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  1. After carefully reading this, I gotta say it's impressive! On paper, it adresses every single flaw the current system has. Dying due to combo animation lock Losing all melee functionality an hour into a mission because you haven't been using it in like 10 seconds and then taking 10 more minutes before you can get your 4X back Having a modding system that clearly favors certain types of weapons General animation latency that forces you to use a high range weapon
  2. Okay, this is a better move. New mods, new arcanes and some of them even sound useful. I hoped for some more cosmetic content, especially for operators but it is what it is. Thank you! 🤗
  3. Banshee's skirt was fixed? This is an iconic day!
  4. thanks for the update space mom ❤️
  5. I'm really sorry that Arby's are the go to endgame system here because Warframe can do SO MUCH better! Thanks for the update anyway!
  6. 1. Removal of perma-death will expand the viable loadout options and Inaros won't be 80% of all players anymore. That's always good. 2. This system really needed new rewards. Thank you!
  7. You saved my life with the arcane changes! Thank you! ❤️
  8. So, as Steve asked, I gave the new melee system some time to settle in before I leave feedback. I fully expected to be forced to re-learn the way I fight when I went into the update but, suprisingly, it wasn't even requiered. The new system makes it so that you can do what you want to do, instantly! It's so intuitive that it feels like there are no bandwidth limitations from input (keyboard and mouse). It just feels like I'm doing it by thinking! I've spent a lot of time in the game and the fighting is second nature to me at this point, and this change just made it even more embedded into my reflexes. There's just one thing I want to bring attention to because it hasn't been mentioned. Eversince melee 2.0, there were two kinds of melee aerial attacks: the ground slam and the directional attack (I guess you could call it). After being used, they both have a short pause in which you can't attack again for about a second. For the ground slam, it makes sense for it to be there, but I'm not sure about the directional. There is no reason why the controls would lock up for an entire second when you use a directional aerial attack. It cost me my life in missions many times because that's the only part of the melee fighting in this game that doesn't make sense to me. This gap in combat is even more noticable now that you've made everything streamlined. Thank you, DE team! You made something awesome! 😄
  9. It's looking pretty nice! I'm excited about more worldbuilding, as always. Patiently waiting for it to drop.
  10. those are some weird buffs, i wonder what they mean
  11. Finally, my psychic queen will rule again. Thank you! For the Razorwing getting a vacuum tho, I'm slightly worried because it will take in more energy orbs than I need and screw up my energy economy. I stopped using vacuum years ago because I want to pick up energy when I really need it. Imagine you turn on Razorwing with full energy and there are 3 energy orbs around you. You've been saving them for later. Razorwing starts draining your energy and vacuum gives you 3 orbs worth of energy within the first second. 50 energy for 299/300 energy. They're absolutely wasted. Some ways to turn this into an advantage: Code her vacuum to only pick up energy when she's 50 energy from maximum and not a second before. Develop a system that gives you small percs for picking up energy past the maximum and cap it at ~130% (meaning that you can pick up 30% more energy past your maximum and spending that energy on powers gives you (for example) 10% more duration or movement speed). Make a vacuum on/off switch in arsenal. Any of these would work nicely. Anyway, thank you for working hard! ❤️
  12. About 10 launcher crashes over the last hour. It doesn't even download anymore. I start it, it stands still for ~30 seconds and crashes.
  13. 30kbps EU squad! Will check in with some feedback next week when this downloads! All jokes aside, thanks for your hard work! This sounds like another release that's gonna double the player base. I hope you're giving yourself a big old pat on the back because we're all here for what you did and continue doing! Congrats on another release!
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