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  1. After some thought. Maybe decoy could be like a specter and scale with level.
  2. Yeah it is really pretty. Once can hope they'll come back to it.
  3. As with others, I think Soul Punch needs a little help in AoE or maybe be tweaked to be a little more like Oberon's 'Smite'. If Enemies would stop what they're doing and cower, instead of running away incredibly fast in Terrify that'd be a nice change of pace. Over all, I really enjoy Nekros. Be it for farming, or keeping things off a defensive objective.
  4. I'm guessing it's not the fight but more the fact that others do NOT get lucky and doing 4 runs doesn't even come close to getting near a piece. Or they do 4 runs and get the SAME piece. So when RNGeezus is in your favor, he smites others. No fun to be on the smiting end.
  5. Just this week, going into a defense as Nekros (somebody needed some goodies so I felt generous enough to go desecrate for him) to protect that core in the center of the room. The two other players with me were nice and social, they were a low level Loki and a Mag leveling up low level weapons.... there came a wave where the CC just wasn't happening, they got past us and it looked grim. The health of the core ticked down, down, down, down.... the words of 'we've failed the mission' came from Mag. Nekros' ego doesn't handle defeat well.... so he took a deep breath, flailed his arms around a
  6. Whoo hoo, as much as I'm tethered to Volt (and Frost for Archwing), it's nice to have the option to know ANY frame has a chance. Not just high shields. Awesome, looking forward to it on PS4.
  7. Will there be a chance for more in depth combination-tileset missions? Example: There was the combination of being on a ship about ready to fall apart then you launch into space onto the archwing for the first time. That felt really cool. Neat little scenario, different to see two different factions you have to fight in the same level, and two very different tile sets merged nicely together (with a tad of story in there too). Would you consider doing more like that? For instance, you start in space and need to infiltrate a ship (rescue, sabotage, capture...), head to ship, land, run missio
  8. The stupid rollers almost killed me the first time they showed up. I had no idea what had happened, saw the flashing lights, no messages, than the rollers. Was in a super tight room with little to no option of running to a bigger one for ease. Yay for survival tight hallways. So they kept knocking Nekros on his bony butt, which made it rough to stand back up due to numbers. So that was annoying. 'Mobbed by rollers in a small room' isn't what he wants on his grave. They showed up again for me last night, Volt and room to run around had no problems. If the quantity was less, I wouldn't m
  9. Cool beans. Will hopefully have some new goodies to play with for Holiday break from work/school.
  10. Whoo hooo!! Finally Rhino Prime Prime!!! ...wait a moment..... Bummer :p
  11. I'd be good if it did a little damage. If it's NOT duration timed and purely HP then he needs something to help more, especially in higher levels where you have a 3-5 second decoy out. Considering each of Mirage's indestructible images can do damage AND is timer based.... yeah, Loki's SINGLE IMMOBILE decoy could use a buff in some manner. Maybe have it be able to move/dodge a little so it's not so static and more believable. Heck, if anything it could at least look nicer...get it to duplicate your actual Loki in appearance/color/weapons. Not be a shifty super fake looking hologram.
  12. Uh, WANTING a Volt prime has nothing to do with the actual next release. Desire =/= DE's reality. Just letting them know I'd spend my money on him.
  13. It's that's time of the year where I have an excuse to spend a little more money, Volt would have been a nice present to myself. SIGH.
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