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  1. 27 минут назад, Datam4ss сказал:

    Have you ever considered that Grineer weapons may be like that because they are a "low tech" (comparatively) faction based more around quantity of soldiers and cheap, massed produced weaponry?

    I considered it now. And i think its bullS#&$.

    I like to think that grineer are actually competent at making their stuff, even if it looks like it was made out of what they've found on a junkyard. Otherwise we would be seeing grineer guns jamming in the field without the help of Mesa. And you can't win a battle if your guns can't even hurt the opponents. Not to mention how they slowly introduce new, more complicated  and better made weaponry like those PoE tanks, which means even if  they sucked at it before -  surely they are figuring out  that quality matters too if they starting fielding units like that.

    And also grineer do not overwhelm by numbers. That's the core trait of  Infestation.  The theme of grineer is raw power, as opposed to corpus theme of high-tech tactical superiority (mines, traps, drones, nulifiers, etc.)

    Except for some reasons their weapons do not represent that in any way.  Well... They do in the way they function  and sound, but the stats are almost universaly S#&$. The Hek, Tonkor and Zarr is probably the best their arsenal  has to offer and that's it (and hek needs a syndicate mod). To be fair, corpus weapons are not that  much better either,  although they have about  twice the ammount of "exceptions". (And i do not count upgraded  variants like vandal or wraith).

    Ultimately everything gets overshadowed by Prime Master Race, because orokin had the big brain.

    Thankfully, my old friend Baro occasionaly baths grineer  weapons in the void (how did he ever came up with that?) and somehow that makes  them better, but i do not question his methods, since his, uh, "products" actually get S#&$ done.

  2. Unfortunately i have to agree.

    Yes, it looks cool... But it lost some practicality. First of all: i now have to manually check the prime part to find out how many i have alreaady to make a choice which one i pick.
    The colors of rarity are harder to understand too, takes me a bonus second.

    Make the icons larger by about 50%, make  the colored part larger as well,  and reintroduce amount of parts in collection back.
    Seriously, its a small thing, but  its annoying after what we had.

  3. Except you forget that people can just join any of the clans who did the event and take the BP  from them for free. Some clans do it intentionally even.

    I don't  think anything of value is being lost or disrespected here. People could get the BP  from clans for free... Or they  can buy it from Baro now.
    Its just convinience, nothing more.

  4. 2 минуты назад, Drachnyn сказал:

    DE instead made the current Parkour system so we could still be fast but without having to pick one specific weapon.

    And that's good. But i (who just chimed in) don't see how they could replace Itzal. What, give teleporting to everything? Remove teleport but buff boost on all vehicles? Let me remind you that speed on Kdrives is actually dangerous because you can run face-first into a wall with it.

    So i honestly don't see what they can possibly do. I just don't. Whatever they do will have a negative, absolutely anything.

    So the community will have to clench their buttholes one way or the other, so everyone better get ready for that.

  5. 3 hours ago, Tsukinoki said:

    To add onto this: The other stated function of rivens was to give less popular weapons a higher disposition, therefore enticing more people to use them, while at the same time giving the popular "meta" weapons a lower disposition.
    This just so happens to align with the communities "Powerful = Popular".
    The goal was to spread out weapon usage and try to even it out instead of having only a handful of weapons that people use.

    You can see this popularity in action in a few places.  Such as the Braton series.  They aren't powerful guns...but because nearly everyone starts with one they are "popular" and therefore get a lower disposition.

    Don't know, Braton Prime  is a fairly decent gun with aa status build (all those slash procs help a lot). I have a riven  for it aand  its fairly good.

    Although the  point about the MK-1 starters bratons... Im still curious how  exactly the balancers of rivens take such things into account. Perhaps there's some threshold when they go "huh, this popularity spike is too big... Are our rivens making it too OP or something?"

    There has to be some procedure  like that, right?

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  6. Yes, people play sorties for rivens.

    But i think people greatly misunderstood their function. Which is: making bad guns good and NOT making their good guns even better.

    If you are doing sortie to get a riven for your Rubico Prime - you are doing it wrong.

    If you are doing sortie to get a riven for Karak, Quartakk or Stubba - then you are on the right path.

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  7. Только что, (XB1)BootlegMitch90 сказал:

    the only people praising these changes are the people who wanted prices to drop for rivens they wanted to buy.

    Not true, im genuinely happy that they are balancing rivens to be more appropriate. Almost all of the changes in this adjustment are justified. Im only not sure why did Vulkar deserved a slight nerf since im pretty sure im the only guy using it. Not to mention Rubico Prime is still up in space on power hierarchy.

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  8. What about 3 wages   in a row without enemy scoring in Index not counting? me and my friend and other's in our squad got the mesage like we've done it, but the challenge remained uncompleted (and we didn't got the standing).

    I thought you would rather fix that than your 40 minutes challenge not working in derelict. Who the hell does derelict anyway?


  9. This is my favorite K-Drive.



    As you can see its rank 22.
    Inability to forma it confirms it.



    Here its thinking its still rank 22 at the begining of the mission.



    Yet this is what happens the moment i earn any k-drive points at all, even if i just jump through the air.



    As you can see it skiped directly to sending any affinity earned into Naramon focus school. It also believes that its a max rank now, when that's not the case.

    This k-drive been rank 22 for months now even though its the only one i use.

    Did anyone else run into this problem? Should i hope DE fixes it, or should i just skip straight to support tickets?

  10. When will you adress the fact that low-quality crit builds do not work on slow weapons?

    Argonak, Grinlok, Latron, Opticor and probably many others suffer and are frustruating to play because of this.
    They clearly are not status (status doesn't work on slow guns either), they are clearly crit focused, so why is the crit chance always so bad?
    If a gun shoots once in 2 seconds - i want it to consistantly deal high damage, not to have 30% chance to deal 60% less damage and barely scratch an enemy it would otherwise damage quiet badly.

    Any opinion on that?

  11. 5 минут назад, ngrazer сказал:

    What the hell is this?

      Скрыть контент



    Currenly my theory is that you're hitting ice and cant penetrate it.

    Although could be just a bug. Fishing in caaves is generally a pain in A... Not enough bait-worthy spots, ice everywhere aand sometimes bait dissapears into the void.

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  12. 4 минуты назад, (PS4)buddysball7 сказал:

    On the status kick for those you who know how to mod a weapon that needs  100 percent status to be good only can use 3 dual stat mods as the elements that effect each faction can only use 3 so if you want to give us mods that allow more status and the elements we need to make a status weapon viable im ok with that otherwise buff the weapons to get 100 percent status with 3 dual stats. then nerf the disposition on rivens have at it but nerf them now watch them all go right on the shelf till the next rework.

    just to prove a point the emblolist used to be a crappy gun with the rework and a decent riven easy kill level 200 oh wait should i tell you that it might get nerf tomorrow.

    Dude. Punctuation. Seriously.

    Your posts are impossible to read.

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