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  1. Didn't expect the point buffs and not sure they're warranted. In a month long event, I got everything I wanted with ~4 hours of gameplay. Not complaining tho, guess I'll just buy a full set of everything over this month. Thanks for hard work and keep safe, DE! ❤️
  2. yay let's hope it's playable now 😂😂 thanks for fixes!
  3. To stations, Tenno. Open war is upon us.
  4. Titania! I hope she's beautiful. Question: Are we going to get separate coloring channels for hair, brows and lashes for our operators? The way the system is right now, all 3 are forced into the same coloring channel. It limits our fashion severely.
  5. During the Old War, some Tenno cradles in the Lua belly were destroyed with children still sleeping in them. Most of those Tenno were cut from transference when their somatic links stopped functioning. Their warframes collapsed and they woke up. One of them, however, got locked in an infinite feedback loop between their war platform and their true form. They split in two. One half was stranded in the fold (in the process of returning to their body) and the other was inhabiting their warframe (unable to escape). The Tenno wasn't able to pilot the frame. They were only a spectator locked inside an infinite dream, with no sense of self or will. Only a bare sense of existence and instinct. So, that's the theme. Infinite loops, agony of eternal recurrence, a "spirit" trapped inside a physical form. Take this .gif of Sauron from the Hobbit as a visual example of the infinite loop. Now, thousands (?) of years after the Old War, this warframe is discovered wailing on Lua, transmitting a signal of distress on a frequency nobody uses because the Golden Spear is destroyed and the Orokin are gone. Physically, I imagine this frame as a blooming wound. A metal rose blooming until it inverts itself and starts blooming again. An infinite well, an endless hole inside its face. Example of an inverted infinite bloom. Thank you for reading! Good luck everyone! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  6. The cult of Igor has been summoned 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
  7. I love it when DE grows a spine and rolls out necessary changes like once a year. I'm glad that you still have a plan and a clear direction for this game, because sometimes it feels like you don't. Listening to everything your players have to say is ok, but every once in a while you have to do the thing you want to do. You guys are the pros so please make the decisions! Lead us!
  8. I asked about this once before on the Steve stream™ and he said he would ask the team, but nothing came out of it. So, can we get independant coloring options for the Operators? In the current system, we're unable to dye our hair white without turning our eyebrows and eyelashes white, too. Making them separate doesn't seem like a hard fix but it would improve operator fashion so much! Talking about operator fashion, the last time we got a substantial content update for them was with Fortuna (november 2018). It's expected that the Duviri Paradox will drop with a bunch of content for them, but I fully expect it to be a 2021 release. Any plans in the meantime? Looking forward to the stream! Love yall! 💜
  9. Thanks for the info! Very excited to see what the team comes up with in the final pass! The weapon detail screen is without doubt improved by showing information, mastery, number of forma, catalyst and all of the stats. Still, I have a suggestion for the visual aspect of it. The whole concept of showing a warframe holding the gun from really far away somewhat defeats the purpose of the screen visually? Isn't the player there to see the weapon itself? What if you used a close up of the weapon hovering over a pedestal (just like in leverian)? Just a close up, rotatable 3D model of the weapon with a grayscale gradient behind it. It would save the resources of having to render an entire warframe into the frame, make the screen less chaotic and more elegant. We don't ever see our weapons close up and we miss a lot of the detail, so this would be a great chance to gain a fresh appreciation for the game's art! Also, looks like I'm one of the only people who thought "hold to confirm" was a great idea. It shortens the time and movement needed to perform an action. It is more efficient in every single way. Oh well, tyranny of the majority, I guess. 😂
  10. Thank you for acting on feedback and HUGE props to Steve for admitting the system was rushed! Waiting to see what else includes the radical changes you told us to expect in the last devstream. Some concerns I still have with the system: Personality variations are limited, making the liches forgettable The name generator was a nice meme for a while, but I don't think anyone can take the chosen champion of the Queens, the warlord of the Old Blood, seriously if their name is BUTT BOPP BIPP BAGG Even though all the fixes will make the system more enjoyable, none of them address how short the gameplay loop is. In the early stages of dev, Liches were supposed to be a long term adversary, and I know that Steve said the loop was dramatically shortened so that the players could get their rewards sooner, but that's not the only way! How to make the loop longer without prolonging the reward interval? The current loop has only two escalation steps: 1) Kill Thralls for MURMURS(100%) 2) Kill Lich for WEAPON(100%) and EPHEMERA(10%) Current math is that you have to kill 180 Thralls to unlock the entire REQUIEM, and the guessing game for their positions can take anywhere between 3 to more than 10 attempts. You have 2 steps to do, but they are repetitive/painful and even when you complete them, you still need to rely on luck to kill your Lich. With this in mind, I propose adding another escalation step. The formula would look like this. 1) Going into the KUVA FORTRESS to find out where the influence of your Lich is. This is done by doing high level nodes (level 60-80) on the KUVA FORTRESS set. Stealing info (SPY, MOBILE DEFENSE, etc.) with special transmissions from the QUEEN. By completing a total of 9 missions (3 missions for each Lieutenant), you will unlock 3 random planets where the LIEUTENANTS of your Lich are. 2) Eliminating the LIEUTENANTS. This is where the MURMUR farming loop goes. You will go to influence nodes on a random planet and kill Thralls for Murmurs just like you do in the current system, but the difference is that when you fill up the Murmur bar, a LIEUTENANT will appear, instead of the Lich. He will be a boss with his own abilities, strength level of a level 3 LICH in the current system. When you put him in a vulnerable state, you can use the PARAZON on him to reveal where the LICH is, and see the flaw in his Kuva. Kill the LIEUTENANT to unlock one REQUIEM for your LICH. Do this 3 times to unlock all REQUIEMS. Each LIEUTENANT also drops a Kuva weapon. 3) Once you kill the third LIEUTENANT, a special assassination node will unlock, and the LICH will invite you to face him. The LICH encounter is same as now, but the power level is at level 5 from the start. Defeat his Kuva guard to get to his chambers. 3 health bars, one for each REQUIEM. You choose to either kill him or spare him just as now. He drops guaranteed Ephemera (and/or additional rewards you may consider adding). This loop would give the player a chance to work for certainty instead of being forced to guess, it would reward the player at the same pace but with less mind numbing repetition. Pair it with a little more range of personality from the liches and they would finally feel worth remembering.
  11. Hi, Pablo! I'm glad you posted this because I know that many players (including me) think the changes you introduced thus far didn't make it much better. They will have great advice and suggestions! It's obvious that more than most of the work power in these reworks went into making it prettier instead of transforming its functionality in a meaningful way. In my opinion, this is a mistake. Warframe UI needs a lot of things, but making things "prettier" and customizable is one of the least important. I would even argue the "themes" you introduced FURTHER clutter it and make it harder to use and understand. Customization and themes exist to make your gameplay seem personal, but should this be the goal of your UI? No. Your system should always adhere to the single most important rule of functional design: FUNCTION > FORM. You are currently choosing form over function. How would you detangle the mess that it is now? You (rightfully) assume that the reason people are so turned off by these screens is that there's too much information tackling you whenever you access a new screen. You tackled back this problem in most of the newer works and your solutions were on point most of the time. What you have overlooked, however (it seems), are other ways you clutter your screens with null-meaning visual noise. The visuals are assaulting and that trivializes the context of your screens - see the new Chroma ability screen. The screen is overtaken by an enormous vista of dragonfire enveloping Chroma Prime. Everything else on the screen is taking a backseat so you could admire the warframe. Cool, but what did I come here to do? Ah right, I'm here to find out what abilities this chroma frame has? How do I do that??? I'm at the right place right? The small font title (why is the title so small? why is the font not a titular font?) at the top of the screen says so. Let's look around. What about those weird looking icons near the bottom (I almost didn't see them because they are the same color as the big flaming chroma up there)? Oh there's the explanation! Finally! CONCLUSION: The point of this screen isn't to show you a nice moving pic of the warframe, you can get that in the arsenal. The point of this screen is to teach you how to use the frame with minimal confusion and needless interference. Not using simple shapes - Simple shapes are one of the earliest methods of learning and people associate them with different meanings starting in infancy. They are so simple a toddler can understand them, so why not use them? This time, let's reference something you did right in the railjack modding screen. You chose a medium sized standing rhomboid shape for your avionic slots. They resemble precious gems and players will tend to subconsciously relate them to something valuable, especially when you add faint effects to the icon to signify its enormous power (as opposed to importance). These are just simple icons, and they communicate no information (unless hovered over), but the meaning is properly conveyed to the player. "This is a place where you slot your valuable upgrades and if they shine a little it means they're powerful". It is, from a functionality standpoint, a twin sister to the warframe modding screen, but the new players hate the modding screens on the base game. Why? Because, unlike the railjack modding screen, it assaults you with needles visual noise of the colorful mod cards. Mods should NOT be detailed cards. They should convey their power and importance with simple shapes. Same goes for the power icons, context boxes and every other screen where a sense of rarity or meaning was conveyed with an assault on your eyes. 0-100 real quick! - another big issue of your information overload problem isn't only with how much you show, but also how suddenly you show it. Take the modding system as an example. In the early game, when the player is about to unlock their second or third planet (provided they somehow figure out how to do that) they will slowly start running into enemies that require them to use the modding system to kill. Problem is, the game never really says that the mods are your biggest power spike in the entire game. The system is understated and unexplained. You may say "well, if we try to explain this enormous system that early on, the player will leave because that's a classic info dump." This would be right! Luckily, the new players usually have two very distinct complaints when they leave this game. I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW THAT I FINISHED THE INTRO. These two problems are uniquely connected and their solutions, if you tackle them properly, will literally cancel each other out. 0-100 real quick! (part 2) - I don't understand anything! What does that mean? Steve said it more than once: the game doesn't hold your hand. This is a nice way of saying that you fail at explaining what your game is. Mods, frames, planets, weapons, plat, credits, market, dojo, movement, story, damage, status, blah, blah... a billion things you can only hear the explanation of from another player. It's natural to let your children go into the world and make their own decisions, but first you gotta teach them how to live or they're gonna fail. Warframe does only the first part. This brings me to the second problem! "What do now that Vor is dead????" The new players constantly hit the warframe reddit when they finish the intro and they always say "I love the game and it seems really fun but the hell do I do now? I finished the intro and there is nothing to direct me further?! WHAT DO?!" So, let's take the first problem and apply it to the second! For the new players that need direction, make good explanations of your systems to serve as direction to get them all the way to where the story begins. But the problem still remains the same, you say, "the systems are too complicated to explain without causing depression in a new tender tenno brain". Well, it's not more complicated than real world, and in real world we teach our kids by giving explanations for our complicated systems PIECE BY PIECE instead of ALL AT ONCE but also with a fair balance of LEISURE and STUDY. Make it all play and no work and it's no good; make it all work and no play, also not good. It has to be balanced. So, make a progressive system of story missions that slowly trickle information to you while also giving new story teasing and exposition. All the way from Earth to Uranus. 0-100 real quick! (part 3) - Piece by piece and fun/work balance? For that you would have to break down the modding system (for example) into distinct pieces which you can then feed to the player one by one under the guise of having fun getting to know an interesting new planet. The learning isn't conscious. So the new modding screen would also have to change to accommodate this. For the sake of familiarity, imagine the railjack modding screen. It has 4 distinct sections: 1) Statistics 2) Integrated 3) Tactical 4) Battle Now, imagine the new weapon modding screen in a similar fashion with 4 sections. 1) Statistics 2) Damage 3) Status 4) Critical Each section has 4 blank circular shape pieces that resemble gems and communicate the same "this is where you put your upgrades" implied meaning. Most gamers on this planet are familiar with the concept of the status chance and the critical damage because those two systems are widely spread in gaming, so introducing and labeling them as such will immediately become an anchor point for their familiarity with a system they saw for the first time ever. The screen will be a series of simple shapes with only faint effect pieces to minimize the negative effects of looking into a Pollock painting of video games that Warframe right now is. Now that your system is evenly fragmented, you can feed it to the player in pieces. Through playing the new opening quest on Earth, the player will earn nothing more than the basic damage mods for the 3 weapon types and will be instructed by Ordis to equip them and move on to the next planet. You will be directed to open the Venus Solar Rail where you will receive basic lore on what the rails are and how they work. When you unlock Venus, a new quest will unlock that leads you through your introduction to the Corpus faction. The Lotus and a couple other NPC's (Little Duk?) may give you some exposure, and you can get introduced to the cultures like the Solaris even before you meet them simply by dialogue exposure. By the end of the quest, another piece of your modding system gets unlocked and you receive your first status mods. Ordis instructs you briefly on how to use them. Then Mercury with another quest can introduce you to the Critical damage system. You get what I'm saying. Trickle of information mixed in with lore and story exposition. This was a brief document of opinions, thank you for reading! I have more ideas but it's hard to express them here. As always, thanks to the DE team for making an incredible universe! ❤️
  12. Thank you, DE! Happy holidays and we'll see you on the other side!
  13. Thanks for the fixes! Any talk on fixing glitched gunner enter/exit animations that loop inappropriately? They cause A LOT of trouble.
  14. The Railjack is a beautiful example of what the company is capable of doing when they're building a game system from pretty much 0 without having to deal with the previous versions of their design. This is all they learned from Warframe for the past 7 years. The game is beautifully thought out, the economy seems very reasonable and the difficulty is introduced in all the right ways to make you try harder when you get kicked down instead of feeling frustrated. All in all, you got it all right but the core gameplay seems to be very basic. Just EXTERMINATE and move on to a different node (after a 20 minute resource run through an empty asteroid field). I know more things are coming (and to be fair I've only cleared Earth so far, maybe I'm still missing some content), so I'll be waiting for that. Other than that, I have issues with a couple mechanics tied to the side guns. Enter/exit position animations seem a little too long and disorienting. At least cut the exit animation shorter, because when you're exiting the side gun it's because the ship is burning or you gotta kill a boarding party and every fraction of the second counts with that. Also, I'm sure this is only a bug, but when you're leaving the position of a side gun, you can get locked into a command loop that keeps putting you inside and out of the position a couple times (guessing it's because pressing USE more than once will register as ENTER even though the exit animation is still being executed. Another interesting thing to note is that it's already starting to change the community in a positive way. I played pub missions only (after failing the first mission solo 10 times in a row lol) because I'm a solo player in a ghost clan and I was very positively surprised with how ready players actually are to actively participate and put aside their own ego to form a better team. Give orders but also take orders. They don't do that in normal missions. Most people won't even revive you or talk to you in chat. Something to think about. I'm sure it will be polished to perfection over time so I guess the main feedback is: STAY ON THIS PATH, YOU GOT IT EXACTLY RIGHT
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