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  1. Hello @[DE]Danielle The bugs causing sarpa to still break not only itself, but also frame movement and sometimes even weapon swapping/power using are still very much present. I have a detailed post with credit to others for evidence and videos as well as my own here:
  2. I see in the just recent hotfix, that 'sarpa day of the dead skin flickering' was fixed. DE, can we please get an update or some acknowledgement that the bugs I've laid out so plainly are being looked at, or that they even exist?
  3. That's more of a general Shattering Impact mod effect issue, not specific only to Sarpa
  4. Sarpa is still experiencing these issues
  5. Still experiencing all the bugs listed for sarpa here:
  6. @[DE]Danielle Sarpa is still currently causing and experiencing all of the bugs I have documented here:
  7. Can we please have Sarpa bugs fixed? I've been asking this for over a full year now, and these bugs have been around since sarpa released!
  8. Can we please get a look at sarpa's bugs?
  9. Can we please have the sarpa issues looked at?
  10. Can we please get Sarpa fixed? Thanks.
  11. Can we please get the Sarpa fixed?
  12. I'm glad, but not happy, to see that other are still running into these problems, and are mentioning something about them. DE QA will hopelly have a fix for it in the near future.
  13. Can we please have Sarpa visited by the bugfix fairy?
  14. Can we please get a word or status on sarpa bugs?
  15. So I'm glad to see something related to sarpa on the notes... but these still exist
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