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  1. This has been in the game for ages and with the growing number of primes and higher resource prices new players need ways to farm the resources and not putting 1000 hours into the game to farm a rare resource. First it was the spawn (and enemy cover usage) - Now in a fast extermination mission the enemies are not spawning even if you kill all and at the end you have to backtrack. Then you put an afk timer and mission fail timer in the game which is annoying as hell if we have standing still abilities like Mesa and you can miss rewards standing still and shooting. The melee wall interaction and line of sight abilities (Mag) was introduced. You took away the sentinel "Spare part" mod only use case when you get downed at least you had a chance get some extra rare material if you revived yourself. Steel Fiber and other garbage mods drops for spending 15-20+ minutes while you can get multiple copies running a fast extermination mission. - So rewarding time investment and overviewing the whole drops would need a new look. Like sortie rewards: 20p -- Forma Rare (2.50%) 20p -- Exilus Adapter Rare (2.50%) not even 20p -- Orokin Reactor Blueprint Rare (2.50%) not even 20p -- Orokin Catalyst Blueprint Rare (2.50%) 40p -- Mod Drop Chance Booster Rare (3.27%) 40p -- Affinity Booster Rare (3.27%) 40p -- Resource Drop Chance Booster Rare (3.27%) The higher value amount in market has better chance what??? Also considering how many Forma does a new player need getting them is harder and harder. Some of the nightwave can be done in 2-3 mins and you get 4.5k or 7k while others can take up to 30-60 mins (completing 3 sorties or the bounty one is just a pain). More and more annoying enemies (knockbacks, staggers, invulnarability and billions of armor). (Not saying everything should be in the game but most of them were in the game for a long time and was taken away) Honestly there were a couple of good changes as well but what I can see the game is headed in the wrong direction. From the weekly updates/fixes we have 3 month of nothing. You try to limit us in almost every way how can we play the game when we are suppose to be space ninja's.
  2. I missed last week all missions but after completing all this week the only recovered was the Perfect Animal catcher... (not sure what happened to the rest but I don't think I will see them as recovered) Also as they dedicate more effort putting a Guitar into the game then fixing the content is just bad for the game.
  3. Yes the 2 weapon blueprints dropped in 7.5 round (30 disruptor kills) and the drop chance is lower then the Neuroptics or the Chassis. (I wish trade was possible on these items) But thank God I finally have it now I just need to waste that 100+ Neo relics I got during the farm...
  4. I think this is not the equal 10-10-10%. Also it took around 150 C rotations to drop. (I do have 3 Universal medalions which has half the drop chance) https://imgur.com/a/UxTL2gu
  5. After the hotfixes I got 9 Chassis and 4 Systems with 0 Neuroptics still not sure about that 10-10-10% drop chance.
  6. This vault system with the expanding primes had it's flaws after the first year. To be honest we already have Baro who brings vaulted stuff like Volt/Odonata so the best would be to put the 1+ year vaulted Warframes on the list as new relics and every 3 month he would be offering the old relics (he could stay for a week or 2 with that inventory). So all together every 3 month there would be a chance to get those frames as the rotation goes. We do know the grind that we had to put in to get those sweet 20 mins/waves C rotation 5% drop rate rare parts since then it was changed a lot (I think for the better) but putting into a mission which is accessible 24/7 every day of the year will just crash the market as they become like "common" so I hope there will be some limitation how many or how hard you can get it.
  7. As resource booster weren't working on the Pearls this even was too much grind which also showed the afk leechers. Maybe next time... (Maybe a vote kick? Or an ingame fast report which warns the afk player after 3-5 reports that he could get a 24 hour ban or more if he continues that behavior) I don't mind doing the mission 40 times if the mission is enjoyable to get those rewards but after you got the 4 rewards you pretty much bored of the scenes and the loading screens so an endless mode should have been a fine addition to this game mode. Hopefully next time some of these will be fixed.
  8. Can we get the codes again it would be much easier to enable it for a week or two. This twitch drop showed us again that it has many flows so you should not make it as a promise and not deliver.
  9. Kogake is gone :S Not that I was using that much but still put in a catalyst and a couple forma so I'd like it back.
  10. Are we able to buy Ephimeras for Vitus essence or for some other ingame item which is hard to get? The 1-3% dropchance is very low also the 5% smoke ephimera from stalker that already has a low spawn chance is even if you have a full party marked. Are we going to get some rework not to play 1000hours and not get it? Some own customizable mission for example Elite sanqtuary starts like lvl 200 but the drop is C rotation every time or losing the buffs so -range,strength for up to 5-10wf?
  11. Not sure why can I have Chrismas over my ship in the last 3 years but the bunny ears and now the ephemera will be taken away once again. I don't mind if we have to earn it like doing an hour long survuval but can we keep them this year somehow? (why can we keep the color palette but not those cosmetics?)
  12. Hey, I can give the 2 new mods from Perrin: [Blinding Reave] and [Teeming Virulence] (I could also give other Perrin/Loka mods) And I would like to get: [Dread Ward] and [Pilfering Strangledome] 1 for 1 🙂 edit: Got both.
  13. Imagine you have spent 50 hours playing the game to get everything you needed then the next day/week the player who haven't played/maxed anything out can do the same in 5 hours. As the player who have spent 50 hours would be a a huge WTF moment if nothing else is changed. But if Warframe existed because the 50 hours spent player was around and spent money and it sees that the old 50 hours that he has put in the game is not valued in any shape or from why should he stay for the future. (Just come back in 2 years and Fortuna and future expansions will be less grindy by that time)
  14. Wait so if you grinded it out 1.5 years ago (or during that period) that's fine but now you are lowering it... Honestly I am not against the grind lowering for newer players but you have to admit a lot of us who played and built POE stuff in the last 18 months or so this action will not be the best without any compensation to those who have did. For example somebody who have spent 100 hours farming fish/gem/cetus whisp and POE resources to get everything now that grind will become less then 10 hours. If you are trying to be fair to those that put in the hours I suggest to give them something. Most likely they are not going to effect them because they are already maxed out but the current way doesn't feel right. Eg: revert the changes made after this post who bought Arcane BPs, refund like 30-70% of built Arcanes resources which the players have in their inventory, then convert the existing Arcanes BPs to built ones. (BTW is Nakak effected?) What can we expect about Fortuna, in a year the same one that you lower the grind?
  15. They are active but only like 5 of them at a time so you have to look around to find a race. Wiki can help you where all of them are located.
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