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  1. I've gotten two of the Saxum mods from Saxum Rex enemies in bounties but never a single Jugulus one. I don't even think Jugulus rex enemies exist.
  2. Yeah, would be nice if they took on your melee weapon's colors. Instead of being brown/yellow or whatever the heck the are by default.
  3. Guess who's signing into Twitch on Thursday. Gotta get those Granny cookies.
  4. They're cosmetics, of course they're plat. I just assumed they put them in with loid because that's where all the mech stuff is. Not some sick scheme to swindle players. :|
  5. I've had several that didn't even pop on Steam, still annoys me greatly and the new ones for Deimos don't seem to be working on PC. I still do like having more to do though, its fun to try to track down every one of them.
  6. Loving the k-drive skins, though it'd be nice if they didn't play k-drive sounds when you drive them. As well as the ability to tint the eye textures with your emissives. Love the different texture styles but I think you should be able to recolor them. Edit: Oh and the glowing VFX that comes off of the wings seems to stay default color of the Velocipod, instead of the colors you chose.
  7. Just curious, is this an intended feature? First time I summon it, the thing has over 4,000 HP. I use it for the first bounty stage. I abandon it (with full health) to head to the next bounty. I re-summon it and its got 1,500 health. No matter how much it had before, it comes back with less than half of its health. Even if its destroyed, it comes back with half. Is this bugged or an intentional inconvenience?
  8. I was just about to infuse this ability but stopped when I thought about the music. I don't want a generic loop that I can't control being played ad nauseam.
  9. Hopefully we get info on the second half of deimos, I want kitguns, the infested arm cannon and possibly the boss.
  10. Experiencing this too, fish just spawn insanely slow.
  11. I'm currently using festering, so I agree with this.
  12. Would love to see the spore ephemera separated into a body and step. I love the spores on the ground but I hate the tacky lightning that cascades down your body. What about that is infested? It looks awful.
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