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  1. sweet fresh content! this will sate my hunger.
  2. I think the fear there is that if you let people who are intentionally trying to be malicious with their intent know when they are being tracked/have been caught that they will find a work around for it. But i do see where you are coming from and think a better system could be used. Also thanks to all the guides out there for helping out. I am happy to see all the positivity the thread from all.
  3. Ah i'm probably too late to see the new 50k+ accounts being made from the accounts that were banned. away for awhile and i come back to a mass ban wave.
  4. scrollin' and scrollin'. All i can think of is why have dispositions not been updated yet.
  5. Well i suppose I'm blowing off my social life this weekend... Hah what social life amiright.
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