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  1. Between numerous quests and Leverian expositions, it's impossible to deny that basic warframes are originals. Primes get pimped out later.
  2. Gaze was extremely powerful already. Never managed to pimp my Nukor to the same level. Well, to each their own. I'll take the buff )
  3. Kuva Nukor nerfed? laughs in Gaze getting second arcane
  4. Absolutely worthless. But since each screwmate can max 2 roles easily, I have it on one of gunners.
  5. They were made exclusively to clutter vault loot tables with garbage. So I really doubt it.
  6. I honestly don't know a single one. I don't doubt they exist, but WF managed to drag that kind of gameplay into relative mainstream, while keeping it neither too overbearing (hello EVE) nor too casual. Well, at least initially. Now RJ turned into literal AFK mode.
  7. Did they say anything about future development of Railjack? Or is the corpus proxima level of lame is where's it's staying?
  8. Sure, Let's take hard content and buff S#&$ till that content is piss-easy like the rest of the game.
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