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  1. This update killed the ability to use scuff controllers with the PS5 version of Warframe......
  2. I told you, if you don't like him, don't use him. Stop nitpicking any little detail possible, like all of the 'that's only one mission type' or any of your other little pseudo-arguments. Like I stated, it was just a few things off the top of my head. If you won't use a frame because they are useless in a certain type of situation or mission, then I have bad news for you. lol. Have fun on your quest. Out.
  3. This makes me wonder if you even play the game. Personally, I solo a ton of the time and prefer to play support when co-op, and both worlds are where Loki can shine. You can distract or just flat out get aggro to a specific location especially after disarming enemies, put it in a location enemies can't really get to to guarantee you don't go down although I only tried it and prefer not to use that mod since max duration or range are my builds and I never really need it anyway, but the option is there. Great when used in spy missions to swap with behind laser barriers or distract vault guards to another side of the vault since it doesn't seem to set off alarms for some reason. Place it out when reviving someone to keep AoE attacks far from yourself while reviving. As for Switch Teleport, again, in spy vaults or as a quick way to return to a location, make allies invincible for a while, swap places with a downed ally, remove an enemy from an area, stun them allowing you time to do whatever you want to them, drastically speed up PoE bounties with that dumb drone and just teleport it across the plains, etc. That's what I've got off the top of my head but I'm sure there's more uses. If you don't like or know how to use him, that's fine, there's nothing wrong with that. This game is all about choice, options. It's about you. But suggesting an overhaul just because you don't like something or aren't familiar enough with it will affect a great many of players. Keep in mind, Loki never got reworked for a reason. He's useful and used enough to the point that a rework isn't really warranted. Get out there and experiment, try to find new ways, synergies, etc. You'll thank yourself. Who knows, maybe he's your favorite WF too but you just don't know it yet. Edit* Forgot to mention that when Nightmare LoR was around, we used to have 2 in our squad. That's how useful he can be. 2 of them in one raid. Also, check Wiki on those abilities, I'm sure it might have some useful tips and tricks. It usually does. Wiki is your closest WF friend.
  4. Loki is my favorite frame by far. I've been using him since day 1 on PlayStation and don't think he needs a rework or stat adjustments. I use all of his abilities, some of his augments, and find him to be a little squishy, sure, but he's also fast and invisible so it's a fair trade off to me. Even though he is squishy, I rarely ever go down with Loki. If OP doesn't like him, don't use him. If you only use two of his abilities, you aren't doing it right. He's by far one of the most useful frames for solo and co-op and was one of the best frames for LoR when we had that. That says something right there.
  5. I forgot to add that is seems odd to have something functional in the appearance section of your warframes physique loadouts, vice just for appearance, minus Arcane Helmets since those are legacy type items that don't really have much of a workaround, whereas sigils aren't very 'legacy' and adds to reason for the change of standing being earned from an appearance item.
  6. Hello DE and Community! So it's been quite a long time since we got faction sigils used for acquiring faction standing and I think it's time for a change. The reason for bringing this up is that I recently decided to switch faction alignments and have to go through every single frame I have, multiples of the same frame in some cases, and change every single faction sigil which is at least 3 Physique loadouts per frame and many with more loadouts. It is such a time consuming tedious task that I haven't made it through even half of my warframes and their Physique loadouts and I had to quit for a while. As we obtain more frames, vanilla and prime, that's even MORE sigils that have to be changed and will only grow as a problem over time. I have suggestions though, easy solutions to this problem. The first is the least logical since it may cause problems with some players and how they prefer to fashion-frame, which would be a simple "apply to all loadouts"(physique) for the current warframe or possibly even an "apply to all warframes" option, which could be problematic, so this one isn't the best option. Another is the same as the addition to the focus school selection to Tenno loadout screens where the selected warframe and weapons are shown, underneath the focus school and above the parazon could be a faction alignment box we would use instead of basing standing gains off of sigils. This is in my opinion the best option, although I don't know how that would interfere with faction sigils being worn but would assume that the standing gaining would be removed from sigils. I truly believe this is a necessary QoL change that needs to be addressed soon since as I stated earlier in this post, it's only going to become a larger problem as time passes. Also, as a side note, I'd also like to suggest adding some sort of Helios-Link mod to archwings that would allow Helios (if currently equipped, maybe?) to scan enemies and objects in archwing since the melee scanning mod from Simaris isn't all that usable in archwing, especially for objects. Helios can scan at will on the ground, so why not in space or underwater? Thank you for your time. -nerex33 (PS5)
  7. Can someone please address the Corrupted Holokeys ACTUAL drop rate? I did 20 runs in Pluto Prox and 20 in Neptune and not one single drop. Update notes state its 37.5% lol
  8. So I bought the waverider collection in the in game market for 595 platinum when the update dropped. Now while in game, notification popped up saying the waverider PACK was available for purchase. It also has another Yareli, Merulina Syandana and Kompressa. How many of these must I pay for, DE? We should have a way to get some form of refund or discount on the pack if we already purchased the collection.
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