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  1. That's basically one of the reasons why I don't like the Stalker, don't get me wrong I think he is a badass character but... the way he acts towards the players whenever he shows up to kill them is just so frustrating and even unecessary if I'm being honest. Basically what I'm saying is: he comes, he kills you (if he can), he leaves and that's about it, completely ignoring the fact that players still have 4 to 6 revives left to spare or that they can just be revived by others. I mean, can't he just open his eyes to see that his efforts and meaningless? At least at this point? Even the Wolf of Saturn Six felt much better in comparison, uh... if not counting with the incredibly large amount of health and armour he has along with his immunity to status effects. I mean, from what I've seen, he never leaves the mission even when someone gets in the bleedout state, he feels a lot like he could work as an actual endgame boss, if tweeked a little, and at least you don't have to deal with the constant and annoying "YOUR TENNO POWERS ARE USELESS" every time you use a warframe ability on the Wolf. Part of me really thinks the Stalker could get better in someway or another, as in he could challenge the hunted Tenno for a one-on-one duel and some things would also work differently, like staying in the mission if the hunted Tenno wants to battle him again after being defeated and only leaving if said Tenno decides it's better to leave the battle for later. After all, I'm also starting to think that the Stalker isn't even bad to begin with, but who knows? They're also mentioning about this whole thing called "Stalker Mode" but I'm not so sure if I want to play it since that I don't like anything that ties any kind of PVP mechanic in any game. Edit: Well, that also makes sense, but it still annoying that he simply leaves the instand he kills the hunted Tenno.
  2. There's, for sure, a lot of things that need to be changed and I have to say that I TOTALLY agree with everything you said there. Let's hope that DE sees this before doing something that may go terribely wrong.
  3. Gotta say, this sounds interesting, thought Arbitrations isn't the type of mission I like the most I feel like it should devinetely have some changes and not just those you just mentioned. Don't get me wrong, I was actually sort of expecting that when you took lethal damage you wouldn't be able to revive yourself due that, in Arbitrations, the use of revival tokens is not allowed and thus you would need to wait until someone managed to revive you (or you could simply stay close to your teammates or even having your sentinel revive you with the sacrifice mod, as long as it survives that is), but instead you're instantly dead which is indeed annoying. And while that whole new idea you guys came up with now sounds, uh... interesting to say the least, I believe there're other things you can also address. For starters, some missions, like survival and defence, take the double of the time for anyone to get a reward and I already saw someone here complaining about that. Sure, there're moments where it feels like that time flies, but more often than not, it makes the missions feel slower than normal as you don't get the rewards as often as you would normally get. The other endless missions are pretty much ok and you can still keep the same rules - like the enemies being able to capture the signal in interception missions faster, or anything of the sort - but there's no need to make them last so long just to get a single reward. In fact, Arbitrations is just one of my least favorite missions, the other being the Sanctuary Onslaught - including its elite variant - the only reason, as of now, I have for me to play those missions (aside from, maybe, ranking up some weapons in ESO) is just to get an ephemera, I mean, I really want the blazing one but people just keep leaving the mission after zone 3 or 4 not to mention how freaking hard it is to get it due to its ridiculously low chance of dropping! And considering that Arbitrations is already so slow I don't even bother doing it at all. In anycase, I hope you know what you guys are doing. I know that End Game it not an easy thing to make but it's always worth trying.
  4. Well to me there was a time where I was doing a normal solo exterminate mission on Jupiter when the Wolf showed up and I have to say: the fight with him is amazing! Though a pain in the butt. 😰 The wiki, in fact, states that he's completely immune to any status effects which only makes things really difficult. Though at the time he was all by himself and I was playing with my Nova, that's when I noticed that he's not completely immune to warframe abilities as I could slow him down with Nova's 4th ability but shooting him in the face didn't really help. Aslo, didn't try fighting him with any melee weapon as I was afraid I might had screwed something, but I managed to defeat him by making use of Nova's Antimatter Drop and shooting a couple of shoots at it with the Corinth then detonat it near the Wolf. Even it wasn't much - because this guy had a stupidly large amount of health - I was able to see that it still dealt some decend damage, enough to take him down some time later. Don't remember what was his level, though. There was another time when the Wolf appeared and this time he brought company, I was Nezha in a full squad but as time progressed my teammates were like: "Nope! I'm out!" And they left one by one. Couldn't blame them, anyway. This time the Wolf was level 70! Not to mention that, for whatever reason, the fugitives were completely immune to everything, basically having their health grey, you know? Soooo... I also left. 😰 But what I can say is that he's not entirely impossible to defeat, we already know he can't be affected by status effects so I think you just need to play smart in someway or another, maybe trying using melee on him like how some in here are suggesting.
  5. So, after one of the most recent updates (24.7.0 if I'm not mistaken) we got a secondary energy colour for our Warframes and weapons which is indeed a neat feature and I personally like it. Sure I've already noticed that, despite it being amazing, it needs some work to become better, the secondary energy colour seems to act as a dominant colour over the other in the emissives textures of the warframes - messing up the colour choices of many players as a result - as well as messing up the effects of the abilities somewhat the same way and even having the requirement of a player having to use forma just to get the secondary energy colour. Yes, this definitelly needs some adjustments to become better and I already saw this threat when checking the updates where [DE]Rebecca mentioned the possibility of adding 4 freaking energy colours, two for the warframe emissives and the other two for the abilities and effects which sounds interesting. In fact, it also makes sence because of something in particular that I've noticed with some warframes, I don't remembered if this was the case with other warframes but with Nezha, specifically, if you play with him with his default colours you'll notice that his default energy colour is a bright blue and yet only his fourth ability - Divine Spears - is shown having that same colour, his other abilities have a different colour which is orange. Therefore I'm definitely looking forward for what DE comes up with to make this new feature better. ^_^ But, obviously, that's not the only thing I want to talk about here. While thinking about this new feature, it got me thinking about something else regarding, specifically about some colours you choose for your energy of your warframe/syadana or something else, like black or any other dark colours for them. You see, having this ability to change the energy colour of a warframe's abilities is something that I find amazing and also very inspiring, especially since that I'm an artist who likes to draw a lot, but one thing that I'd absolutely love to do was to have the effects of the abilities of some warframes in one of their ABC loadout options being black - or any other dark colour when representing one of my original characters - but I've often noticed that it didn't exactly worked that way. For example, one of my warframes, Ember, has purple and black colours for one of her loadout options and what I wanted was to have her flames to be a true black with purple in the mix to make it look evil, kind of like how Itachi's amaterasu flames look in Naruto (like here, or here, even though these are completely black), buuuut... Nope.avi. What I often get are nearly invisible flames. I'm not sure if any of you have already noticed this as well, in fact, you can even try to do this with a syandana that is mostly energy like the Asa syandana or the Pyra syandada. If you choose black, or any other colour closer to it, for the Pyra syandana you won't get black flames, instead the flames become invisible. I know, I get that black isn't supposed to emit any light in anyway, in fact, I'm also not sure if it's even possible to make black energy colour more visible for many effects, but it would be a lot more interesting if I could have true black flames, or any other element, for the energy of some of my warframes/weapons or other things to make some interesting things. Either way, this is just my suggestion, I don't really know if it's really that easy to make the effects of the warframe's abilities visible when having black, or any other dark colour, in the style of amaterasu that some characters from Naruto can do, but it would be nice if there was a way to do it. In fact, one day I also learned that you can have black fire in real life with some science as shown here. Anyway, that's all I had to say, have a nice one! ^_^
  6. Some of those are familiar to me, but that one on https://i.imgur.com/WmwJ4zS.jpg don't think I've ever heard it, yet.
  7. Very happy to know it's finally out! Thanks DE! ^_^
  8. It's alright, DE, take your time polishing as much as you can so that you don't have to follow up with hundreds of hotfixes after it's released. ^_^ I always prefer waiting and then getting the finished product with an amazing quality than trying to rush things up and ending with a terrible result.
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