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  1. So we're going to retroactively go back and censor everything from the past so it doesn't offend today.
  2. It does suck, I'm trying to save up enough to max out the command skill when its released. I'm about halfway there.
  3. Well the dev stream before last Sheldon was gone so they skipped the question, the home stream yesterday they couldn't ask him either. So odds are its just going to come out randomly before we ever get the chance to ask him about it.
  4. They have done 3 of them per story in Nightwave, odds are the next one will add 3 more.
  5. They should just add bows like Bramma and Lenz to some kind of "heavy bow" category to clear up future confusion.
  6. I have it already but its honestly hard to tell if it makes the cloud volume bigger.
  7. That's awesome, I would have liked to see some crazy swarms of bugs though. This is going to bring up one of those lore paradox situations though, like how do you prime a frame that's malfunctioning? Will the prime version be the working variant? Its like Revenant and the Warden, or whatever his name was. So many questions, whatever though I look forward to seeing how bizarre this one turns out. Hopefully its got some battle damage, or visible broken parts to its appearance and an animation set that looks hobbled and broken too.
  8. I use fulmination on my pox to increase the size of the gas clouds but now that we can use Firestorm on bows does it increase the gas cloud size from the mutalist cernos? I always have a hard time telling if the clouds are actually bigger. Both mods say they do basically the same thing but I'm not sure if it does.
  9. Damn... That's more than a little disappointing, glad I waited so long for it to be released.
  10. So... one dex item per anniversary... so see you in a few hundred years.
  11. That's my problem though, against the sentients they're not able to lock anything down. Sure outside of the new content you can but that's not what the thread is about. With Grendel's recent nerf you can't simply eat them again. Once they escape the first time, if you try to eat them again they immediately escape again. They become immune essentially and all of your abilities are worthless against them.
  12. I get where you're coming from, its just discouraging. The main reason I've played Warframe is I enjoy the gameplay of certain frames, I've played a good deal of them and the straight forward DPS stuff doesn't suit me at all. I like abilities that look/feel cool and are fun, at the end of the day that's why I'm still playing the game. Nidus' gameplay loop is very enjoyable, I don't just play him to get though content. I don't know, its upsetting knowing that the new war and probably duviri will be focused on sentients and I'm sure a great deal of other content after they've established them as a main faction won't be accessible to the characters I genuinely enjoy playing. I don't mind having to switch to a different frame for specific content, that's just the name of the game but knowing there's a gigantic chunk of content that I can't enjoy with my favorite dudes just sucks every bit of excitement for that content right out of my heart.
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