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  1. I've seen a Seeker deploy a Latcher and that Latcher deployed fire pulses while trying to roll at me. Ironically, it never caught me because it kept throwing me away.
  2. It's a Clone. And the Grineer follow the tradition set by MeganTron
  3. Plot Twist! They're Megatron and Galvatron in drag!
  4. Plot twist! They're beautiful! ...Or Orokin. ... ......Or Sentients. I'd like them to be Sentients.
  5. I like how you pissed off everyone except the two guys with completely useless hit squads
  6. Rollers- Vortex and pick off as slowly as you want Lancers- Vortex and stab Sharers- Vortex and flying kick to death Drones- Bastille, Vortex, then concentrated boltor prime fire from four people to save your drops. MOAs- Vortex, leave em to die Ancients- Vortex, attempt to run away, Toxin-Damage to death while you're trying to find health orbs in a room 3 tiles from the hit squad.
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