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  1. Hi All, quick one for you. My Analysis On Wisp: So after being leveled to 40 (and 5 Froma), I wanted to share my Feedback and Analysis on Wisp's kit and powers. Passive {Phased}: This needs a few QOL Changes to make it more suitable for her kit. ⦁ Silenced weapons will NOT remove her invisibility. (Wisp's Weapon Shares This) ⦁ Invisibility does not work with Melee weapon strikes. (No Reason to keep this, as Wisp does not keep her unique stance when using them) ⦁ Hard Landings WILL NOT dissipate the cloak Reservoirs: Needs the most attention for QOL Fixes and Changes ⦁ Holding down the {Key} will now summon ALL Motes at once ⦁ Tapping the {Key} will "highlight" what Mote you wish to "Not Cast" (Exp: If Haste is highlighted, it won't be summoned, but Vitality & Shock will) ⦁ If all (or 2) reservoir pods are active, holding down once again, will cause the Motes to explode. (Shock: Magnetic/Haste: Viral/Vitality: Blast) 2.Wil-O-Wisp: Only 2 QOL Needed ⦁ Teleport Invulnerability time is effected by Duration ⦁ When the Decoy is out: Casting Cost for Wisp's powers is halved 3.Breach Surge: 1 QOL Needed ⦁ Motes now another synergy: If Vitally is active: Each spark heals you for a %/If Haste is active: Each spark grants a speed buff/If Shock is active: Each spark gives you % engrey. 4.Sol Gate: 1 QOL Needed ⦁ Energy Consumption is lowered by 30% Simple and quick QOL changes. Psi
  2. Well, this was said the same with Hyldrin, if you know how to build her right, she can be legit unkillable in any form. but it requires you to gimp your build. think again, OP
  3. Having issues with #1 and #6 where exclay are they?, cuz I am unsure if the room changes or not. More pics whuold be very helpful
  4. Hopefully, soon, the skin looks sweet, but likely with his rework.
  5. Like they have been doing for the past months?, I don't think so, showing off updates, toying them like a carrot on a stick, in worse "PR Work" then staying silent. But I do understand that some have other viewpoints. I mean, put it this way: If a new game is out, but only for the people who worked on it, and keep saying it will come out "X" but still play it themselves, showing what everyone has seen 100% of time, over and over again, do you think that is fair or right?
  6. Ture, but given some people might not understand what Murphy's law is, its best to give a piece of detailed information on such, for people like myself. (Yes I am lazy to goggle it).
  7. Thank you lol, I had no idea what Murphy's Law was, I was like HOLD ON! Although if I chuold predict unforeseen issues, I'll be a god among men. Or die, cuz of the amount of requests I get "Hey Psi, where is X and when X"
  8. And they rather focus on live-streaming and teasing/typing it, even more, even tho they said they'll "try to" get it this week?. This is a ballsy move, it's like telling someone "you can have it, but you'll have to watch me play it first and you'll get it when I am done". But hey, whatever floats their boat. IMO, No streaming should be done, until the update is in players hands, but ofc, that's just my viewpoint.
  9. Ahh, I see, crunching hours and such, although who is this guy people bring up about how devs need to take care of health and such etc?
  10. While on this topic, can someone tell me what does "Please don't crunch" means?, I've it used a lot and a guy called Michel is brought up about Devs?, I might be completely misunderstanding what was posted, but hey, every day is a school day.
  11. I don't think that is the case..pretty sure that's not "a good idea", think it is random.
  12. If I ever get Psionic Powers, I'll let you know OP Wait..What...
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