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  1. I actually got more than enough credits from my PT runs to consider it a useful drop. Also, Vox Solaris rep.
  2. Which was a whole different can of worms to open, trying to find people knowing what to do while not being elitist jerks about it. "H Tridolon 60 captures min".
  3. Raids were bad because the hardest and most challenging part of them was gathering 8 people to actually do them. Without anybody getting disconnected, or disappearing during toilet break. In any MMO, any content taking more than 5 people always felt to me like manager's job.
  4. What I like is that every time I burn out and quit the game, there's always something to come back to in half a year or so.
  5. Meh. Rivens as a system are easily avoided. Screw them.
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