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  1. First of all why is a volatile target is 400m from entry and the exit is 800m it makes no sense. If the mission objective is completed in the "core" game then anybody who teleports back to the ship should also teleport the others (at least out into space in a short time after). Second if we kill all the crew on a big corpus ship (exterminate mission) why can't we just take it or strip it. Also why can't we just fight the big ship and blow it up from the outside? Third can we finally get an item that opens the "friendship" doors it is annoying to go in a public mission and waiting for
  2. The one time I want to use Vauban after 2 years to do some Defense...
  3. Stamina is gone finally. I will not be a snail with a fully geared out Railjeck anymore.
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