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  1. I've replaced his Lost power with Gara's Mirrors with the Augment, endless supply of Orbs for my team and myself. Cycle powers will always and forever be dumb and useless, there will always be that "One" power that beats the rest.
  2. God, I'd kill to get Transcendence back, way better then the loli mode we have now, Operators are weak, useless and only good thing they are uses for are small buffs for Warframes. (Such as Zenurki). Good thing about Transcendence too is that it kept the child from talking and shut them up, also stopped their ugly faces from appearing in cutsences.
  3. My mistake then, I thought just in general as a Timed Gated, cuz in a way, Baro is time gated He only brings Primed Mods that are set to an day and it can be weeks to a year that he brings back the mod or item you need.
  4. The fact the OP is disagreeing with everyone who doesn't agree with having an system that will be clearly abused, really proves the point that an Kick System should NEVER be a thing. So meny people have requested this, the Answer is still and always will be NO. This will never happen OP, Get over it and move on.
  5. Geez, this topic turned bad quickly, all OP did was ask that Baro not sells Primed Mods or place them into a login thing. Christ people.
  6. Sorry..Poor choice of words XD I was suppose to say He is one of the last frames that NEED a rework, due to hes the weakest frame as far I recall, all older frames got some kind of Buff: Ember/Volt/Mag/Excal and Forst is still left behind.
  7. He is one of the last frames that needs a rework, he is a one trick pony and has very dull gameplay. Not only that his stats are terrible besides his shield So, yes, he does.
  8. Smiller ideas as well Looks like we both got Inspired by Stasis from Destiny 2 huh?
  9. Eh, I did my best He just needs a rework, I want him to be more into the whole Ice Thame, like D2 is doing
  10. Hi All So Forst is one of them frames that hasn't seen the light of day for a very long time, The small Cold implemented changes are welcome but he needs more attention. I want him to be a powerful frame with an unique kit, please consider these ideas ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Frost Base Stats changes; 100 --> 400 Health 175 --> 525 Shields 300 --> 450 Armor 100 --> 250 Energy 0.95 --> 1.0 Sprint Speed
  11. He nods and uses his datapad from his MOA to confirm the transaction "Done and Done" He takes the bracelet and places it onto him The MOA logs the Bracelet so he too can keep close "Don't worry little guy, we'll be fine" He says, looking down to his MOA "Just make sure you have your precept set"
  12. I'm not sure this is what he/she meant. The overall resources for bile needs to be reduced heavily, including the following: Infusing Powers (Due to play-testing powers, it gets more costly, each time we infuse a power, there is no reliable or safe way to test infused powers) Subsuming (Needs tuning down, not everyone can keep up with the cost)
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