidence of them housing him or at least a Tenno. All inhabitants, no matter the age, were heavily punished. They were to become test subjects of incoming research projects, most died horrifically within a day. While they learned that they were half right, it would be to late for them to realize. To realize that Styx Orphanage didn’t protect Avarice, that he protected them. Imagine going home to the people you love but finding nothing. Just the building with everything destroyed and ransacked including children’s rooms. This is what Avarice would’ve come back to. To see that his orphanage was destroyed and all of his little brothers and sister gone. Even though Nef Anyo took credit for the raid, it didn’t take Avarice long to figure out the real culprit, Lead of Security Agan. He also found out what happened to his loved ones and the wrath followed after scarred the Corpus capital of Neptune as the Styx Orphanage Incident, as it was directly correlated to the Styx Orphanage Raid after by the Chairmen. First the Anyo Tower, Center of Nef Anyo’s foundation, was turned completely to gold. All electronics and security tech was disabled causing the first cause of alarm. Witnesses say they saw a Golden Being adorned with a crown of horns enter the building which was followed by screams and sounds of fighting. The area was evacuated due to fear of the building exploding or collapsing under it’s own weight. Nef Anyo’s security was decimated fairly quick and the next part was gathered from Nef Anyo himself. Though most people thought Avarice was after Nef Anyo himself, they found out his true reasoning after he entered the executive office. Avarice reassured Nef Anyo that he was not after him and he would survive the ordeal but that he was after Agan. Avarice then beat Agan to a pulp but not killing him. He eventually picked Agan up, touching his face with all five fingers of his left hand yet before the gold spread to deep Avarice ripped of the gilded face leaving screams of Anguish and pain. He was then turned to gold by Avarice, leaving a statue made of Anguish and fear. He then reportedly left the building and wasn’t seen sense. From that Incident Avarice truly became known as the Gold Demon, even by the indebted whom call him the Gold Savior before. Upon further inspection they realize the building only stood because of void energy strengthened it, because Avarice willed it to stand. Nothing in the building has been touched since the incident, not even lead of security Agan. The entire business area was moved, changing it into the slums due to growing worry and superstition of the Golden building. Before this event Avarice was known to send in a calling card and kept casualties to a minimum yet this incident. Avarice Warframe: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1280147-the-gold-demon-warframe-avaricemidas-added-stats/
  14. I’ve been trying to figure out a good design choice for him. I’m trying to make his horns resemble a laurel wreath or crown, giving him a demonic appearance while still trying to keep the a corpus look. I also still have to get used to drawing Warframe style stuff. Though I have debated using a cloak style to cover most of his body or like a Greek/Roman toga.
  15. This is a Planet Idea I developed when trying to create a Warframe concept called Aurgelmir. A planet that was terraformed by the Orokin before the old war, in charge of Advanced Terraforming research, agriculture, and Wildlife recreation. This planet was created out of the base of Sao, one of Neptune’s smaller moons. The Orokin turned it into a water planet putting massive amount of water on it. The planet had one large facility that burrowed all the way through the moon. This facility controlled nearly everything regarding the planets ecosystem, allowing them to change habitats on a whim. Sao even had a massive thruster, nicknamed Krafla, to move the planet into different alignments and orbits. They eventually installed a reservoir of void energy to utilize it in terraforming technology. The facility was Code named Frey. Culture: The people of Ymir eventually developed their own culture very different to Orokin culture. They cared no about technology as much due to newfound void powers from the leaking void energy. The leaking void energy did cause shorter life spans bit didn't prove to be as lethal compared to the Zariman Ten Zero incident, only causing dementia and insanity in the final chapters of their life. The people grew accustomed calling themselves Jotun, for they have grown larger due to their new way of life, and called their city Jotunheim. The Jotun style of apparel strongly resemble vikings mixed with Orokin materials. They heavily depend on trading with Niflheim, a tribe of jotun residing under the ice and mine Sao. They used their void powers to create artificial sunlight, fire, aid the growth of crops, however the average person was nothing in comparison to the Children of Ymir. The Children of Ymir void powers were exceptional due to being descendants of Ymir, a tenno, however they were not at the potency of the Tenno. The Children of Ymir led the Jotun into two tribes to fight each other, not out of political differences or beliefs but to make themselves stronger and better prepared to deal with sentients. The Children of Ymir: The Children of Ymir are highly skilled Orokin warriors able to manipulate void energy into abilities. Every Child of Ymir can infuse their weapons with void energy allowing them to fight sentients. Only the most powerful sentients prove to be dangerous to the deadly warriors. Upon obtaining news of the Collapse, the grew to resent tenno, often hoping to duel them. The Children of Ymir may be fashioned with parts of sentients they've slain or turned them into weapons as sign of strength. They still look like Orokin but much larger and bulkier due to adaptation of their environment. Work in progress Aurgelmir:
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