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  1. They said the new kuva lich weapons have expanded capacity, so there's that. 😛
  2. I watched the stream today and have been having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around all the information that was put forth. They said that the charge time reduction on the Amalgam organ shatter was being changed to "heavy attack" right, so that implies that the thrown attack of glaives will fall under the heavy attack category and therefor consume combo meter? The only reason I used the amalgam mod was to reduce the time needed to do a thrown attack so I'm just a bit confused. Are you going to have to start up a combo before you can throw your glaive now? Sorry if this sounds asinine, I was genuinely confused. Also, will there be any mods to cut down on the time needed to charge a thrown attack?
  3. I only used amalgam organ shatter on my glaive because it would reduce the time needed to charge my thrown attack, suppose its time to find another mod.
  4. I don't really have one I want at the moment but I'm really hoping if they do Corpus or even infested that we can get weapons for those factions. Some of the infested weapons could really use the help. 😞
  5. I actually really liked the conservation one. I had no interest in doing it before Nightwave but the challenge gave me a reason to learn it and its pretty easy. Afterwards I felt good because I learned something new in Warframe.
  6. I just wish it'd change color to match your frame, like the cysts on the charger do. Its not a fix but it'd go a long way to make the thing less offensive looking if it wasn't Nidus pink all the time.
  7. I tend to only use crappy weapons that I think are fun or look cool, so if they can help me elevate some of those less than top tier guns a little I'm totally open to it.
  8. I like how it looks/functions and I dig the gimmick. Though i prefer to use weapons that I like or are fun to use over how fast they melt everything in sight.
  9. Yeah, I've got a big wad of cred I have been holding with nothing to spend it on, was hoping for a kuva offering.
  10. I just want to be able to use my already purchased colors, the choices we have are so paltry.
  11. I'm a huge hema fan and yeah it needs some help, frankly I hate the burst fire. I'd gladly trade that in for a low rate of fire auto mode.
  12. I hate it because it controls terribly, if I wanted to ricochet off of walls I'd go play Pinball. Everything about it feels half-assed, getting stuck in geometry is a massive annoyance. Just look at the enemies, a 10ft tall Corpus guy with 4 opticor strapped to his back or an offsprey that's been scaled up don't project an air of quality and attention to detail. It just feels like an unfinished mess, like they had this really ambitious idea and gave up halfway though and rushed it out the door then never bothered to revisit it and fix all the glaring issues.
  13. Its honestly not that hard, you can play one day a week and complete all of your weekly missions and hit it without excess grinding.
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