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  1. Makes me want the ghoul saw even more. Or a new Kuva chainsaw archgun.
  2. Only if it costs 10 legendary cores to craft. 😂
  3. I barely managed to get enough and got the 53% heat agendus hammer. But honestly I don't plan to subject myself to any more of that awful grind.
  4. Not really. I go months without spending any of my cred, a few days or a week of down time isn't even noticeable.
  5. Description of the bug: The Tenet Agendus Hammer & Shield melee weapon uses the incorrect energy colors for the expanded energy shield portion of the weapon. All other Tenet weapons that have these energy VFX adopt your chosen energy color but the Agendus does not. It always displays the default blue Tenet weapon energy color, even after using forma to unlock secondary energy color customization. How do you reproduce the bug? Bug is constant, does not change status. What occurred before the issue started? Playing normally, nothing seems to have an effect on the bug. Can you provide your build/game settings? Current build for my Tenet Agendus. What kind of squad were you in? Tested in Solo, public matches, orbiter and captura. Can you share images/video of bug? Images are below post in spoiler. Is the bug currently in-game? Yes, tested minutes prior to this post.
  6. Yes, my mastery went up a smidge after that fix. I had already maxed out all of the hounds.
  7. It was right before things changed and they all had to start working from home, I'm sure it just got swept under the rug with a lot of other planned features.
  8. Yeah, best to get your thoughts out when the frame is in the spotlight.
  9. More than likely because everything from alerts was moved to Nightwave, nitain included.
  10. As a Nidus main I have to say he's probably one of the last frames that needs any sort of rework, he's incredibly solid as-is. His difficulty in gaining stacks balances how he's literally immortal when you have them and when you're in any content where your allies are killing enemies so fast you can't build stacks, you don't really need them. Edit: That's not to say they're bad ideas and I always like a good buff, there's always room for improvement but I don't feel its that necessary.
  11. Sheldon said on a dev stream a year and a half ago when asked about pets 2.0 that the helminth maggots would be seeing a buff, we never heard a word about it since then. So we know it at least it was on their radar at one point, hopefully it eventually happens because the strain set maggots are awful.
  12. I farmed him, ranked him up and didn't like him. Fed him to the Helminth.
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