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  1. Checked the wiki. Yeah, i see what you're saying. I'd still suggest changing the grinding place. The same relic seems to be falling from Mars Rotation C, which means you can fight continuously and dont have to restart every time.

    Tier 1 interception also seems to be a lovely place to grind said relic, as it seems to drop from every rotation, just with different chances.

  2. 13 минут назад, (XB1)Tucker D Dawg сказал:

    divide 3rd murmur requirement by 2.  the last one is just  a slog  and all you're hoping for while farming murmurs is that the lich appears so you can trial and error it.



    Yeah, its the 3rd murmur that's the core point of content. 1st and 2nd are alright - they're done before you feel burned out, but the 3rd one just crushes your soul.

  3. 1 минуту назад, kapn655321 сказал:

    "Those things need to be in my inventory yesterday, and we're entitled to getting them all in perfect chosen states in a reasonable amount of time."

    I mean... Are they wrong? Warframe was always a game about grind. "Checklist - The Game" if you will. I think its fair to assume that the general, primary objective here to collect things. For MR points, if nothing else. And i always considered Warframe a game that manages this well, having grind in that perfect golden spot of not to quick, but not too long. And to be fair, i still stand by that statement.

    The core issue of kuva lich system, however, is its' monorail track nature in the current state. Despite the fact that liches can spread across planets and control sectors and be anywhere anytime... You have to go to their "content island" as DE called it in order to interact with the system.
    A lot of the burn-out would be avoided if we could do liches in the background while doing something else. The fissures, the sorties, the syndicate missions, you name it.

    Hell, just the fissures alone would be enough...

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  4. 6 минут назад, kapn655321 сказал:

    Perhaps DE should consider their player base more with these mechanics...

    If there's something that can take 3 years to drop, then don't add it. These folks will beat themselves to death for Months to get a gun they'll be ultimately bored of in less than 50 hours.

    Lich should come with a personal therapist to work out our fixations, or not at all.

    I think what's especially painful is that there is no other gain from current Kuva Lich system but guns. So if the gun is wrong - you just waste your time since there is nothing else that's worth gaining from current system. Convertion is useless and there is nothing else worth gaining from lich grind. They dont drop any unique mods, resources... There is nothing. Only the gun.
    And further you progress with getting the guns that you need (right elementals, right bonus) the lesser and lesser the chance of getting the next one is.

    First 5 guns were super fun to get. 6 through 11 was a mediocre experience. And now that there's only 2 left out of possible 13... Its just suffering.

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  5. As someone who was on a quest for last couple of months to get specific guns of specific elementals i started to notice that i'm seriously getting burned out on Kuva Lich grinding.
    It just takes way too long to take out a single Lich, especially if you are unlucky with random guessing of requiems (1/8 is a decent chance, but not quiet good enough). And when after that you create a new one and its a gun you just don't need it and your memory is still fresh on the grinding process and you realise that you have to do it again for no gain at all... The pain is real.

    Basically, what i'm asking for, is a booster that doubles murmurs gained from thralls. A pure and simple murmur booster. Yes, i will pay plat for that. Please.

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  6. The problem is that games like Warframe live through constant addition of new content. The moment the stop making new hot stuff - the game will die, because veterans will just grind out everything there is to grind and leave.

    That doesn't mean, however, that DE do not fix the old stuff. They do it in parallel to new content. They fix what they can fix, and fix what they want to fix. Which they often do. Hotfixes exist for a reason.

    Im going to assume their current objective is to polish the railjack experience, as right now there is quiet a lot of bugs and certain key functions missing, like the fact you cant truly finish a railjack mission if the host wont drydock his railjack.
    Personally, i'm waiting for proper solo experience with converted liches as the crew.

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  7. Personally, i believe Excalibur is MOSTLY fine as he is right now, but Radial Javelin is hot garbage and does nothing.
    It deals no damage (by that i mean it doesnt scale into mid-late game well) and doesn't even provide any tactical value, like debuffs or anything.
    I believe it stuns enemies it hits, but why do that when radial blind essentially  does the same thing, for less energy and allows you to guarantee oneshot them with finishers?

    IMHO, 1 should scale with melee mods, 3 should do too and also deal bonus damage to blinded enemies, while at it.
    And maybe shred their armor or something, just to be sure.

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  8. 3 hours ago, Tsukinoki said:

    To add onto this: The other stated function of rivens was to give less popular weapons a higher disposition, therefore enticing more people to use them, while at the same time giving the popular "meta" weapons a lower disposition.
    This just so happens to align with the communities "Powerful = Popular".
    The goal was to spread out weapon usage and try to even it out instead of having only a handful of weapons that people use.

    You can see this popularity in action in a few places.  Such as the Braton series.  They aren't powerful guns...but because nearly everyone starts with one they are "popular" and therefore get a lower disposition.

    Don't know, Braton Prime  is a fairly decent gun with aa status build (all those slash procs help a lot). I have a riven  for it aand  its fairly good.

    Although the  point about the MK-1 starters bratons... Im still curious how  exactly the balancers of rivens take such things into account. Perhaps there's some threshold when they go "huh, this popularity spike is too big... Are our rivens making it too OP or something?"

    There has to be some procedure  like that, right?

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  9. Yes, people play sorties for rivens.

    But i think people greatly misunderstood their function. Which is: making bad guns good and NOT making their good guns even better.

    If you are doing sortie to get a riven for your Rubico Prime - you are doing it wrong.

    If you are doing sortie to get a riven for Karak, Quartakk or Stubba - then you are on the right path.

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  10. Только что, (XB1)BootlegMitch90 сказал:

    the only people praising these changes are the people who wanted prices to drop for rivens they wanted to buy.

    Not true, im genuinely happy that they are balancing rivens to be more appropriate. Almost all of the changes in this adjustment are justified. Im only not sure why did Vulkar deserved a slight nerf since im pretty sure im the only guy using it. Not to mention Rubico Prime is still up in space on power hierarchy.

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  11. What about 3 wages   in a row without enemy scoring in Index not counting? me and my friend and other's in our squad got the mesage like we've done it, but the challenge remained uncompleted (and we didn't got the standing).

    I thought you would rather fix that than your 40 minutes challenge not working in derelict. Who the hell does derelict anyway?


  12. When will you adress the fact that low-quality crit builds do not work on slow weapons?

    Argonak, Grinlok, Latron, Opticor and probably many others suffer and are frustruating to play because of this.
    They clearly are not status (status doesn't work on slow guns either), they are clearly crit focused, so why is the crit chance always so bad?
    If a gun shoots once in 2 seconds - i want it to consistantly deal high damage, not to have 30% chance to deal 60% less damage and barely scratch an enemy it would otherwise damage quiet badly.

    Any opinion on that?

  13. 5 минут назад, ngrazer сказал:

    What the hell is this?

      Скрыть контент



    Currenly my theory is that you're hitting ice and cant penetrate it.

    Although could be just a bug. Fishing in caaves is generally a pain in A... Not enough bait-worthy spots, ice everywhere aand sometimes bait dissapears into the void.

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  14. 4 минуты назад, (PS4)buddysball7 сказал:

    On the status kick for those you who know how to mod a weapon that needs  100 percent status to be good only can use 3 dual stat mods as the elements that effect each faction can only use 3 so if you want to give us mods that allow more status and the elements we need to make a status weapon viable im ok with that otherwise buff the weapons to get 100 percent status with 3 dual stats. then nerf the disposition on rivens have at it but nerf them now watch them all go right on the shelf till the next rework.

    just to prove a point the emblolist used to be a crappy gun with the rework and a decent riven easy kill level 200 oh wait should i tell you that it might get nerf tomorrow.

    Dude. Punctuation. Seriously.

    Your posts are impossible to read.

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  15. 13 минут назад, Lorechill сказал:

    You do know how much effort it takes to farm thousands of Kuva to roll that good riven right? This is a grinding game is it not? Don't be so sour about something just because you don't have it, yet. That's an ugly thing called envy. I used to disklike Rivens. For me they're like flex tape, unsightly and inelegant. A band-aid slapped by DE to the weapon system because the player base have evolved to the next level of playing. But I have come to accept it because I realize that even other older games has this system--Legendary and Epic loots and sets. Have you even played other looters, online or otherwise? DE is actually gracious to almost all players giving them early access to something as power creep as this. Stop hiding your envy under the pretense of balance and equality. Rivens are disgusting to me as is please stop being one. 

    Of course i do. I have 25+ rivens, some of them with 10+ rolls (and with couple passing 50 rolls). I understand the amount of work that goes into them.

    Problem is: rivens were NOT meant to make good guns better. They were made to make bad guns good enough to compete with their naturally better brothers.
    So Rubico Prime and Tigris Prime DO NOT deserve good rivens.
    Tiberon Prime? Meh, 2/5 riven dispo would be good enough.
    Lanka? I honestly dont know. The only reason its became a thing is because its electricity only crit-focused sniper rifle which makes it perfect against radiation-weak enemies (eidolons). That's just accidental niche monopoly by accident. Should rivens suffer for that? Shruggity shrug.

    As for envy: maybe... But i dont think you understand.
    Remember the times when tonkor was meta? During those times... I didnt used it. I didn't wanted to. In fact: i SOLD it during those time. And i sold it after i bought a nightwatch skin for it (although it came in discounted bundle, so i'll delusion myself that it was free...) not to mention a catalyst and couple (?) of formas.
    Then they nerfed it. Then i got a riven for it... And so i rebuild it. With a happy smile. Because i don't feel dirty about using it anymore.
    Hopefully that gives you an insight into my "envious" character.

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  16. 12 минут назад, SpentCasings сказал:

    I get what you are saying, and in some cases like the TIberon, and Inevitably the Gram rivens I -Completly- understand. 


    My point is, the handling of this was HORRIBLE. Very little warning just BLAM thank you ma'am kiss your Beloved Plasmor Good bye. Best case would allow us to keep our current rolls/stats. Rivens are dynamic? Fine, but give us a bit of return on investment by keeping the previous riven rolls, and do this more often with some consistency so people like me who didnt see this coming wont be so gutted. 


    And have some of the changes dont make sense. Supra? Astilla? Plasmor? None of those nerfs made sense other than the plasmor being popular for eidolons? and Being used a lot by Sayrns since It synergizes well with popping spores. My plasmor build wasnt even super-crit-meta or whatever the build is for plasmors that everyone uses. My Riven just had Damage and punch. AND I LOVED IT, because that gun reminded me of a BFG10k from quake. I even painted it black and green. Watching that massive green ball swipe entire Konga lines of Grineer was FUN. Wasn't overpowered, or game breaking, was just pure clean FUN. And it got Gimped. 

    If DE will allow people to just keep their rivens unhcnaged im afraid it will just cause secret power creep among the elite chosen community of people.
    "Here's a very good riven for Tenora. Here's Tenora Prime. That riven works on Tenora Prime. That Tenora Prime is now #1 most powerful weapon in the game and only 3 guys have it".
    Perhaps someone doesn't have an issue with that, but i do.

    As for your personal plasmor situation - i think i understand you completely. But plasmor is simply not the patient the rivens are aimed for since its a very strong gun even without the rivens.
    In your particular case.... Perhaps the question of balancing should be shifted to stats themselves. Damage, multishot and crits are clearly way more popular than stuff like punch through. So, perhaps punch through should simply be stronger on rivens across the board? Although im afraid this would create a possibility for some other insanely overpowered builds... The ones that just ignore the walls and burn it all around the player. It'll be tonkor 2.0 all over again... So i dont know wether its worth it or not. Should we balance it out on invidividual level? Like, check every riven for every person for ever gun personally if its not breaking the lmits? That would be nice. But... its impossible to do. So... I just dont know.

    Did plasmor deserved it? I think yes. Did YOUR plasmor riven deserved it? Maybe not. How do we account for that? We probably cant. At least i cant think of any carefully sophisticated way to do it properly...

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  17. 11 минут назад, SpentCasings сказал:

    Some people LIKE doing that. I eventually wanted 1 well statted riven for every gun/melle I owned in the game. That was my end game goals, with everything forma'd and decked out. 

    And that's FINE that they like it. I just dont think its intended by the riven system, so i simply think that the outrage is misdirected because people misunderstood the purpose of rivens (partially due to DE's fault at communicating that purpose properly).

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