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  1. -Mirage prime(+ % parkour action speed) -Amalgam Barrel diffusion on secondary (+roll speed for bullet->roll movement momentum combo) -maxed elemental bullet jump mod(firewalker) -telos boltace melee (passive +20% bullet jump speed)(btw it's not listed in game, DE you should fix that) -Proton Pulse mod for +100% bullet jump speed on wall hop ->hop off any wall, and go careening through space-time with bullet jump->roll movement
  2. As far as I can tell, the sarpa still suffers from one of the previous issues before DE 'fixed' it. If you fire at a constant rate at too high of a speed, it seems the animation/sounds get out of sync and causes this issue, which still can be caused by being knocked down or becoming downed. In my case, sometimes when this sarpa bug happens I also lose the ability to jump and bullet jump as well.
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