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  1. Parkour doesn't make you less exposed, staying quiet in one place makes you exposed. You spoke of adding evasion to movement when it already has both damage reduction and accuracy reduction ("evasion buff"). Lastly the way to encourage parkour is by level design, like custom dojos not buffs. I'm no't belittling you, you simply seem ignorant and/or inexperienced on how actual good players behave while playing the game (not me) MR and hours are meaningless, your argument speaks louder than those. Watching them can teach you a lot.
  2. you need to play the game longer, there's a legit issue with the levels, missions, bosses; the game in general not encouraging the parkour system, which is one of the best there are already, that's the only problem, the parkour system is fine, people bullet jump because it's faster and nothing else is encouraged, you don't need buff to encourage it, just a fun level design where it feels great to traverse using the different moving maneuvers we have at our disposition, just because you don't want or know how to properly move doesn't mean everyone else is like you. Also i suggest you stop caring what everyone else does in your missions and just play however you want to play. Lastly you get damage reduction while rolling, and enemies have decreased accuracy while you're maneuvering in the air, this has been in the game for the longest time, you just are unaware apparently. There are other arguments to moot all and every single one of your points but who has the time.
  3. Make the clone hold the same weapon and attack the same way you're attacking. Or a way for us to control it better, don't leave stuff out of our control... RNG is not a good game design, if you can't think of anything just pick one.
  4. This is the kind of player that wants everything handed to them, the kind of player DE listens to instead of listening to feedback of actual experienced long time players, then they go and nerf ember to the ground because "she was op" in low leven defense maps. I hope DE ignores them this time, or at least gives it a little more thought. Really playing their own game to a point were they have a better understanding on how things work would be good enough probably.
  5. Regarding the new death and revive system, I did some arby today with some friends, all this system did was make them careless and lazy regarding their safety, I'm 100% sure had this not been in they would've been way more careful, this just put the burden (QUITE LITERALLY) on the teammates. In resume it's a hand holding safety net. The new forma is trash, 4 formas to build it when we can literally use those 4 formas to polarize a frame and do better, that's disregarding that there's literally NO USE on any other polarity that's not a DASH, it's like you don't play your own game, IF the forma were for any regular slot other than Aura slot, then it would be usable, this is literally useless. Well, it's not like you read feedback anyway. Normal scaling is cool, I guess
  6. Personally this wouldn't make me revive any other player that dies, if they die it's on them. I Don't like that you pick the burdens automatically if you walk over them accidentally, this happens often in Index and the enemy concentration is very low there. So basically this makes me less likely to want to play with anyone else I don't know. Also rivens are a mistake that you keep making and getting deeper into it, seriously what's next? warframe rivens?
  7. You took the EASIEST resource to farm in the plains and replaced it with the most annoying and rarest to get, very nice 👌
  8. Well That's going to destroy cetus arcanes value on the market, but welp.
  9. How's the popularity calculated and expressed? Kinda don't understand. Is it %?
  10. If you feel insulted it's your problem not mine. If you think i was advocating for not making anything accessible you're wrong, read again what I said, I'm advocating for content to be a scale of natural progression, let players figure out what they need to make things easier or efficient for themselves because the tools are already provided in game. In short for you to understand saying that not everything needs to be accessible doesn't mean that everything shouldn't be accessible, these are not mutually exclusive, correlation doesn't mean causation etc. Don't reply to me again with strawmans. I don't think archwing launchers are a bad idea AT ALL, and I doubt DE though about them randomly when they were released basically at the same time as the first large open map, this is not a coincidence. You don't have a single argument on why it's bad, so I assume your point is that you don't like them. Too bad for you, I don't really care. Solo players are already handicapped on other aspects of the game, I'm mainly a solo player and I accept this, because the game is meant to be played in groups, I accept these disadvantages and move on, because it was me who choose to play solo mostly. I suggest doing the same, move on. On a side note you CAN carry two canisters at once as solo player, I won't feed you and let you figure how to yourself. I agree with your last point and only your last point, spawning coolant spiders is a good idea, this doesn't mean the other ideas proposed by bear are bad at all. Again one doesn't exclude the other.
  11. No friend if you knew how to read you would know that the solution to the "Fractures are long and boring" is adding the OPTION (note that its cap and bolded, options are always good) to add more canisters to the fracture to speed up the process. The distance doesn't matter because as i said it takes a couple of seconds to travel fortuna when you have itzal. Yes, get Itzal, IT really helps, the solution to your traveling """problem""" is provided by the game already, go acquire it. We're talking about speeding the process because even with itzal it's boring and takes forever, with increased enemy difficulty you solve the tedium problem (note again that IT IS AN OPTION so your precious new players don't have to necessarily do this until they're properly ready) and with decreased time on the mobile defense you solve the "too long" problem.
  12. Yes it does, that's why it's recommended Itzal can get you from one tip of fortuna to the other in less than 2 seconds. If new players don't have gear to progress or make certain content easier, then they move towards getting such gear, it's called natural progress, not everything needs to be accessible or a participation award. They can't move fast? get itzal. Also i find it funny that people like you always come in defense of "new players"; these are not babies, these are thinking people, probably smarter than you in fact. They're perfectly capable of getting things done, relax and let them be.
  13. Depending on how fast and how many you can add, I like this change. thanks
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