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  1. Well, I'm a "Vet" and haven't consumed all my Warframes yet, but I did notice something rather odd. They give less XP now? I mean, the only thing I'd like is have the cost reduced just a tat, but that's just my personal feeling
  2. Slim to none, really, but like Owl said, it's case by case. They treat whoever is banned "playing the victim" so its hard to tell.
  3. Sadly, this is the case. DE's Greed is getting to EA's level.
  4. Likely not, the Vulkans are terrible, same goes for the Linuxs, like really, you are better off going for an actual PC from Microsoft and buying a Nvidia or RDM. Like really, Vulks and Lins are not even considered computers that this point , they are like a typewriters compered to NVIDIA
  5. Alright so: So canonically, during the Alad V Trailer, an small team of Tenno (Rhino/Volt/Banshee and Trin) raided Alad V's lab, they destroyed the porxy that was defending Alad V and Alad V himself was tossed out the window, down to the Gas Gaint. However he didn't die. Due to they are mostly composed mainly of hydrogen and helium, it is likely he fell quite some time, before he was picked up, or he likely grabbed hold of something in the lower levels. People can do a lot of things when they are about to die. Then during the Patient Zero quest, Alad became a Infested, as we know the Infestation of a living natural organism, their nanites quickly break down organic tissue and begin to evolve the existing specimen into a new organism with characteristics and functions ideal for survival and self-defense. If they are able to do this so quickly, then the Infested are able to heal wounds, just the same, so while we did KILL Alad V, the Infestation brought him back from the dead. During the Operation: Tubemen of Regor, We took a Cure (likely they only one that exists) and gave it to Alad V (While, yes, there was a another choice, DE picked the cannon ending, thus was saving his life, end of story). Alad's Infestation had significantly receded ever sense. Now, during the Second Dream and Operation: Shadow Debt, Alad V didn't die, we saved his life, it was a debt we owned him after he helped us when we was most venerable, Alad V flees Shadow's Followers and lived for another day. Today, Alad V still is in bed with the Sentients, making Amalgams, we DID NOT kill Alad V, we only killed the Sentient, that was controlling his Base (and likely being controlled by Natah). We in a way, saved Alad Vs life once more. It is highly likely that Alad V is no longer our enemy but an Ally. This is the cannon story for Alad V, Remember in-game things (Such as Missions, that kill a target over and over) are not Cannon and are either of two things: One. Simulations made by the Lotus to train Tenno or Two: People who are useing "Clones" (For Grinner) and careful Genetic Makeup (Corpus) to keep making the their Leaders, in case the REAL Leader, does die. Or it can just be lazy gamemodes, take your pick.
  6. Right, I'll find her channel and sub to her, when I get the chance
  7. Either last year or the year before, I can't recall. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Oh, sorry lol. I mean to answer your qeastion, a small part of me does want that to happen, just so I can see the finial nail on the coffin and they lose so meny players, they have to change their ways, but that's just that. It will be a hell of a learning lesson for them, Money and Greed, don't get you no where. A lot of people gave up, that is why it failed and failure is admitting to mistakes, very rarely do they do this, so fair point. No idea, but it's likely they got caught up and bitten more then they can chew (like always) and most likely they did such, just to inflate their Numbers and Player Count, Tease something, then never release it?, over and over again, They did this with "Umbra" too. It's a great idea for people who care about Money, but not great if you wish to keep your Players. New War should had never been shown off, it clearly wasn't ready and just a front That excuse isn't good enough, the whole thing was just used as just that, they shuold had STILL not shown it, they still teased it, yet, no RD in sight, this repeats to my other statement. This "Year" was the same thing they said the last year, and the year before that and the year before that one, no amount of "Done" is valid. If something is "Done" you show it off and leave a few days (or week MINIMUM) to release it. SHOW AND SHIP. Not SHOW AND BAIT.
  9. Humm, I can use my own free sub, once you sub, do you get the code right away or?
  10. Gotta agree with you here, all this Demo was like the same thing they pulled last year with Railjack. Fake Demo, over-hyped and best of all, an Money Grabber
  11. Heres the news flash for you. They Don't Care. As long as you bring in the money and keep playing, they'll keep this train running as long as they can get away with it.
  12. Well, considering that this "Delay" was for almost 4 years, Yes I think another "Delay" is just expected at this point, DE can't keep to a date, just look at the New War end date "Coming 2019 lol" "Coming 2020 lol" "Coming 20201 lol". I rather they "Show and Ship" or "Show what we ship" but so much for that right?, nothing about Tennocon was "Great", it's all just Hype Factor, to get players all riled up, so they can keep coming back to the game, then when the update does come out, it turns out like Railjack did. (Rinse and Repeat). At some point, this will finally be a nail in the coffin and I don;t think anyone wants that.
  13. This all the way, stale, bland, another "Demo" like we had last year (The Fake Railjack one) and no release date in sight, This feels like last year "New War" hype, and the last, the last one before that. Really bad.
  14. Got to agree with this ^ What are they gonna do after this "Game Changer" (Yes, someone was really that naive to say that, but I guess you gotta pay someone to tell lies, so they can get more players and more hype, right?). Will we still be able to play as Grinner/Corpus?, in a new gamemode?, PvP, or some kind of rework of Invasions? Or can we ditch out Warframes as a hole and stick with Grinner/Corpus? I doute it.
  15. If you re-log, it will show up!, I had a diffident glyph to this and re-logging makes it show, but good to see!. I've grabbed this Glyph ready for the weeks to come, I'll change it on the 9th (or is it 16th?) in 4 weeks or less. Speaking of Glyph's I'm pretty sure that, the one you had (some sort of female furry?, atleast I hope it is lol), isn't free and you have to pay for it?
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