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  1. It looks like all the people "without understanding" woke up this morning and decided to make comments :) I suggest the last Seven posts re-read the OP so they may better understand what was written. Each response here has already been addressed.
  2. I'm not asking them to "transform" or do anything to his "character". I enjoy Vay Hek. This specific audio line affects people who have suffered repeated traumatic verbal abuse for extended periods of time. This is not related to bullying. This is not related to Likes or Dislikes. This is not related to me asking/wanting a game changing modification. Refer back to OP. This psychological issue is relative in terms to biological epilepsy. It's not controllable and I'm making this post to bring it to the attention of DE. ITS ONE SENTENCE with a double negative connotation that affects people. Rep
  3. Thanks man, that is very clear the way you've output that. It's not like I'm asking to have "something I don't like" such as an unpleasant sound, or visually unappealing or personal superficial thing modified "to my liking" I'm bringing a legitimate psychological/medical issue that affects a lot of people in a manner they cannot control into view. It's more along the lines of him saying "you try to protect these rats, but you fail, and fail" the end of the sentence being open/ambiguous even though it was predicated by it's intent is received differently by those who are
  4. Just "this" event, not the game :P Yes, I did not "clearly ask or suggest" for a change and Yes this is about raising awareness of a concern that affects people. I didn't want to offer a change or modification because that would be up to them in how they implement anything they'd do if they did!
  5. As I've stated, DE has a hand in health related issues. Tennobaum and the Children's Health Foundation, National Breast Cancer Foundation, the Harmony Ribbon supporting Leukemia awareness, Extralife (CMN), Mustache Movember and probably more. They have their hand in this already. This particular line will not break lore or continuity or pretty much anything if modified or removed. As DE cares, I do not believe they would overlook this legitimate health issue. You're interpretation is not my message or it's intent. Can't help you there.
  6. Personally, I'd just not play the event. My loss. Just as I took a 5 day break, I'd have to take a permanent one.
  7. You're mistaking a supposed "my desire for a change to please me" with an actual psychological concern that is scientifically backed. This isn't about pleasing or desire, at all, in any way, shape, or form. Do not try and manipulate the accuracy and intent of my post. There is lead in Flint Michigan's water. People are being poisoned. They do not have a say in the matter (speaking isn't cleaning their water supply). Trying to make up any sort of reasoning or excuses will not change the condition of their water. This line, it's repeated negative connotation and it's affect on those
  8. The manner of their affect and their interaction is not relevant to the issue and it's manner of effect that I have brought up.
  9. None of those things you mentioned are auditory nor do they affect in the same manner brought up in this issue. What you have mentioned is visual/conscience/political related.
  10. So did I, not the same issue being spoken of here though.
  11. This here, is a wrong response, being white noise to you, you're circumstantially lucky. But as a real situation, I guarantee this affects thousands. As for it being "small" I've played warframe since Closed beta, years and years, and I've never encountered this before. It's a very specific issue with a very specific affect. To have something so negative, repeated more than once in a voice line and to have that line repeated over and over. To the people it affects they are not chemically or biologically "able" to turn it off. Like epilepsy. For a game that puts it's hand in anti-ca
  12. But I'll miss konzu "Just bonk 'em on the head, ay tenno?", and I wouldn't hear the game :'( It's hard enough to see enemies over the tall grass, so I rely on audio very often too.
  13. Listen to this 120 times an hour: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/warframe/images/8/8c/HekPlagueStarP3-1.ogg/revision/latest?cb=20171209195831 This may sound weird as a title, but, I really thought I should share it. I like warframe, I come here to de-stress. I play games to get away from the things in life after work/school/my kids that I have no control over. TLDR I think vay hek is hilarious comedic relief. But on this new Plague star mission (which I enjoy repetitively) he has this phrase where he repeats many times that "you fail". To the point... For people (a
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