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  1. Nah, the skins for the consoles look terrible anyhow
  2. Issue with this is that people will leave if they don't get the Prime part they need. This was the main factor
  3. Chronologically Alad V was "killed" by the Captured Mag, she threw him out the window, but he lived his fall in the gas giant
  4. Gotta agree somewhat, cuz to be fair, the armor is mostly the best in-game, cuz most of them are WAY to over-sized!
  5. I want something like this to to clean up the clutter of the UI, I don't need to know that I can buy something with "Plat". This also falls under the "Newbie Trap" where it's shown in your face that you must cough up money to play this game. No person in their right mind will do that.
  6. Well, to be fair, the game doesn't exactly tell you that, even I forgot this existed until you just told me, so used to the old layout where, you exit, you fail, etc. But given how it's used a lot lately, can chalk it up to common sense, tho be nice if the game did say "Leaving the mission will forfeit future rewards, but keeping current" for systems like this. Cuz IIRC even if you quit, it still says you'll lose "this and that"
  7. I mean, we already have a way to solve this. Play Solo and Use Crew
  8. Wasn't a topic like this brought up some time ago?, I recall seening one like this before. But onto the topic at hand, while I do understand how tedious and dumb leveling can be after the 3rd-4th time of the same set of Weapons/Warframe, etc. I do think the OP has a point (that he tired to make). What I understand here is that the Forma System needs an overhaul and to be fair it will make WF alot less grindy if this was the case, but given that WF's main market point is that, I highly doute this will be done. I think what OP tired to suggest is something like this: New Warframe
  9. I mean the game is already a bad state as it is, why throw money at it?
  10. Hi All So with the quest out and the Tempestarii having it's own weapons, are we able to get them in some fashion? Psi
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