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  1. It might be obvious but : - Is it possible to go through your entry again and re-submit it on a later date (before deadlines of course) or would that fall under the 'no reserve spots' rule ? - Regarding the format, are horizontal posters acceptable ?
  2. Granted, but you can only wear socks outdoors. I wish my first shotgun riven in a long while hadn't turned out to be a Convectrix riven
  3. Granted, but the workload is then increased across the board to compensate with little to no down time, taking a break is banned and every position is occupied constantly. It's a twenty-hour survival of the fittest, as people take the weekends off preparing for the next Crunch. I wish to be able to consume caffein risk free regardless of amount.
  4. Granted, you don't get to wish again. I wish for 1000 formas
  5. Big mood Anyway, granted, but you can't turn them in. I wish for a party birb.
  6. Granted, but LoR will demand a sacrifice to access I wish for a legionaire warframe who punches and kick people.
  7. Granted, the sight of a lone tenno getting maimed by 100 enemies innovates Steve to revamp warframe into warframe royale, 100% pvp, rendering the argument inapplicable. I wish I could draw better.
  8. Granted, all the newest l00t are then stuffed into new game modes and left to bleed dry until the next one comes out, rinse and repeat. I wish for a rap battle between every named character in game. Clem gets a pass since he wins by default.
  9. Granted, those last posts are now not as confusing as the latest ones after this one. I wish I understood what I just typed
  10. Drats Granted, star chart is now officially a ghost town, as people soon to discover the freedom of doing missions at their own pace without interference or judgment. Truly a haven. Speaking of which, I wish moon spy sorties are more frequent.
  11. Granted, all spider automatons are removed. I wish Pablo would rework Vlad
  12. Granted, but the pile of money they wished for crushed their legs and they had to use them all up on surgery. I wish for kickass battle music to play in the background whenever I do boring mundane things.
  13. Granted, the event droprate now reduced to 0.4%, but the infested and space zit remain roaming the plains at all time. I wish for money to fall from the sky and crush me.
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