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  1. I don't mind doing something else to spice up the gameplay. Hell, i don't even enjoy the gunplay that much these days...
    But these evidence hunts are awful. Usually games at least have some kind of hints where to look - maybe a particularly bright spot or just something that catches your eye. But these hunts are... Realistic, dare i say? You are thrown in a bland room and evidence is just as bland as everyhing else. Took me 30 minutes to find a 3rd clue.

    I don't mind these, but DE needed to change the approach on how they do them. There needs to be SOMETHING to hint where to look. Maybe a sound or something.

  2. I disagree. The bossfight was pretty okay. Took me 3 revives, but only because i had to activate my dark souls skills and start actually watching telegraphing of attacks the guy was about to do. He pretty much only has 2 attacks: a horizontal swipe, or vertical slam. Once you get it - its very easy.

    But yes, the clue room was terrible. I spent 30 minutes in it and legit thought the clues were not loading in because they were impossible to find.
    And i failed the timed puzzle because APPARENTLY i had to remember the rune symbol on one of the clues. Which i of course didn't - why would i?

  3. They are there, they are just VERY hard to find.
    My clues were:

    Shards on a platoform in front of the infested statue
    Dagger in a pot
    An item to the left of the status (if starting at it)
    An item near the stairs on the other side of the room
    The final and the hardest for me were The Shackles - they were hanging from a pillar near the center of the room. I couldn't see them because i was frantically scanning the floor and they are hanging slightly above your head.

    The main issue is that all of this S#&$ blends extremely well into the room and the room has terrible colour pallete which makes noticing small things nearly impossible. I was rightly pissed through the entire ordeal.

  4. Hello there.
    Today, i've decided to share a story with you. An experience unlike any other. One i didn't expect nor wanted to have, but had one nonetheless. Here it goes...

    Its an early morning. As always, before my shift, i waste my time playing me some vidyagames. This morning the choice fell on warframe, since i had resource booster going and i still haven't commited to grinding deimos. So just in case and to prevent grind burnout in the future i've decided to go to deimos and mine me some minerals, fish some fish and yadi yada... You know the drill.

    And so it went on... A single, relaxing session of boosted grind... That went on for 2 hours. As you could imagine, i got quiet the loot in my pockets by that point. So far - relatively smooth sailing.
    But then...

    I've decided to stop by and fish a hotspot that happened to be in my path. Everything was fine at first, got a bunch of fish as per usual.
    And then something happened... My spear ricosheted off the fish i wanted to catch and flew away in a completely different direction, much to my surprise.
    "Weird" i thought to myself as the spear returned to me. Oh well, let me just make another throw and... Oh? Uh oh... I couldn't throw the spear again. I could aim, but not throw.
    But more importantly... i couldn't do anything else either.

    Its fine. Not my first rodeo. I started pushing all the usual suspects to try and get myself out of this mess: summon archwing, k-drive, operator... Even tried to do the /unstuck trick. But nothing was working. The only thing i could do was open ESC menu, which would taunt me with "abort mission" button, promising me freedom... But at a cost.
    I was stuck. For good. With 2 hours worth of loot. All alone. Well, almost all alone... The cursed floating fish swarmed all around me, as if mocking my misfortune.

    Dread started setting in. I searched for more options to escape. I was in solo mode, which meant i couldn't invite someone to force-evacuate me... I pressed every button on my keyboard and none of them had any effect.
    Then an idea struck me: DEATH. Maybe if i could die and revive myself - maybe that could solve my unfortunate state of existence.

    Problem though: no infested in sight. Of course! The one time i needed them the most they decided to NOT attack me while i was fishing! Those little...
    Sigh... Well. Not like i had options, right? All i could do is wait and hope...

    5 minutes of boiling in my own anger... An infested appears. A single infested osprey. Could this be my chance? No, it couldn't. Because my fishing companion - OXYLUS sentinel was there.
    And he did exactly what i wanted him to do during normal fishing - started shooting osprey with his plasma cannon.
    "NO!" i screamed as 1st shot of plasma reduced my potential savior's HP to 5% "HE'S MY ONLY CHANCE! DON'T DO IT!"
    But my companion was deaf to my pleas. And so level 19 infested osprey had met his fate at the hands of my context-proof ally. Goddammit.

    Another 5 minutes passes by. And another glimpse of hope appears: a familiar sound and falshing of light.
    A glass fracture has happened. And spawned... A single glassed volatile runner.
    A smile crossed my face. This is it! My companion was inadequate for dealing with such a threat and couldn't hurt him, surely. In fact - he didn't even tried, much to my delight.

    "YES!" i said, as my unlikely savior was approaching me "COME TO PAPA!"
    He rushed to me from the other side of the river, reached his attack range, charged his swing and went for it. His fist of freedom lands on my face, dealing a nice 200 damage to my shields. Surely this is it!
    And then...




    He stoped.
    He just.

    My "savior" decided to join me in my buggy solitude, only occasionally making infested noises as he stares into the nothingness.
    I have no words. I'm dumbfounded. I'm laughing hysterically. This is the greatest joke of the universe, and i am the goddamn punchline!
    Well... At least now i have another company besides stupid fish and my quiet sentinel.

    At this point i decided that i might as well just go and do some chores around the house until my situation resolves itself.
    Which is precisely what happened after another 3-4 minutes. While i was AFK another fracture happened, spawned some glassed chargers and they rightly ended my suffering.
    I revived and - THANK GOD - could move again. Of course, i immediately put on my archwing and rushed back to necralisk to secure my precious loot before being struck by another unfortunate accident.



    And that's the story how i almost lost 2 hours of grind to a very unfortunate bug and had to just stand there for 15 minutes while hoping that the game would find some way to KILL ME.
    Be careful out there, kids. Save your progress.

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  5. 6 минут назад, RazerXPrime сказал:

    Lol, Steel Path was implemented as a "hard mode" and now there's a complaint that you can't one shot things anymore?


    To be fair, before-mentioned abilities stop one-shoting things long before steel path. Sortie 1 is where an awful lot of abilities just stop doing anything particualrly useful. Chroma's spectral scream for example. Even with scaling from Vex Armor and it still does jack S#&$ to anything above level 40. Rhino's charge at least provides knockdown, but still not worth it to spend 25 energy on.

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  6. I think Darvo's Deal is a fraud anyway. I can't bevelieve he sells anything at all  and his  "sold out" is actually a lie. Those discounts are way too low and  he  a lways sells some generic low-MR weapons that somebody like me  doesn't need and would frankly just build  one from  a  BP  because i  can arm an army  with my  resources.

    The only  change his deals  need  is  to  sell something  useful, like formas, catalysts,  etc, not...  Not... Tetra?

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  7. I think a MOA would be more suited for that kind of buff, seeing how we have one that improves gliding and jumping. Maybe the MOA's offensive skill could be speed-related too, like doing Rhino-style charge into the enemies and knocking them down. Or maybe even Gauss style "head first into a wall" style.

  8. Uh... Can't you just forma the exilus slot with normal forma already? I'm pretty sure i forma'd it a couple of  times.

    Oh, nevermind. I'm an idiot. As in forma that maxes exilus slot multi-polarized allowing any mods? Then yes, i agree. Tactical versatility is always good.

  9. Probably that Warframe isn't really a well-designed game and lacks depth.

    And by that i mean not "Badly" designed but rather "Simplistic". Our character is way too free, way too quick, way too mobile and ultimately way too powerful. Basically there are barely enough constraints on our character, and honestly i always found myself more gravitating towards games with limits - all the Dark Souls, Sekiros and whatever other games where you get your ass kicked on a regular basis and where gameplay has some kind of meaning and depth, as opposed to warframe casual carnage for the sake of carnage.

    Related to that - the warframe's coop is also ultimately useless. Its not a cooperation, its more of a 4 nukes silently arguing about who gets to go off first. Which is not a form of coop i find... preferable.
    Been a long-time advocate that we should reduce amount of players in a session from 4 to 3. Four tenno is too much power - i can literally just go afk and watch youtube and nothing will be different for the other 3 guys. If anything, they'll just have more enemies to kill and enjoy the game more instead of having to watch me kill-steal their targets.
    Its not even like i'm saving them ammo or anything. We have infinite sources of both ammo and energy if we want to. I'm literally JUST kill-stealing. Saving them the trouble. Stealing their gameplay.
    As compared to, lets say, L4D where getting separated from the squad is a potential death sentence - you only need to get grabbed by one of the special infected and that's that.
    And any zombie i didn't shoot is 1 bullet saved for the next one when the horde comes.
    Now THAT is co-op.

    Here's the thing: i NEVER missed playing warframe. I like to play it, but i never miss it. I never daydream about going back and shooting another 30 grineer with a kuva karak or something, unlike lets say Sekiro where occasionaly i just remember fighting some mini-boss (not even a boss) and just wanna do it all again.

    Warframe is not even that great of a shooter too. I'm a big sucker for anything that has guns, but there's just something missing here... When compared to something like Titanfall 2 or... Star Wars: Battlefront (the originals) there's just something missing here that doesn't make it feel quiet as good. The guns don't have as much punch as i want them to, enemies are apathetic to taking damage and there's always this annoying race if i don't nuke this guy with my Kuva Drakgoon right now - the other guy is gonna do it with his Bramma. A race that i ineviatably give up on and do something else... Like watching youtube in the steam overlay and occasionaly popping back into the game to give the team a Roar buff.

    I guess the main lesson here is that i like the games with stakes more. And that Warframe doesn't have any stakes. Stakes are defined by difference between lows and highs. And as it stands... Warframe doesn't have any lows. Its just highs. And when everything is high - nothing is actually high. Its just normal. The bland mediocrity.
    "Oh boy, i massacred another squad of 20 grineer while they could barely scratch me... That's 50th time in this mission alone. What a joy."

    The only thing that keeps me here is the aesthetics, the lore and the checklists. Get all the guns, get all the mastery EXP, max out all the mods...
    I play for the check-check on a list and a pretty picture on the screen, not so much the gameplay itself. And its worrying me...
    And - of course - a little bit of that sunken cost fallacy. I didn't bought all those skins for nothing, right? Gotta get that value back...

    Oh well. Still a pretty good and enjoyable way to spend those 2 early morning hours before work. Just must not give it too much thought... Just shoot that grineer... Just shoot him good...

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  10. 18 минут назад, Tenno_Cobra сказал:

    As for sometimes not freeing them, well , let's face it, they are virtual beings comprised of 0s and 1s and it's not like they actually exist in the first place. I mean it's not like players spend the entire day at Ticker's buying every single solari's debt bonds, so you just have to accept that you can't save everyone in the universe, no matter how hard you try. Just grab the ones you can save when you have the coins for them and you need the standing... Or don't , it really doesn't matter asides from a roleplay perspective.

    Yeah, they are but an NPCs but still... The implications here are unsavory to say the least.

    Also the Ticker's situation is different. Ultimately Ticker is running a charity, and if one tenno doesn't buy that debt - maybe someone else will. Maybe not even tenno.
    The prisoners are in completely different context:
    A) You might be their only chance of escaping before... Well, we don't even know what corpus are doing with them to begin with. Solaris spies, perhaps?
    B) Its somewhat disturbing that they directly beg you - their one lucky chance - for help, only for you to give them a stare and just leave without saying a word or doing SOMETHING.

    I have high doubts that DE intended this situation / gameplay mechanic to be this... Unprecedented compared to the rest of the game.

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  11. Hm, would be nice to customise our loyal glitched AI. I think foundry upgrade could be an interesting concept as well.

    Something like:
    - 10% credit cost on crafting
    - 10% resource cost on crafting
    - Reduced crafting time (-1 hour, -10 minutes, -1 minute and -10 seconds depending on the original crafting time).

    Hell, maybe even an ability to craft 2 of the same item at once. Just 2.


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  12. 11 минут назад, Artekkor сказал:

    No it wasn't. Point it to me. Do you mean simply not taking up Eudico's bounty? Because its nothing. I'm not taking Eudico's bounty because i'm doing a sortie, or a fissure or any other mission. And presumably every missions is aimed towards strategically sabotaging efforts of the hostile factions. So in that sense they are perfectly equal. You are technically doing something. And even if you are not - there is army of tenno who will do it instead.

    But prisoners are one-time opportunity occurance that shows up for like 10 seconds and goes away forever. What happens to the prisoner? Does he gets saved by another tenno raid? What are the chances of that happening again? Again - this is a completely unique occurance as far as i'm concerned.

    DE adressed the guys trapped inside the granum void - they gave them the standing reward so that the players did not just IGNORED them during the run, because if anything saving them was just more of pain in the ass because they would add the timer and the players would have to stay in the mission until timer runs out - an issue that's also been adressed. So now you have no excuse besides laziness and not having Xoris equiped (or just, you know... not doing the granum void).

    They adressed that... So why not this?

    To double-gank myself in this: i want to clarify that i'll be fine with this fascinating occurance staying in the game.
    However: i would really like the game to aknowledge this and not just leave it akwardly hanging in the air.

    Right now its very akward. You find the guy, he pleads for help, you just ignore him and go away. And this never comes up again. Neither Tenno, nor Solaris ever speak of this again, like it didn't happen. The game sets something up and does nothing with it, which is anti-climatic all by itself. Trouble without the pay-off.

    I would find it very amusing to find a random solaris NPC who would just go "Hey, remember me? We met on that corpus ship, a month ago. Thanks for saving me, A******."

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  13. 19 минут назад, WhiteMarker сказал:

    This was always in the game.

    No it wasn't. Point it to me. Do you mean simply not taking up Eudico's bounty? Because its nothing. I'm not taking Eudico's bounty because i'm doing a sortie, or a fissure or any other mission. And presumably every missions is aimed towards strategically sabotaging efforts of the hostile factions. So in that sense they are perfectly equal. You are technically doing something. And even if you are not - there is army of tenno who will do it instead.

    But prisoners are one-time opportunity occurance that shows up for like 10 seconds and goes away forever. What happens to the prisoner? Does he gets saved by another tenno raid? What are the chances of that happening again? Again - this is a completely unique occurance as far as i'm concerned.

    DE adressed the guys trapped inside the granum void - they gave them the standing reward so that the players did not just IGNORED them during the run, because if anything saving them was just more of pain in the ass because they would add the timer and the players would have to stay in the mission until timer runs out - an issue that's also been adressed. So now you have no excuse besides laziness and not having Xoris equiped (or just, you know... not doing the granum void).

    They adressed that... So why not this?

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  14. 48 минут назад, WhiteMarker сказал:

    What about it feels out of place?
    We knew about the situation for the Solaris people.
    It feels pretty fitting.

    No it doesn't... I don't think we are having the same conversation here. I'll attempt to clarify.

    For the sake of the argument, we are not going the "its just a game" route, because it simply drops and ignores the conversation. In which case i wouldn't create this thread to begin with.

    The solaris prisoner situation is morally loaded, wether it wants it or not. With a clear GOOD and BAD option.
    To be fair: the game did the moral options before. Examples: what to do with kuva queen, what to do with kuva bottle and - perhaps more importantly - the faith of that one half-infested colony in that one quest.
    Hell, they even impact the whole "sun / moon" moral compass on our profiles.

    The difference: the before mentioned examples are relatively equal. Each choice in those situations has an argument of why go this route and not that route.
    The choice for the solaris prisoners - provided you actually have crowns on you - is binary. Either you save them or don't. The "don't save" option does not have arguments except for "its just a game" which is an argument that i've already decided to simply ignore.
    Which means its a morally undefendable option. Yet one i have to choose because this game is a looter shooted and i need to hoard any loot i come across in case DE decides to add something that requires like 50 of each crowns to craft. Which is basically me preparing for the potential future and avoiding burning myself out on grinding the thing after the theoretical blueprint was added (which means i'll just be faced with this moral dilemma anyway, just in a condenced form... just like when grinding Granum Void).

    The game had not done this before. It never had a clear good / bad options like that weighted moreally against a mechanic of collecting loot. And for WHATEVER REASONS it decided to couter-weight this choice against hoarding a very rare resource that potentially could become relevant in the future. And the game does this casually.

    This is a unique accurance as far as i'm concerned. And its' pressence is bothering me (buzzing around my ears ever so gently) enough to make this topic. Provided its been present since the release of the update, and i've decided to talk about this only now.

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  15. 7 минут назад, WhiteMarker сказал:

    Because it's an interesting touch. Makes the game feel a bit more alive.

    Alright, i accept that answer.
    I expect 50 more touches of this nature, with rising stakes within next 10 major updates. Let's make this "Spec Ops: The Line 2 - Electric Boogalo".
    I'm 100% on board (not even joking).

    Humour aside, what i'm trying to say is - its kinda weird that they decided to introduce that form of touch now and here, in this particular form. It feels weirdly out of place compared to how the game was so far. But oh well.... If it means more to come - i'm okay with that. Just please hurry it up, because right now - it doesn't sit well on its own.

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  16. 1 минуту назад, (PS4)Kamranos сказал:

    I’m pretty much onboard with the OP. I would love to have an easier way to free these prisoners. Perhaps removing the crown requirement and making it credits (similar to paying their debt in Fortuna). As it stands, there is little reward incentive to spend crowns on them other than to not feel like a cold heartless space ninja.

    If they cost crowns, I would hope DE would have made it more worth it and not the same as turning in a fish for standing. Do the Solaris really think so little of these lives?

    Oh right. Thanks for reminding me - the price for saving these guys is almost insultingly low as well. But that's another conversation entirely.

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  17. 1 минуту назад, Aadi880 сказал:

    They are guaranteed to spawn at once per mission.

    On endless missions, they will spawn at anytime between 5 to 7 minutes.

    On non-endless missions, they will spawn at anytime between 3 to 4 minutes.

    If you are speed running through the mission, you won't find them. If you joined late to a host where you are the client, chances are, you already missed them.

    They do spawn in sorties, but there is no point in finding them there because they are too tanky to begin with.

    They will always spawn in regular starchart missions. 

    Weird. I've been doing solo syndicate missions and got the tileset on them. 2 spy missions. Wasn't rushing - just taking my time in solo mode. Nobody spawned.

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  18. 5 минут назад, WhiteMarker сказал:

    All I took from that is that you can't differentiate between a game and reality...
    It's fine to see the moral conflict, sure. Nothing wrong with that. Getting bothered by that is what makes me worry about you.

    Yes i can. Yes i do. And i don't care - the game is still giving me the signal. And i don't appeciate this particular game giving me this particular signal.
    Yes, i can just ignore it. Its what i've been doing in fact. But its still there, and i'm raising the question of why is it there.

    What a way to not adress the concern and just point a finger at me instead. Thanks.

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  19. 30 минут назад, Magus_Tahir сказал:

    Not to make light of this commentary but..

    You want to save them but don't want to incur a cost? Thats as selfish as it is greedy you may as well be a Tax Man for all of this mumbo jumbo backend reasoning you're putting forth here. I know venture capitalists in real life that have more spine about stating their desires. Come out and say what you really want to have your cake and it too. That isn't the world sunshine in real life or this game. 

    I'd suggest animal crossing but you're not that timid. Your a special kind of chaotic evil that masquerades as lawful neutral. Wan't to save them, nahh you just don't want the guilt of infringing on your own bottom line while playing the good guy. This entire reasoning that you spelled out is an insult to bottom feeders.

    I knew this conversation could potentially spark a fire, but Jesus... What a way to go.

    And yes - i do want to have my cake and eat it too, in this particular case. I have the right to ask for that in this particular game.
    AND YES, this game is a world of sunshine, relatively speaking. Sure, the grineer and corpus and all other stuff is contextually grim and dark and all that... But the tenno (the characters AND the players) were yet to be faced with the reality of their actions. Tenno effectively commit war crimes on a regular basis - just look at Saryn and Ember. Have the game ever aknowledged any of it? No. Of course not. This game doesn't take itself that seriously. Every trailer for the warframes is how fun they are to play, not how terrifying of a war-machine they are.

    And suddenly, out of nowhere, this weird-ass dillema: loot or moral standarts.
    In this particular game of all games where loot is like the #1 reason to play, and moral standarts are... Well, i made my point with war crimes above.

    I'm simply pointing out that the game is giving me mixed signals here, that's all.

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  20. 2 минуты назад, WhiteMarker сказал:

    You think you have questionable moral standarts, because you don't rescue some pixels?
    What about all those enemies you kill? Did you ever try to talk to them? Maybe they don't want to fight, but are forced to do so. Do you have any issues with that?

    I - in fact - do. I'm a big "Spec Ops: The Line" fan, so always keeping track of wether or not the game is being honest of me about the conflict on screen is something i do for every shooter game now, but that's a whole other topic that i'm not interested in having right now, and one that leads to nowhere because the answer is simply - yes, warframe is not being perfectly honest and is 100% biased with what it shows and tells.

    Which is absolutely fine, because Warframe, by and large, is both a power fantasy and a game that doesn't take itself too seriously. At least for now... And while i would be perfectly fine with the game taking some edge with the morality of the tenno' actions (and also them effectively being child soldiers), there's something off-putting by the interesting conflict of a game mechanic (collecting and spending loot) with the moral context of the situation with solaris prisoners.

    I think what bothers me the most is that the prisoners adress you directly when you find them, asking you to free them. If they were quiet or - better even - unconcious i probably would not have this much of an issue with this situation.
    AGAIN - its not a BIG issue, but its an issue nonetheless, like a mosquito buzzing around my ear. So i have to adress it, even if just for the piece of mind and see what other people think of this. So far the counter argument seems to be exclusively "its just a game". Which is a perfectly fine argument... But not one i'm interest in, nor one that adresses the buzzing.

    Also nobody so far offered any kind of soluition, which is dissapointing. So i guess i'll have to do this myself:
     - how about a "solaris extraction beacon" consumable item which can be crafted and used on the solaris prisoners to "mark" them for potential saving by other solaris operatives or maybe even other tenno (in lore only, of course).

    Reward could be something completely miniscule, like 50-100 standing (as compared to 300 / 600 / 900 with crowns). Hell, i'll accept no reward at all - just the "thank you" from those guys will be good enough for me, considering that i'm technically rewarded with not spending the precious crown on it.

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  21. 11 минут назад, ZarTham сказал:

    After you've got everything Protea related, you have no reason to go back to the Granum Void, so you'll have plenty of Crowns to free the prisoners, having more ways to farm Crowns is pointless.

    Also, you can't save everybody, this is a lesson you still have to learn it seems.

    I would, if the damn carriers would spawn. But they seem to refuse to spawn as of recently. Do they spawn only on "normal" missions, with sorties, syndicates and fissures being excluded? Or am i just unlucky?

    As for not saving everybody - its fine if i don't have the resource or the opportunity to save someone. But this situation is... akward to say the least when the games makes it a choice. I have the resource. I have the power to save the guy. I just choose not to, since i need a stockpile of those crowns - just like i have a stockpile of every resource in the game (minus argon, for obvious reasons).

    Its kinda weird for warframe - of all games - to put me into this peculiar situation. You know... The game where collecting massive hoards of resources is a perfectly normal thing to do. Or was, until now...

    I must clarify that its not a BIG deal or anything. Its something small, that still bothers me every time i go to the corpus ship tileset.

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  22. 4 минуты назад, -Alleluia- сказал:

    You know this is just a video game right? Even if we accept this premise as legitimate you are consciously choosing to save said currency instead of using it to free the prisoners. Your moral discomfort and dilemma lies with yourself and not the game mechanic.

    I'm perfectly willing to accept myself as a person of questionable moral standarts. Still would prefer not to have this 1 second of hesitation when leaving the room either way.

    4 минуты назад, Swagernator22663 сказал:

    Its just a game, get a life.

    True. Also not useful to the conversation.

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