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  1. Limbo would HAVE to be voiced by Nick Cage. "I LOST MY HAT. I LOST MY GUN. RHINO HAS HIS HAT. RHINO HAS HIS GUN. YOU WANT ME TO TAKE MY BLUEPRINTS, PUT IT AWAY, AND FORGET IT?!" Or, in the movie "The Sentient's Kiss", Limbo Deluxe running down the street screaming "I'M A SENTIENT. I'M A SENTIENT. I'M A SENTIENT. I'M A SENTIENT. I'M A SENTIENT. I'M A SENTIENT. I'M A SENTIENT. "
  2. Reducing intervals for standing gains and increasing rewards is indeed a way to make Nightwave ranks go by faster. Nightwaves are not designed to be finished in a week, they're meant to stretch over 2 months or so. That said, there is no question that the time left to complete this current Nightwave is decreasing, and there are people who haven't gotten quite as far as others. So, in order to compensate for the players who aren't as enthusiastic as others, this Nightwave season has a method that, both, increases the standing gained for an objective, and shortens the interval between attempts. It's not meant to be a replacement for daily acts, it's not meant to be a replacement for weekly acts. It's supplemental to the two. If it was, as a catch-up mechanic, was replacing the daily acts, then yes. It would not be doing its job at 1.5K standing per run, considering the time it takes to get to that run. It's a supplementary source of standing that can be completed alongside the standard, daily, source of standing. It's a third pool of activities you can use to advance, rather than the be-all end-all way to complete your Nightwave
  3. It's one key every time an invasion occurs on a planet, but the infested invasions seem to be popping up more frequently. Or maybe that's just because I haven't paid attention to how often the invasions occur before the Nightwave act. The progress towards that planet's key is displayed over the nightwave banner. And 3K rep is a bit out-of-depth, because that's 2/3rds of a weekly act reward, and 3 times the daily act reward. And, I admit I mught just imagining things or I might just have been playing at a lucky time, but a new invasion seems to pop up every hour or so. 1.5 times the rep of a daily act every hour's a decent clip.
  4. Playing devil's advocate for a moment, their complaints can sound like symptoms of burnout. In which playing a different game for a bit is actually the correct way to get rid of burnout.
  5. I mean, each rank's only 10K standing, so it's 15% of a rank. 15% for a mission you can do more than once a day's a relatively good chunk, once you consider the daily acts are 1,000. And you can get those done during the outbreaks. Also, I'm still not seeing a problem with events involving old content. But then again, I'm used to games who increase drop rates in old missions, temporarily add different loot to old drop tables, or have reward campaigns for completing old content a certain number of times.
  6. Next assassination mission. "Ah, Tenno, how good of you to come... test... my newest produc--why are you throwing money at me?!"
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