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  1. Clearly the silver-drop forma is the superior choice. What does our favorite con artist sell this time?
  2. Even those have us do something out of ordinary. Unlike Naberius. And no, I'm not ranting, just being pedantic. If anything, I'm happy I don't have to farm 9000th variant of mobile defense this time.
  3. Poison is more flexible, as you can flip it into corrosive or viral at will. Heat on Nukor specifically is a bit redundant. Any elemental mod will roll it into a combo. Out of 3 heat combos, Nukor deals radiation anyway, while blast and gas are hot garbage. I'd suggest fusing it into some other element later.
  4. I think we went away from "original primes" at some point. Definitely with Leverian, who pictures normal frames for his stories. Now it's more like, regular frame is the original, basic model, while prime is an improved later variant for showing off. And no, Umbra isn't original either. Excal is still THE first warframe that was made, while Umbra is created long into the Old war. The whole story starts with Ballas leaking warframe info to Hunhow - which means by that time warframes and tenno were long in use.
  5. And triple grakata as melee weapon, just to bash people with.
  6. Calling it an "event" is still a stretch though. I know we have pretty low bar for those things, but still - this is literally just a shop.
  7. IMHO, "no event" is better than Plague star ever was. Now I can actually get arcanes and recraft plague zaws without running that cancer.
  8. Because they are garbage on every level. RNG hell? Check. Insane grind? Check. Balancing bandaid? Check. Continious salt generation? Check.
  9. DE can nerf Saryn, right after they rework ESO. So, basically never.
  10. What I love about this community most, is that every time something gets nerfed or, god save us all, stays bugged for a week - it's an instant outrage flood. But when DE throws out a reward, that's normally obtainable 2 times per year, and slaps 24 hour-you're-S#&$-out-of-luck-if-you-don't-make-it timer on it, it's perfectly fine. Great. This alert was stupid. Make up your damn mind DE - if you don't intend to keep umbral formas locked "2 per year" behind nightwave, than drop the #*!%ing charade and make them properly obtainable. Because you don't just take something so r
  11. It's not like they need to wait 5+ years for it. Casul scrubs.
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