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  1. I think Wing Zero left an impression on a lot of people. Real Gundam fans are pro Zeta though.
  2. Miss our stream of TennoLive 2014? Don't have the time to browse through the full hour plus of exciting concept art, video reveals, and prize giveaways? Are you too afraid to look at Steve's pink shorts? Well you're in luck. This special Devstream Overview is full of all the awesome content we showed off at Gamescom this year, condensed in an easy-to-read format! Be sure to check out the link here for a sneak peak into the future of Warframe. -DE_Adam
  3. Well Tenno, the time is almost upon us. Update 14 is soon to hit PS4 and…well come on now, we don’t really need to talk about all the cool stuff you guys are getting right? You probably don’t need to be hyped up over getting access to the Liset with all its fancy terminals and unique Star Chart. You definitely don’t need to be reminded about the brand new quest system, and the deadly Kubrow that will soon be standing side-by-side with you against the enemies of the Lotus. What you may need is a bit of a heads up on how things are going to change with this UI overhaul, and that’s where I
  4. -Assets soon to come!- Platinum Winners: Knightport12 Kiro5amu_ Kraken Headset Winner: Kamrr4437 Razer Deathadder: Snipes97879 Blackwidow Keyboard: gstonez
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