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  1. I've had the one were I can't get into my mech several times. Yet I can get into the woefully underpowered rent-a-mechs just fine.
  2. Was about to say, this doesn't reflect my opinions and expectations. Please refrain from speaking on behalf of the entire community.
  3. He's pretty fun, really enjoying him so far. Honestly I think he's pretty strong, doesn't feel like he needs any buffs. Maybe some QoL stuff and tweaks here and there but he's solid for sure.
  4. I just want a pet/sentinel system and specter system overhaul. The promised pet command wheel, balance updates, genetic traits, survivability, etc. Specters should behave more like Wukong's twin, actually use your mod loadouts, cosmetics, have a command wheel like pets, etc.
  5. Not gonna lie, I still want that echo's of umbra thing that makes any frame sentient.
  6. Interesting. Last I used it which doesn't feel like that long ago the minimum distance thing was still in place. Good to know. The self damage is/was rare, you had to be moving really fast or aim gliding so that you catch up with the explosions before the safe distance thing can trigger. Guess I got my wish. lol Now if only they'd do the same for the Tonkor.
  7. Would be nice if they'd remove that from the Kuva Ayanga too, that thing can still cause you to kill yourself though.
  8. Would be really cool to see the syandana updated with that crazy cracked head motif you have going on with the helmet. That glowing infested core, peeking out of jagged teeth.
  9. The Grendel sentient nerf still bugs me. He used to be able to eat them like any other enemy, which is good because most of his kit is dependent on him eating things. But we had that one stupid Railjack anomaly mission that requires you to kill X amount of sentients and DE decided that Grendel shouldn't be able to hold sentients in his belly for any meaningful amount of time on the grounds that players might slow mission progression in that one, very specific instance. So they made it that sentients just magically slip out of Grendel's maw after a few seconds, then if you try to eat them
  10. This event is just a test for an upcoming feature to allow us to use mechs in standard missions, so yeah its primarily focused on mechs. Seemed they took some rewards and enemies that were already waiting in the wings for other updates and put together this little mission event to give us something to do over the holidays before they went out on vacation so I try not to judge it to harshly.
  11. Not a bad idea but honestly with the nature of the modding in Warframe I don't see the need. Maybe there could be exclusive skin variants unlocked though some means that reward using different playstyles but full variants of the frames themselves is unnecessary.
  12. I'm still incredibly salty that we haven't gotten the promised Helminth charger Strain modset buffs and genetic traits system yet.
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