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  1. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    Thank you!
  2. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4 Fortuna: Update 24 (Mesa Prime + Hotfixes!)

    What hotfix on PC is this update equivalent to, mainly because I want to know if drop chance boosters apply to toroids yet or are we behind that fix? Its not like the extra 1.1% chance really helps but I guess it’s better than nothing and all we get.
  3. (PS4)nerex33

    Can we talk about the Toroid drop chance

    Drop chance boosters double the chance, and with them being only 1.1%, then doubling to a whopping 2.2%, is there even a point to using a drop chance booster? I don't see a point at all spending the plat just to get another 1.1%. Why can't the drop chance booster have a rule where when used, it will double the chance but if that doubling doesn't at least reach 5%, then that would be the minimum. Always at least 5%. Is that asking too much? It's still pretty low but it's not 2.2%, a bit of a joke when paying for it.
  4. Still no Teshin statue.......I give up.
  5. (PS4)nerex33

    TennoCon 2018 Digital Pack available now!

    Is there going to be another 100K Plat Jackpot this year for digital ticket holders like there was last year?
  6. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4 Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon (+ Hotfixes)

    Somebody get this man a translator! I think he just talked smack about all of our mothers in spanfrenchinese!
  7. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4 Warframe Update 22: Plains of Eidolon (+ Hotfixes)

    Where is this supposed “escape menu” listed as a means to leave the PoE with all saved progress? The “abort mission” option is all I see and I’ve lost progress by leaving via that method since sometimes other players want to stay. I need a way to leave WITHOUT losing any progress/rewards.
  8. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

  9. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4 Chains of Harrow Status [LIVE!!]

    MR 24 test?
  10. (PS4)nerex33

    PS4: The Glast Gambit 19.8.0 (+Hotfixes)

    It says there's a limbo skin as well as the helmet, but after I bought the bundle I noticed it's not there. In the photos posted it shows limbo's helmet with hydroid's and rhino's helmets alluding to no skin. So does limbo have a skin or not?
  11. (PS4)nerex33

    Valkyr Prime Access Ends Soon!

    Why do people keep asking about the Valkyr Prime trailer? It's already out, a simple Googling would show that.
  12. So, earlier I was excited that this was so quick. But then I realized it's been a whole month since PC got the Glast Gambit, so things are actually on par here. Now when we get to stop waiting for a whole month before we get to play in the same sandbox, then there will be some worthy praise. P.S.; I understand the delays being necessary for bug fixes, but a month though.......
  13. Whaaaaaaat?!?!?! Thank you so much, DE!!!
  14. (PS4)nerex33

    XBox One & PS4: Prime Vault Unsealed

    So according to Warframe on Facebook, they posted that PS gets it tomorrow (Friday) but Xbox users will have to wait a little bit longer. PlayStation FTW!