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  1. Loki Prime By far my most played warframe and I choose him over and over again because, to be honest, it was the very first warframe which I had after the starter one, a friend gifted me a whole set. He is my best fashion frame participant, if I ever want to participate. And because his kit is simple. Simply simple.
  2. When can we expect the next update for Melee 2.999999999... which covers the new combo system as well as some community requested features/changes, like being able to toggle between the new "Quick Melee" and the old "Quick Melee" system? Also: Frames which comes initally with a weapon, which are not exalted/ability based, are currently not be able to equip this weapon exclusively (e.g. Garuda and her Talons). Can we expect a change for this too?
  3. You know... her prime is already vaulted since 2 years or so.
  4. The language can be changed at the bottom of every forum site.
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