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  1. spicy post, but reasonable. not worried but it feels like primary and secondary changes won't be enough.
  2. sounds pretty good. another thing that could happen is not having to see a short cutscene every time you put someone down because it takes you out of your perspective. it's disorienting when you have a fraction of a second to move away because you've been stationary in the cutscene and now every single enemy is shooting at u. make the frame perform it without moving the camera angle and give us our controls back earlier. if i were you, i'd turn all finishers into mercy finishers to save the animation team from having the polish up all weapon type finishers (let's face it, they're all really outdated and janky). maybe even play with an unlockable skill tree for the parazon that gives you the power to chain finishers and enter silent mode to finally give the game some semblance of a functional stealth system.
  3. the highest tier power of the endgame helminth system is an ayatan metal detector hahah i love it
  4. 1) the outrage exists with or without me. toxic people will keep being toxic whether i make comments or not. if i see something wrong with the community, i will speak up. and the way people are losing their minds about this melee "nerf" is unreasonable because everyone with an ounce of reason knows it's gonna be fine and you'll still one shot everything in the base game. 2) no, the people who are frustrated are exactly the min maxers because they are damage hounds. this is about the people who go and fight level 9999 steel path enemies. they put 15k hours into the game and somehow still don't realize that the game is probably never going to give them anything resembling a challenge because they have everything. there is nothing in the world you're not going to master if you put that kind of time into it. if you are a casual player, anything you equip will carry you through the solar chart because the base game is easy. i've been a player for 7 years and i only ever spent plat on cosmetics. as long as you have basic mods, any weapon will carry you through the game. that will not change even after the nerf. the only people who are going to feel the change are the endurance steel path players. they will now kill an enemy in 3 hits instead of 2 but the guns will be much stronger to offset that. Dude, Shy is a character. don't take what she says seriously. she's literally a comedy show. it's not her fault that some of her viewers are literally too dumb to see that it's supposed to be comedy. do you think Rebb would be friends with her if she was genuinely just a hater? i have no idea what "meme video" you're talking about but i'm guessing it's some content creator. i'd suggest u stop watching old warframe creators because they're all pretty much bitter veterans who hate that the game doesn't have more to give them even tho they got almost a decade of fun out of it (and their entire online careers). you're not gonna hear anything useful out of them anymore. also you seem to think that melee is being nerfed because of the meta players? the rebalancing was coming either way my guy. scott doesn't decide what to nerf because too many people enjoy it. there's a group of players who like to demonize him on videos but then shut the #*!% up when they're faced with him. i suggest you dont try and do things like that because it's incredibly stupid. scott tunes the game to the statistics and melee trivializes the whole game. you can just walk into a mission and spam light attack for an hour. and i'm not sure where u got it that public groups straight up reject you if you're not minmaxing. i don't play meta because it's boring and i don't even remember the last time someone even mentioned something about it. people just play the game. of course you'll run into a couple of $&*^s every once in a while, but that doesn't mean you have to commit to playing solo only. you're not gonna have a good time in warframe solo. and im not sure what you mean by "no life the game to get the mandatory mods". i'm really not sure what content you're trying to play but the base game pretty much hands you all the mandatory mods by the time you reach jupiter. you don't need to run condition overload, weeping wounds and blood rush to clear the start chart, and you definitely don't need a god roll riven for anything until you start steel path. just craft the weapons that are appropriate for your MR. also, if you're relying on melee right now, you should be happy with these changes because they will buff all other weapon types so you don't have to rely on it anymore. And finally, my dude, you take this too personally. "Infraction"? do u think the devs are nerfing weapons to punish us for some infraction? nobody infracted on anyone, dude. this is game development. they are trying to give everyone a more engaging exp. they want u to wake up and actually play the game and not sleep on the melee button. i don't take pleasure in your misfortune either because there is no misfortune. your end of the game will be fine. if you're having trouble playing it's likely your shortcoming because warframe is one of the easiest games out there. it's a power fantasy. i am laughing specifically at the veterans who like to garner hate clicks by posting hate videos and the old meta players who want more from the game but they already have thousands of hours logged. IF YOU'RE A YOUNG TENNO, i will help you in game like i helped dozens of others. meet me ingame and i'll show you how to have a better experience. we'll see why you're finding the game difficult and clear thing up. i will give you some mods to get you started so you can have fun. (actually i just realised thats gonna be impossible cause youre on PS and im not PC, too bad.)
  5. prepare for the mob. they're coming to tell us the game is ruined and they're quitting because they will only be able to do 7 trillion damage with their melee build, instead of 8.
  6. thanks for update! an issue i had: when you type "gara prime" into the relic search, relics that don't have gara prime parts in them also come up.
  7. yo this is unrelated but i've never seen that glyph and can't find it anywhere. it's really cute! can you tell me what it is?
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