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  1. Its been well over a year since I reported the broken textures on the Pathocyst, eventually you just give up hope of seeing these things fixed.
  2. Yeah, they really screwed him up with that change. Also annoys the hell out of me that his gloves and shoulder armor vanish when you aim now, regardless of what type of gun you have. Looks awkward and annoys me every time I see it. A toggle would have been nice.
  3. I'd be happy if it just had an auto-fire toggle mode.
  4. Hema certainly does need help, whatever form that may come in.
  5. To bad, I had fun draggin the ambulas around with sevagoth the other day.
  6. All I wanted was to be able to re-roll the challenges themselves with a small amount of kuva.
  7. I feel the opposite, have a female operator and want the Dax armor to actually look like... Dax armor... not whatever the girls get is supposed to be.
  8. Not surprised. Sony was extremely slow to act on any sort of crossplay, holding things up. Wasn't until they were basically forced to that they caved.
  9. I did notice the body emmisives in some areas were hardly noticeable, thought it was just my colors.
  10. I have suggested this several times, it'd go a long way to making grendel better. However I'm sure if they cap the energy drain at 10, as they should... they'll likely cap the number of enemies he can store at like 30 or something. Which would be fine, that's around the terminal capacity he can reach before the drain just makes you instantly vomit them out anyway.
  11. Unless you're in an interior, such as a corpus/grineer tile. Its not always evident where the borders are at a glance and at some distance and in some conditions/energy colors the edge of gloom is not as defined as it is when its 3 meters from your face.
  12. Ah, it sounded like you were implying it should only be visible on players. That's what I was disagreeing to, sentinels are the only thing that are causing issue so i'd prefer if AI allies and pets still had the VFX. Sometimes when you have a very high range you can't really see an definable edge to your gloom, especially in interior cells. So being able to tell if an operative for example is getting my buff is handy. Honestly if they just left the sentinel sized puff of energy that swirls around it'd be fine.
  13. I disagree, I like seeing it on my companions and allies so I can tell at a glance if they're under the influence of gloom.
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