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  1. There has been no info on any kind regarding how cross-play/save will work. We simply know its in development and that cross-play will come before cross-save. Beyond that we just have to wait for official news.
  2. Before they revealed the actual in-game Ghoul saw I used to joke with my friend saying "Kuva ghoul saw when?". lol I could see them doing variants eventually but I'd like to see a new stance and a corpus/infested saw first. Though with the way they've handled other weapon types like two handed nikana, I don't expect to see a new saw in the next couple of years.
  3. I love it, just with there was more content. Hopefully when they do infested railjack/liches it'll give us a reason to revisit.
  4. EDIT: I now see that this was already a bug report on this issue that I didn't see before, please feel free to merge topics or delete. Not sure how long this has been an issue but since the last update I'm noting that the Pox is no longer using the correct energy colors for its toxin clouds, instead its using a pure white color for the lingering smoke VFX. Tested with several different color combinations, in solo missions and in public.
  5. I'd be thrilled to remove the random body lightning from the spore ephemera. Probably combine the boils from the festering ephemera with the ground spores.
  6. To be honest I haven't even tried farming them since the update but the changes seemed pretty minor to be honest. I had already maxed out all of my sister's of parvos guns and have zero reason to grind out more of them. Then they add the holokey drops to them... I refuse to grind out sisters of slog though void storms on principal. I'm salty as hell, I don't even care about the tenet melee weapons anymore. Maybe when they add some more tenet weapons to the sisters themselves I might bother getting them but I'm not going to go out of my way to farm a single holokey.
  7. Was really hoping for some Nidus prime fixes but thank you for the update.
  8. I do. I have a new friend trying to learn this game and she has to stop every day and ask me what to do, how mods work, etc etc etc. The game does a piss-poor job of explaining a lot of systems and an intelligent person like her would make good use of even a basic tutorial.
  9. Seems like a completely random place to put it, but whatever works.
  10. Games like Fortnite have platform exclusives and still manage to be do cross-play/save. Simply put you log in/buy the thing on its platform and its still able to be displayed/used on any other platform after the fact since its all just one global build.
  11. I've never been one to listen to music while gaming, I prefer to be immersed in the game world. Listen to what the sound designers worked on for the game experience. If there's in-game music that's what is played.
  12. I'd imagine that they would be humanoid for sure, so they can handle weapons. Resembling the Emissary enemies, like smaller operator style zealots and zealoid bosses but larger so they're in line with liches and sisters. Give them randomized appearances with modular gooey parts and some retextured infested weapons, then some original ones and bam infested liches. Maybe give them some kind of special feature like the hounds or something and there you go.
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