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  1. Like when making a grilled cheese but then you burnt the bread too much?
  2. It's been a long while since I've properly revisited. How's everyone here doing?
  3. This is nice little buff, though I feel a bit more could be done. Perhaps something as simply increasing it's tick rate to something like 8 per second. It would put Sol Gate a bit further in dps than something like Revenant's Danse Macabre, but with Sol gate actually requiring aim and being more single target focused, I feel it would be justified.
  4. Any news on what the next phase of melee changes will entail? Also with the gradual changes coming to companions can we expect an update to the way sentinel weapons conflict with mods on our main guns? This issue was supposedly going to be addressed after Khora's release but there hasn't been any news since.
  5. As pets 2.0 continues to slow roll out (it's still going on, right? you didn't just stop after fetch pleasetellmeyoudidntcallitadayafterdoingthat) , would it be possible in the future to making default precepts for companions built in rather than mods? Also a simple command system for pets as well? With the new gear wheel UI can this be done now?
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