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  1. About two weeks in general. Be a bit patient and do not ever under any circumstances start a new ticket since it will only delay your processing time.
  2. Warframe slots cost 20pl each. You sure it (the pop-up) didn't asked about a slot before rushing the warframe?
  3. https://nexushub.co/warframe I would recommend this Site. It does offer some more than the prices but you can search for anything and get the prices under the Price tab, sources are warframe.market and the ingame trade chat (bot reading the offers). A bit user-friendlier than looking up prices yourself on warframe.market.
  4. Check your equipment for any equipped dragon keys, they do lower your shields and speed for example
  5. May we get the option of entering relays/open-world hubs and similar instances solo so it doesn't affect poor people's PCs too much/disturbing the immersion and atmosphere of such instances?
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