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  1. Yes please. Would also adding air casting specific animation be asking too much?
  2. I think they mentiones channeling is going to be a boosted mode. Something like devil trigger. They showed animation for activating it.
  3. Funny enough I don't think it is. It's just subtle. Like a weird subliminal thing, I don't realize I'm using unless I'm actually looking for. It's a blue arc with a point. Kind of vivid against most backgrounds. I saw it even in the simulacrum which has similar light tones. You are describing something that doesn't work in the confines of what the game is. Thats Metal gear solid or Dark Sector level of stealth and cover system based gameplay. That's not difficult here. It is just slowing the pace down which is counter to both the game's design and the story of what Warframes are. It is meant to be a fast-paced action game where mobility and space magic take precedence because Warframe are meant to be ridiculous super-powered ninja wizards. That is why bullet jumping, wall-run/hopping, and dodging all have mechanics to either reduce damage or make lessen accuracy against you. Why they have defensive powers. Shortening, however, makes much more sense. The warning is there for a reason. Most high-powered attacks need some kind of warning otherwise you killing off the player without ever giving them a decent chance. Otherwise is just cheap fake difficulty. That why I think some eximus are BS. The fire one is fine. That presents an obstacle one you can overcome with timing. You see a threat you react or you get floored. Energy leech and weapon leeching is just annoying. You don't know they are there until it's too late. Even the toxic ones are better because at least you can see the aura in surrounding enemies to warn you they are around. Pretty sure it's just two buttons, they aren't changing the entire control layout. All they mentioned they were doing was replace channeling button to make room for a heavy attack. Like pretty much every standard beat'em up. Could've sworn I knocked over two guys in front of me with the the divekick. I'll try and test it out later. Bullet jump does blast damage in a radius. So if they are close enough it should knock them down.
  4. They already have that. The thing is you are dealing with several types of enemies while running around with those markers popping up and nothing to distinguish who is what. The Laser adds a distinctive visual element to differentiate between scores of regular shooters and a sniper. It makes it so you are at least aware of the particular danger because they do much more damage then the others. It'd be like making a bombard a hitscan enemy and giving you know warning it's coming. Sniper do more damage then normal targets. It would be No it doesn't. It feels like they are trying to pull the combos out of the janky melee system. Combos are currently locked behind weird control inputs like holding back which depending on your control options can either A. Slow you down or B.point you in the wrong direction. Also I don't even know how you are making the mortal kombat connection when even the video demonstration has more in common with typical hacknslash game. They are kind of stapes of the genre's combat. Some are for flair but other combos have utility like AoE and stunning as shown in the beginning. Warframe has stuff similar but the method to currently getting to them is just stupid. Adding another button to the melee system opens up for simpler ways to reach them not make. It could even allow from more sets of combo with varying effects since you aren't only reliant on just pauses anymore. Maybe one day they figure out a way to incorporate powers into the combo system like most of the others do. We already have the magic bar for it. C'mon DE, let me be the sword summoning and slash dashing Vergil with Excalibur and Nikana. Don't play like thats not where you got the idea for current slash dash. I remember that stream. Vaguely, but I rememeber it. This would only really work under certain situations like story or plain style missions where the environment's layout is more controlled. Regular missions shift stuff around too much. They could also add some repercussions or bonuses for that kind of gameplay similar to spy. They don't really incentivize that sort of gameplay in the first place to make it worth it. It still works for dodging incoming attacks. It removes sticky grenades, tiny energy/health leeches some drones fire, removes the swarm thing, provides a damage reduction (which should probably be higher than 75%), as well as make you immune to knockdowns. I know because every time I see that giant wall of fire spread I panic flip through it fine(Same with laser doors). Personally, I think it should also help you recover from being knockdown or being harpooned instead of being a mod. But I guess I'll just have to live with blocking for that stuff. Blocking and Dodging can help with most of methods used against you. I've backflipped from and blocked groundpounds and it felt satisfying. And I'm getting a little bit better as the rolls/flips with parkour. Mostly course correction stuff. nothing that'd help in combat. Though that aimed ground slam might change that. I don't think they said they were taking away spin attack. There only problem was people spin attack through walls with whips. Which they already corrected. Also Bullet jump. Lot better for when surrounded. Knocks back anyone near you. You can also jump and slide mid-air to kick anything things in your way down without stopping. Dodge rolling is more for when you actually have space to evade and dealing with an attack you see coming. Status effect? That another can of worms that can be annoyiny regardless of maneuvers.
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