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  1. Except there is no challenge from the wolf invasions; just armor padding and a very high health pool. No mechanics, no interesting abilities.
  2. @[DE]Megan Cane we please have Sarpa bugs looked at as per:
  3. I've played with mirage since her release, and have since learned most if not all of her ins/outs. I feel as though being a light manipulating frame, her Kit doesn't quite do her justice, and that clones of light doing damage makes no sense(even if projectile weapons are fun). Give it a quick look before you bring out the pitchforks and torches on me. 🔥 Passive: Eclipse, damage buff in light;dodge chance/ DR in dark 1. Clones no longer deal damage or stay right beside you(augment causes clones to gain 1 or 2 second extra dutation when you kill) -they run around with spectre AI staying close, they have large threat level to draw aggro, more power str=more clones 2. Sleight of hand no longer 'booby traps', but retains the laser door/camera/turret functions. the jewel of light gets more enemy attraction and longer base duration. (augment can remain the same) -The radial blind of it has a larger radius if you or a clone steps on it instead of an enemy. 3. Create an area of light/dark, that is opposite of the light area you cast it in, this way you can control your eclipse buff.(augment would allow allies to get the buff while in your bubble too) -enemies in the light area become blinded, enemies in the dark area lose track of their target(stealth viable?) 4. Get rid of duration+drain on prism, and improve the base damage; an ability with duration AND drain is outdated and unnecessary(ember world on fire change). -it is hold/press toggle now. toggle between either throwing the prism out(duration), or channeling(drain) it in your hands to stay near you. (maybe bring in her pvp only augment and give it that alt function for my channeling suggestion) -The lasers from the prism now target your clones treating them as actual 'prisms', causing extra lasers to come from them, hitting additional enemies, and an enemy can be hit by 1 laser from each clone.
  4. Can we please Have Sarpa looked at, as per:
  5. Assuming DE has not forgotten that holstering exists still; Maybe likely be due to there not being an alternate style of holster for it as of right now?
  6. I've actually only recently gotten the joyride in game challenge, and I was not rewarded with the steam acheivement at all. Though it's the only one for me specifically, this is still an issue for a number of in game challenges.
  7. @[DE]Megan Can we please have sarpa bugs looked at/fixed as per:
  8. This an EXTREMELY old and longstanding issue with mirage; Anything her clones kill or damage, are counted as an ally's(npc) kill. Not even a frame power kill. As such, kill requirement effects, and damage calculation in mission progress do not apply properly. It has been like this pretty much since her release, and It's something I doubt DE will be likely to fix for quite a long time.
  9. If lenz is your only weapon, when you try to fire it has been known to set you to unarmed because of the auto-switch on empty option. The reason your ammo conversion wasn't happening fast enough and you 'auto-swapped' while firing with no ammunition, is that when you have both Lenz AND Carrier, Carrier's ammo case takes priority. Carrier's Ammo Case precept has a delay of a few seconds before it applies; whereas lenz's conversion is normally instant.
  10. I've also experienced the buffer of 'queued' shots a handful of times but couldn't reliably reproduce that one for recording.
  11. @[DE]Drew can we Please have the sarpa bugs looked at as per:
  12. Maybe @[DE]Helen seeing as you've been more active in the bugs section lately?
  13. As simple or complicated as it might be, DE, for anyone that is actually monitoring the forums, a locked and pinned Bugs section thread with a list of known ongoing bugs or bugs being investigated would be extremely appreciated. A large number of players take the time to properly reproduce bugs, record them, and describe them in detail only to have the post disappear eventually into obscurity. Something like a pinned "This is what we're looking at" post would be amazing reassurance for those who spend (an) hour(s) documenting a bug and making a detailed thread about it that never gets replies.
  14. @[DE]Megan Can we please have sarpa bugs looked at as per:
  15. Attack speed is still breaking sarpa in other ways, and when hit with volt's speed, I also still get this unable to charge shot bug.
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