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  1. Irradiating disarm already does that and much more. Last thing Loki does in more CC. It's just going to be redundant.
  2. He's still good generalist, useful in most of the missions one way or the other. Still excellent for bypassing spy vaults. But yeah, he's somewhat outdated.
  3. 1) I though the definition of a "world boss" is recognizable enough. Tridolons. Orbs. Mechs (though that's starting to stretch it). While you can theoretically use melee against them, it's pure grief. 2) What are YOU even talking about? There's quite enough guns with automatic recharge, and... the #*!% does rest of this mean? 3) Range is good by default because it's range. It's more convenient to use. It cuts down on movement, it's much easier to apply and switch between targets. Ultimately, it leads to faster kills. Do I really have to spell that out for you? 4) And in Sorties
  4. Let's put it this way. What's generally better, given that both options are equal in damage output? Running up to an enemy to kill him, or kill him from 30+ meters? In every game ever, the balance between melee and range boils down to question of distance from which the damage is applied. And that range is always an advantage in favour of guns. Now think about this - you can't physically deal more damage than the health of your target. 1 weapon can deal 1000 damage, and the other 1 million - but as long as target has 100 health, their damage output will be equal. 100. As long as
  5. Guns are fundamentally more convenient to use. Their few limitations - ammo and reloading - are bypassable in several ways. DE should have really stuck with their guns on "SP isn't an endgame and we won't balance around it".
  6. "Ok, here is one of the most non-interactive frames in the game. Who wants to make a trailer for her just to see if we can do something at least remotely cool with her abilities?"
  7. The melee isn't too strong. It comes with its own set of limitations, like windup and close range. Specifically in SP, close range is a downside. Fighting Infested in melee means you're constantly out of energy. Then there are game modes where melee is either virtually or literally unusable, so it's not like guns are pushed out of existence. The real thing that's wrong with melee is the universal buff it got with melee 3.0. Now you can take literally any piece of S#&$ melee weapon, and for some godforsaken reason it's SP viable. It shouldn't be the case, yet people expect
  8. Primary weapons need a bump to the power levels of secondaries at least. And I've got really tired of Hunter munitions meta. But people thinking guns should be on the same level as melee, or that guns are unviable, are delusional.
  9. I've consistently rode kdrives around pretty much since release, and I honestly didn't notice the nerf. Gonna agree that specifically on Deimos kdrives become bad to ride, but that has more to do with Deimos geometry. The mod does serve its function well enough though both in races and regular traversal. Overall, we're talking about a vehicle that's there for giggles. Its objective function - to serve as a discount arsewing for new players - gets outlived pretty fast, which leaves us with just riding it for fun, or ignoring it if it's not your cup of tea. Can the issue with knockdown
  10. Ain't we an angry random person on an internet today. And over kdrives no less. Real question is, if you're talking from a position of skill, how do you manage to fall from kdrives so much?
  11. Well, first things first - those ragdolls are absolutely hilarious. Second - git gud. Alternative to git gud is a mod that prevents about 90% of falls.
  12. Infested are non-organic. The real source of Infestation are nano-machines - that's why it consumes and transforms organic and non-organic matter equally. So purely on the level of "viruses", Infestation would assimilate the Flood without it being able to do anything in return. Would Flood turn sentient, it would probably be able to employ some counter-measures. Probably in form of mass purges, as infestation is continuously proven to be nearly impossible to get rid of. Then again, we don't really know how sentient the Infestation can get when networked enough.
  13. We've had tennogen butterfly wings for years though. Clearly they don't break immersion as hard as birb wings.
  14. What's really great about that ephemera is that you can pile 4 pairs of wings on Titania prime with it.
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