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  1. If you position yourself right in that tile, you can see Hunhow's main vessel in the distance. Looks like a gigantic spider. I'm also pretty sure those sounds weren't there the last time I saw that tile. That could be new! Makes me think that Natah could be trying to fish him out of the ocean.
  2. As long as Steve can do whatever he wants, yall can be owned by Wendy's for all I care. Happy holidays!
  3. Well let's see: Worm queen is a toddler. She will never side with anyone because she only seems to be worried about gathering kuva to revive her sis. Ruk already declared war on everyone in scarlet spear. He has 2 brain cells so he thinks Tenno are working with sentients. Vor is reciting poems in the void. Kela is presumed dead. Tyl is presumed dead. Parvos and Anyo (and the whole board by extension) are locked in a corporate war against each other. Alad is being held at gunpoint by Natah and he's making biracial babies for her. Solaris united and Parvos are probably going to
  4. You can reliably tell how strong a weapon is by checking its MR requirement. The higher the number, the stronger the weapon. I'm pretty sure you can go to market and type your current MR into search. It should give you all of the weapons you have available at that level. Pick something you like and get the blueprints. Other than that, you can go by weapon types (full auto rifles, bows, snipers, shotguns, swords, two handed swords, katanas, etc.) Also, don't forget to mod your weapons because that's where you biggest power spike is.
  5. takes one step out of it. still has to load the entire cambion drift just to talk to mother and then leave the map to do the mission.
  6. With the release of Deimos: Arcana, a couple of new bounties in the underground were added. As of now, the underground tileset has just as much mission variety as the Cambion Drift. There are at least 6 bounties to do but they are almost completely disconnected from the surface. The only thing that connects them is the quest giver NPC, Mother. This presents a couple of very annoying problems with one fairly simple solution for them all. THE PROBLEM OF ACCESS - the current mission flow for the Isolation Vault is: enter Necralisk ---> take bounty from mother ---> enter cambion dr
  7. Agreed, their open worlds would really benefit from actually being open instead of a remote hosted squad of 4. Imagine Fortuna with like 50 tenno running around causing chaos and it's server side, so if people leave you won't get host migrated into oblivion. Destiny styled time events happening and it's just conventional mission types with minibosses. Everyone would be in fortuna all the time. But I get why it's not a thing yet. To make that happen, they would have to completely rewrite their net code and constantly host at least a 100 instances of open worlds for each one. That's a huge inves
  8. Tried it as a host and client with all factions and all kinds of enemies in all kinds of mission types on all difficulties with different builds over the last month. Ability simply doesn't work. When you cast it for the first time, it will play cast animation and sound but there will be no timer over ability icon. Weapons will hover over your head the entire duration of mission like ability is active but they won't function. any further attempt to activate the ability again will give you the "ability in use" message. sometimes dying resets it and allows you to cast it again but it still won't
  9. Xaku still randomly refuses to cast their 2. It will infinitely register as "already in use" even though it isn't.
  10. Thanks for fixes! Xaku's second ability is still broken. Uncastable when you're not playing as host.
  11. ahh makes sense haha! i'm not on reddit so no wonder i missed it.
  12. Sorry, I never came across your videos, not sure who you are. Are you a warframe creator? The 2 hour figure is a somewhat exaggerated way of saying that it takes a lot of time to fund all decorations in a room because you have to do them all individually. There's also a problem of access because you need to point at a decoration to access funding menu and some decorations have janky context boxes. I spent around 150 hours designing my solo clan dojo in the last two years and at least 40 of those 150 were spent going around and funding decorations. What I'm proposing is a no brainer and an easy
  13. I've been waiting for a thing like this! Something I can suggest looking into is simplifying lining up platforms (stairs, paths, walls and constructions that require a lot of manual lining up but can be solved with simple snapping instructions). Add a pattern extension mode so that we can make lined up walls quicker, without having to adjust every piece manually for the full length. Consider adding a "FUND ALL DECORATIONS" button to room consoles. Sometimes designing the room takes less time than going back in to fund every single decoration individually. I have several rooms designed ri
  14. Thank you for fixes! Xaku's second ability is still broken. When the player casts the ability once, it will bug out and remain "in use" until the mission ends, without actually performing its function. Another player I met said they get this same bug but only when they're NOT the host (if that helps).
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