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  1. In the last 2 weeks I have been getting disconnected from the game multiple times before it finally finds a steady connection. Today however I have been disconnected more than 5 times and this has made it impossible to even complete bounties. I don't know what has happened on your end in the last 2 weeks but it has made me re-think about investing time into the game anymore.
  2. I am constantly getting to this bounty step where I have to defend an area against enemies but fail it because the yellow area to defend is too big and allows enemies to be spawned where I can't even see them. I try using my archwing to but no matter what the area is too and the percentage drops too damn fast to even try and keep the bounty going. This needs to be fixed. Honestly I don't even know why this is an issue considering how long this has been in the game. I quit playing this for 3 years or so and figured everything should be running with no issues but that's not the case apparently.
  3. When trying to complete a bounty and it tells you to exterminate a set number of enemies in the surrounding area by a set time, the bounty always fails because enemies stop spawning or they don't spawn fast enough. I've failed multiple bounties because there is never enough enemies to kill. It's always 30 enemies or less that is needed to complete the bounty but the timer counts down before all the enemies even spawn.
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