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  1. Almost three years and counting, waiting for a Console to PC transfer.
  2. Just need that Console to PC transfer then I will have three (or more) years worth of content I will finally get to do.
  3. Agreed, redoing 3000 hours worth of grind is just something I refuse to do. I will gladly spend more time and money on this game again once I get most of my stuff from Xbox to PC.
  4. Account migration is always an option, less complicated that Cross Saves/Play, just need agreements with everyone.
  5. Same boat as you, around 2500 hours is not something that can be easily re gained. I do not mind losing plat, tennogen, console exclusive stuff, and/or rivens if it means bringing over the more time consuming things to PC. With the next gen consoles coming around the corner now or soon is the best time for another migration but this time to any system or at least console to PC.
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