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  1. Yeah, it was weird the first time I customized the operator and didn't see name option. Kinda when the headcanon developed. It's weird. If they bothered to go the mile of having npc address by name they'd have a way to customize it as well. Otherwise they could've just stuck with the title like Tenno or Operator like other series do.
  2. I've just been rolling with the headcanon that Tenno give themselves codenames using the same mentality and system people online make accounts. Cuz weird future culture.
  3. Tiny malformed grineer who didn't drink their milk? Looking at the age old worm queen, seems to be a thing that happens. I leave them alone unless they attack. At which point they've angered my sentinel or pet and what happens is out of my control. Same with the wildlife. They aren't part of a mission so I don't need to bother them. The fact they don't count is actually pretty interesting though. They are technically building wmds and taking them out would fit their sabotaging MO. That implies there is some high overarching code that you are free to adhere to or not. Rather then Tenno just being mindless killers who don't care. They do all seem to operate on the overall context of structures like the orokin are bad. Protecting the colonist trying to get by is good. Look at some of the take aways from second dream. Seeking justice, protecting, freedom to mean something, or understanding what it means to be weak/afraid. They probably focus on the bad guys because of how they were treated, they understand the little guy's position on some level and Margulis aid help shaped the, help others in need mentality. Syndicates problems are more with each other then the tenno that choose to work for them. They have their own extremes that leads to conflict of intrest with each other. Tenno accept things like credits to maintain operations. Similar to steel meridian. If they just worked for the highest bidder they'd be allied with nef rather the rebels just making due. In fact pretty sure Tenno were paid from a pool of stuff made up all of their work, sold intel, and gifts from those they've helped over time. Which is now being run by ordis. Who cares for us. Also Tesshin. And the colonist you help. The defects you saved. Etc etc. Tenno have a varied reputation and among the nicer people, they seem to be closer to heroes.
  4. Tenno don't seem to go after colonist after leaving the orokin. In fact they often show up in aid of them often. Both in story and in given mission text. That seems to be the line. They punch up against organiztion that like to punch down. Corpus aren't rent-a-cop. They are more like a mafia cult. They shake down everyone and get violent when they don't get to swindle people into complying. Even well-prepared Colonists likely do not have an appropriate defense that could withstand a premeditated Grineer or Corpus invasion, but there have been reports of some colonies surviving such attacks through unconventional means. The most frequent come from Colonists that have enlisted the help of freelance mercenaries or Syndicates such as Steel Meridian. These deadly firefights still see causalities, but raids are expected on settlements unfortunate enough to catch the attention of the Grineer Empire. Corpus engagements can often be negotiated before coming to violence, but these contracts are rarely mutually beneficial for both parties. A rare exception is the reported instance of a Corpus Hostile Investigation Unit that was held back by a single juvenile colonist. Description of the incident from HIU informants is unclear, but the core of the report focuses around several hand-made booby-traps that caused serious injuries preventing the team from performing a full sweep of the area.
  5. Except Special force aren't roaming mercenaries. Or seen as terrorist "belived" to be without honor or a code. Who were previously used as something more akin to samurai to nobles. Nor are special forces trained and have schools/clans developed toward honing skills in various melee weapons also used by both samurai and ninjas. Or trained from childhood by space samurai. Tactic are similar between tenno, spec forces, and ninja. But stuff like culture and training fits the ninja mold more. Both fictional and nonfictional types. If it has wing and flies, it might not be a bird. But if it also has a beak, talons, and lives like a bird. It's probably some kind of bird. Technically doesn't even need to fly either. But I think that a different lesson about ablism or something.
  6. They are typically high-ranking military combatants or spies. VIPs who specfically have access to important information. Not innocent bystanders just trying to help people. You can skip the engineers. And the only time I recall children was when the Tenno were under tge control of orokin and the one with inaros turned on them for that. Usually the only taking work from colonist or organizations that oppose the tyranical empires. IE people who can't match their might. On occasions for one of those empires but only against the other empire. Behind the ultra violence they use similar tactics. Stealing intel. Sabotaging. Acting as distraction while allies got to work. Killing key figures. They even used explosives. Only difference is due to there superhuman capabilities they can risk open field warfare.
  7. They're using their enemy's own resoruces in helping destroy each other while paying the tenno to further finance means to better destroy both of them. This like a form of sabotage. Tenno are space ninja remember. Also the background lore behind jobs os typically include helping the colonies. Much like the steel miridian. They are Mercs but they have a specfic goal to help people while messing up the tyranical empires however possible. They have some code. But whether you benefit from it depends on what you do. The thing you have to remember though, Ruk didn't know S#&$ about Tenno, why they fight, what they use the "scraps" for, who they are behind the warframe, the events that lead them there. Not mention he is part of the everything Grineer do is right mentality. Of course he's going to tuant them in the most dismissive way possible to cheapen their motivation compared to his.
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