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  1. Any news on what the next phase of melee changes will entail? Also with the gradual changes coming to companions can we expect an update to the way sentinel weapons conflict with mods on our main guns? This issue was supposedly going to be addressed after Khora's release but there hasn't been any news since.
  2. As pets 2.0 continues to slow roll out (it's still going on, right? you didn't just stop after fetch pleasetellmeyoudidntcallitadayafterdoingthat) , would it be possible in the future to making default precepts for companions built in rather than mods? Also a simple command system for pets as well? With the new gear wheel UI can this be done now?
  3. This is a very nice change and I'm sure many new players will appreciate this 🙂
  4. As others have said already, PLEASE at least let just limbo freeze his own projectiles (and possibly give a benefit for doing so in the first place like dealing extra damage upon releasing them from stasis). It would be a real shame to see a neat mechanic like that thrown out just to appease to pubies. As for Titania, I know this change was just for the upcoming separately-Moddable 'Exalted' weapons, but her other abilities could still use some tweaks as well, like tribute needing so many cast to make any good use from its buffs, to lantern becoming useless cause that one crewmen you cased it on read one too many peter pan books in their youth and went off to go find him...
  5. With the recent and upcoming balance pass and changes to weapons, has there also been any thoughts in doing something similar with mods, especially ones that many players tend to not really use?
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