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  1. Okay so how many time this happened to you: "jezus pork buting christ 1 cant take no more of this grind a repetitiveness" Well you are not alone a bunch of tenno like you are feeling burned-out and it can be avoided slash rectified 1)To avoid burnout a)When you are playing warframe, remember, we have mission variation for a reason, so u don`t get bored, with that said make sure that you play a variety of missions b)Don`t grind for too long, constant grinding can take the toll on any tenno heed my words, how many ballisticca or whtvr prime limbs turns a man alcoholic? 35 2)To cure burnout a)Play something else, this is not a cliche answer it is the solution, and only comeback if you want to. b)Don`t think about warframe, how many times you got tired of it, and 5 mins later u wanted to play again only to realize that u don`t actually want to play it and u just got in this constant limbo of love-hate relationship w/ warframe. c)Content Drought, it exists make sure that u tell DE what u want, bc if we don`t communicate then we won`t have a change t
  2. We have such a wonderful community.
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