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  1. I can't possibly think of a bigger f*^k you to Warframe veterans than this Aura Polarity Forma. Just wow.
  2. I hate to be negative about it but I honestly couldn’t care less about this update or anything until blazing step drop rate is adjusted. It’s been weeks now, and it still won’t drop for me or anyone I know, which makes sense given the .1% drop rate, but there are other things I would like to do and not just farm ESO and get nothing but junk rewards. I think it may finally be time to move on to another game.
  3. The Index challenge is definitely bugged and not just visually since my standing did not change. I completed it twice, left after the 3rd round and no points were added and the challenge remained uncompleted. I completed it a 3rd time staying until after the 4th round just to see if that would help. It did not.
  4. PC gets a huge update with a lot of new stuff to level and it just so happens to coincide with a double affinity weekend. When will consoles ever get the same love? I have nothing to level or forma right now that this double affinity weekend is here. The salt is strong with this one.
  5. What hotfix on PC is this update equivalent to, mainly because I want to know if drop chance boosters apply to toroids yet or are we behind that fix? Its not like the extra 1.1% chance really helps but I guess it’s better than nothing and all we get.
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