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  1. What about Spin2Win?, how is that gonna favor?, cuz this was broken from release, same goes for super high range weapons.
  2. Huh, now this is a juciey lookin Meme and its a Template, so it can be edited with ease. Cheers for postin dis
  3. I didn't, I called it. Alot of players on Reddit and here where all doing meme like reposes such as "sniff sniff I smell Drydock/Railjack" and-overall get worked up and overly excited for it and well it sucks to be them, if you or anyone expected Empyrean then that's their own fault. I was a bit srupised they are bacily throwing out the Liches system out, rather then holding it back for Empyrean tho, but I can already guess why this is the case and I rather keep this to myself, so lets just leave as it, as what should be the obvious. But with all the stuff we're getting in this update, it's likely gonna take a good few hotfixs to patch up and to make sure it works right, etc. So, yeah, being uncertain and having zero confidence does wonders. And all in all, this is what sums up the whole of the post. Merle 3.0 Phase 2, likely gonna upset, about 50% of people who enjoyed their OP melee combos/Spin2Win stuff and the New Warframe/Weapons and Rework will be finished within a week and depending on how well received this Kuva thing is, maybe a good few days/weeks of "cool factor", before we wait for Empyrean. We can only hope that the KL is actually worth doing
  4. I love how everyone including Reddit thinks that we're getting anything Railjack related in this mainline, cuz I tell you one thing for sure, we're not. Railjack is likely still not anywhere near close to completion, an roadmap for a roadmap. (and in 3 stages), this always ends well. All that's confirmed in this "Mainline" is the 2 Reworks/ Grendel & His Weapon and Goodies/Leverian Updated & The QOL Changes (Exp: Weapon Ex Slots) and maybe a Deluxe Skin or two. It's only "speculated" that Drydock is coming (Anything Railjack related), Kuva Inch System and Melee 3.0 and that's an really big "IF"
  5. I was under the Impression that the boss was here to stay (as in permanently) in the game, unless they plan to use it like the Infested equivalent of a Fomorian/Razorback. Where every now and again it will turn up, although with that being said I am unsure if they're gonna do the same thing for the Wolf of Six, considering I don't think anyone has seen him outside of beacons. So perhaps getting him back might be ideal as well. But, hey, what do we kown. I mean the new "mainline" gonna be nothing to sepical, just 2 frames for a rework (Refromaing and testing, done in a few hours or days), Build/Farm/Buy the new Frame/Weapons, Test and Forma, done within a week. Halloween Event (farm and finished with) New Kavat (Breed/Test/Froma). So about a week or two of "content". With that being said, Railjack ("Crackerjack" thanks goggle translator,) is a Roadmap within a Roadmap, Drydock/Liftoff/Lore (and we all kown how 3 Phases ended up, PoE/Fortuna)
  6. I assume DE won't just let any Kavat just be "Bitten" and boom Vampire Kitty, its likely something that works a wee bit like the Infested one, Vampire blood, mixed with the DNA codes and make it that way. Or it will be some sort of Nidus type thing, where, Kitty gets Infected, Cure it or Leave it to become Vampire-Kitty.
  7. Removing or reducing armor or even applying more damage to armor, what is the difference? Players are going to just use Corrosive Damage/Auras and powers that strip armor anyhow and thus making the "heat should not do x" argument pointless, cuz even a new player at some point will have be able to corrosive damage, it's not rocket science.
  8. All Ture, but myself I have no issues on Vampires (all depends on how they are said), but likewise, alteast where I'm from Vampires are so overused or cliche
  9. Oh, I forgot. lol! Ture So overall before even thinking about just slapping another useless (and hard to get/gimmicky) type of pet, they should rework (or alteat tweak) the pets. There are plenty of simple ways to do it and I think, given what I've seen there are 3 simple requests. I can show you what I'll do to make pets better if you'll like me to. Tho I'm more into what others think as well.
  10. "Vampires" as an concept is very dull and boring, it's overused and its incredibly cliche. Same goes for "Zombies" (Lets put Zombies in evey game). All in for Kavat and I do love the Bat-Kat Corssbreed, but the powers are legit gonna be a life-steal and what ever other power and more then likely it's gonna have insane damage like the Infested Doggy. So one single Kavat that's better then them all. Also, I see no use for new pets, when we have the crappy system in-pace for AIs and the whole freeze your pets thing, IIRC They said they where going to remove that system, cuz it's a pain the butt do use. Unfreeze a single pet, switch to frame. Freeze pet, un-freeze another pet, switch frame. It's why Robotic pets are so much more Superior, no need for freezing, can be added to any frame at any time and has much stronger powers (vacuum) and easy to manage. Pets on the other hand, can be revived yes and do insane damage (like the Crit Kitty) and tanking Kurbrows, but what you gonna pick?
  11. This is not gonna happen, period. DE have time and time again, failed their Roadmaps and will keep doing it, unless they give us an Oct Release, New War is in 2020 at this rate, the New War looked no where near finished, just simple textures and animations. Again, in this rate, it won't, Lich King system, looks like something for railjack only and still looks super early prototype stages, we won't been seeing it, this year either. Once more, more edvince on hype fueled content. show something that not even near done yet and hope for the best the game stays a float. FTFU
  12. Sounds like the Roadmap from EA, if I'm going to be totally honest, unless we get "x" we can't give out our roadmap. But hey, alteast we got a single Warframe/Weapons and 2 Reworks to play with at Mainline, right?, right. (Really better hope that Mainline comes with Drydock, but ofc it won't)
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