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  1. Kogake is gone :S Not that I was using that much but still put in a catalyst and a couple forma so I'd like it back.
  2. Probably I am not the only one but the moving blood annoyed me the whole 40 mins not seeing clearly my or other players health and it is just an unnecessary addition to the game in my opinion. Even if you are standing inside a bubble with 100% integrity it is still there so what is the point? Here is an old post to see:
  3. Are we able to buy Ephimeras for Vitus essence or for some other ingame item which is hard to get? The 1-3% dropchance is very low also the 5% smoke ephimera from stalker that already has a low spawn chance is even if you have a full party marked. Are we going to get some rework not to play 1000hours and not get it? Some own customizable mission for example Elite sanqtuary starts like lvl 200 but the drop is C rotation every time or losing the buffs so -range,strength for up to 5-10wf?
  4. Yeah bring Mickey 🙂 A mission to be hard dont have to be long and boring. The 3k and the 5k is not that far off and to do some of the 3k requires less then 10 mins. I hope they will fix it for series 2 that the so called hard is not me fall asleep while doing it.
  5. You could spend thousands of hours farming it an not get enough this grind is not the veteran way for sure. They are a cool addition just wait a year and the drop chance or the amount DE will give out will be enough like they did with Poe... I am looking forward to see new gamemodes not this.
  6. Not sure why can I have Chrismas over my ship in the last 3 years but the bunny ears and now the ephemera will be taken away once again. I don't mind if we have to earn it like doing an hour long survuval but can we keep them this year somehow? (why can we keep the color palette but not those cosmetics?)
  7. Hey, I can give the 2 new mods from Perrin: [Blinding Reave] and [Teeming Virulence] (I could also give other Perrin/Loka mods) And I would like to get: [Dread Ward] and [Pilfering Strangledome] 1 for 1 🙂 edit: Got both.
  8. I was searching for Tusks with my clanmate we killed 8-10 of them he got everything I got no mods or resources... I don't see a point opening a ticket because DE would tell me choose a reward which I want to restore (most likely Augur Seeker) so I have lost all the resources and the time I have invested. Ps: The problem might be because I was the original host but went to trade and rejoined.
  9. Imagine you have spent 50 hours playing the game to get everything you needed then the next day/week the player who haven't played/maxed anything out can do the same in 5 hours. As the player who have spent 50 hours would be a a huge WTF moment if nothing else is changed. But if Warframe existed because the 50 hours spent player was around and spent money and it sees that the old 50 hours that he has put in the game is not valued in any shape or from why should he stay for the future. (Just come back in 2 years and Fortuna and future expansions will be less grindy by that time)
  10. Wait so if you grinded it out 1.5 years ago (or during that period) that's fine but now you are lowering it... Honestly I am not against the grind lowering for newer players but you have to admit a lot of us who played and built POE stuff in the last 18 months or so this action will not be the best without any compensation to those who have did. For example somebody who have spent 100 hours farming fish/gem/cetus whisp and POE resources to get everything now that grind will become less then 10 hours. If you are trying to be fair to those that put in the hours I suggest to give them something. Most likely they are not going to effect them because they are already maxed out but the current way doesn't feel right. Eg: revert the changes made after this post who bought Arcane BPs, refund like 30-70% of built Arcanes resources which the players have in their inventory, then convert the existing Arcanes BPs to built ones. (BTW is Nakak effected?) What can we expect about Fortuna, in a year the same one that you lower the grind?
  11. They are active but only like 5 of them at a time so you have to look around to find a race. Wiki can help you where all of them are located.
  12. Nice sheet. Do we have an official stand on bringing back sentinel weapons also the Artax?
  13. Can we get a timer/remaining standing on the Nightwave system?
  14. @[DE]George Can we get a pm notification to set as all. Or a timer that you can set to alert you to notify each x seconds until you read that? And if I have 5 tabs open it still beeps when somebody sends me something in chat I had open but not visible on ui. Also standing in dojo the only way to raise the sound is to raise the background sounds as well which is not ideal. (might be just me but sometimes doesn't even beeps for new pms)
  15. Hello, I just noticed that the (Defense with Friends) 40 wave defense with friend/clanmate has changed to Eximus Executioner (kill 100 eximus). DE is there any more changes that will happen or what was that?
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