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  1. Circle_of_Psi

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    Don't be, you have every right to be Critical, hotfixes after hotfixes and they are only "hyping" content, on Twitter and dev stream, seems to be the on-going norm lately. IMO it's not great.
  2. Circle_of_Psi

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    Same here, my friend, but skins are not really content. I feel you, I feel worried. A lot of other games are coming out this Feb 😞
  3. Circle_of_Psi

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.13

    This ^ Looks like that Roadmap 2019, was just hot air, 6 months is not that long to get content out. As for the OP here, don't get your hopes up, I highly doute any content will be this month, same as the Jan, just hotfixes and mod packs. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Hi Tenno This is going to be a very odd request, but if anyone remembers Stargate?, I am looking for the Kara-Kesh (Hand Device/Golden Ribbon, etc) As a sound file, for my own personal use and for the life of me I can't find it If anyone has a way for me to find this or so, let me know Leigon
  5. Circle_of_Psi

    If umbra forma -

    What the OP is trying to say (that I agree is a very odd way of saying), is that what he wants the Umbral Froma to GIVE any frame the Umbra's Passive, once it's installed. Rather than just you being able to remove or alter an Umbra Polarity, once installed it just "Gives" the Passive. Sentience: Umbra exhibits sentience, allowing him to remain active in combat even when a player uses Operator form, acting similarly to a Specter. Why OP is trying to put Lore into the Forma and trying to explain what Umbra is and what the other Primed Frames/Our Frame did in Quests is beyond me, but this is pretty much what he is asking for. TL: DR He wants the Umbra Passive In All Frames. (But you have to work for it, by getting Umbra Froma First). P, S: I wanna point out that, the Umbra Passive, is rather useless, cuz it requires to go into the "Kiddo Mode" in order to use it. A system only used for Terafights and dressing up children. And even at that Umbra has terrible AI, if somehow they made it, if we switched frames, he acts like a Pet, then MAYBE.
  6. Circle_of_Psi

    Coming Soon: Devstream #123!

    How sure are you that we'll get the 3 new Warframes, Gas City Rework, Orb Exploiter, Wolf of Sat and New War BEFORE TENNOCON?
  7. Circle_of_Psi

    Are we getting any content this month?

  8. Circle_of_Psi

    Are we getting any content this month?

    This is a great point, thank you so much. I've up and arms about their little "Joke" for quite some time now (Had a massive argument with clan mates, all that jazz). to tell the story in legit in one sentence its: "I feel Anthem needs to trump Warframe" given that last year was such a content drought. I feel the same way, I won't stop playing Warframe, but the more and more we get "Hype content" and not an "a year later" type of thing is stopped, then the more and more that happens keep pushing me away from Warframe. I mean, I have to ask you, Drake, do you truly believe, DE is capable of getting 3 Warframes (or 2?), Gas City, Fortuna Part 3 (AKA: Exploit Orb Event), The Wolf of Saturn Six & New War BEFORE Tennocon? that is legit only in 6 months? (6 months is not that long if you truly think about it). Cuz I don't and surely not holding my breath. While on the topic at hand: We're drawing very close to the end of Feb, and still only Hotfixes and Augments and (another unvaulting of the same items), nothing from Roadmap or anything?
  9. Circle_of_Psi

    Are we getting any content this month?

    I guess I did, huh? I can see that, got other stuff to do and what not. I hope so, but I rather have both this month (or very shortly after each other) Eh, I'm not really bothered about melee 3,0, tbh (please don't kill me) It will trust me. I rather have both, as I said above Can't please everyone, I'm afraid, but I rather have a balanced thing, (Grindy-ish and a steady flow of stuff) This ^ Soo, this means, I'm not allowed my sentient zanuka, for "dessert" oh ok 😞 It is. how you lose players this way, one month after another I have and I almost closed the clan down cuz of it, I can see your viewpoint, but when Anthem does drop, where do you think all the players will go when DE releases nothing? if the game turns out to be a really great game, then, well, we all know what happens next. DE even made shots towards the game, shows you how much, they are worried about it (joking or not, it feels very convenient they fire shots at a game that looks promising, with constant drought in warframe, don't you think?) I feel you. but I doute they'll risk that as PC is their main platform ( I think?) lol Indeed Both if you have good points here. Steve said, they stopped that in he Devstream I think he did, someone timestamps it for me)
  10. Circle_of_Psi

    Are we getting any content this month?

  11. So, as the title says, are we going to get anything from roadmap this month or even the next?, besides Hotfixes and band-aid Augments? Been some time without some. Speaking of Content, what do you guys think will come first out of the Roadmap?
  12. Circle_of_Psi

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Any Release dates for these frames?, I'll love to see a faster pace of frames this year, rather then months waiting. As for the topic at hand. Will we see another "Contented Drought" this year? Will Cetus get the Fortuna Treatment? Any Plans For An Infested Open-World? Any News On New War? Any News On An Sentient Lab for our dojo?
  13. Circle_of_Psi

    Limbo causing players stress

    I have a idea on how they are able to go into the void without "lol your in the void now" thing.
  14. Circle_of_Psi

    Limbo causing players stress

    No, no, his passive is still the same (shift to go into Void), the only thing is removed from it, is the little wake it leaves behind (cuz its useless anyways)
  15. So, as the title says, what is the top go, for the Atmosphere Arcwing weapon?