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  1. New people get hung up on specters just fine. Valk especially. Have some mercy on poor noobs.
  2. Let's all appreciate the buch of people pretending that them pay-to-winning the mod was somehow their achievement. I'm yet to see a single person who got it in a legit way. You know. From #*!%ing operation.
  3. I've stopped playing Warframe 8 or 9 times. Back when POE launched, I actually ragequitted. For me it was never about continuous play - it's about returning to something new in half-a-year or so. Because no matter what they add or fix - it will get boring to me after some time spent with it. No matter how good (or bad) content is. I'm not trying to discredit your opinion, but do consider simple fatigue as a factor. Taking breaks from the game makes it that much easier to enjoy. And it's something a lot of people on forums fail to account for.
  4. There's somebody on Steam who claims he got it for 430k. And WFMarket has a registered sale for 350k. Imagine the salt.
  5. Seriously though, what's with the uneven price? Does the number mean anything?
  6. People dedicated to Primed Chamber, or any mod in general, should be forcefully put into mental institutions, for their sake and our safety.
  7. Ways, like, lock extremely situational mod useful on exactly one sniper rifle behind 3k ducats and random ware rotation?
  8. Good. Then again, i don't see many people farming 3k ducats for that garbage either.
  9. You have a founder icon. Looks like the game kept you around pretty damn long. And no game, ever, has infinite retention. Some time people will simply get bored.
  10. Last time they "got back to the old systems" forums went on fire because "muh melee ruined". What I'd like to see, theoretically, is revisit of damage and defence types. Railjack was a step in that direction, but so far it's an isolated experiment. I'm also not optymistic about how long such a revamp would actually take.
  11. We need to know if he can eat Eidolons. Get experimenting!
  12. Can't make omelette without breaking a few criminals.
  13. I swear, people making those threads are either very new, or don't quite grasp how broken out power already is. Clearing 2-3 hours worth of Void survival was normal, like, 4 or 5 years ago. It didn't take any skill whatsoever too - just a bit of brain usage when forming a group. And our power have skyrocketed since then. Badly. People only stopped doing endurance runs because they aren't worth anything. And good riddance.
  14. People with no jack CAN access intrinsics menu. It's well hidden by DE all the way in the Profile, but menu is there.
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