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  1. I will agree with this point, and also add that even the devs themselves have openly admitted that conclave is in a crap place. If I recall, I remember it being mentioned in one of the devstreams waaaayy back when the current conclave system was new that they realized the old rail fights were a bit more liked? (someone feel free to correct me if I am wrong about it being mentioned by the team about the rail combat specifically, but I definitely remember seeing more positive stuff about the rail combat than ever seeing about conclave in terms of in game stuff.)
  2. The thing about shield gating is, we did get it... in the form of hildryn. DE actually said when she launched that she was going to be a test for the popularity and effectiveness of shield gating in a live situation. After seeing how well it worked, they still ultimately bailed on the idea and left it exclusive to her as a passive. (which personally I disagree with, especially since they repeatedly stated they were going to implement it later after how supposedly well it worked with hildryn)
  3. It does suck. The entire idea of pvp in warframe sucks. (I have played conclave a fair bit. If you're just starting out you're going to get pummeled constantly regardless.) The reason people say it sucks is because of the fact that if you haven't been doing it since it was introduced, you're going to invariably end up faced against those who have, who will constantly trounce you and suck all the fun out of it, which will make you hate it more than just hearing that it sucks from some rando on region. IF, and that's a big if, DE can actually get it balanced, or better yet just completely level the field (say restricting it to be focused solely on gunplay rather than frames), then the mode would be vastly more entertaining and fairly received.
  4. It's eating less ram than ever before on my system. Might check into your settings everywhere and double check that something hasn't gone stupid. also, to clarify, i'm not running on a super expensive rig. I'm running this on an older low end laptop. (and I can run it at max settings, albeit around 15 fps. 75% resolution scaling nets me a comfortable 30.)
  5. No. This does not need to happen. Disruption is already tedious and unfun for a lot of folks at current because the overly borked scaling of jupiter rework and orb vallis enemies resulted in "if you aren't meta you can't play" which in warframe translates to "can't drop 300 dollars on the top tier rivens and haven't spent every credit earned from your 600 hours in the steaming garbage that is index into every mod you own? you don't get to get to play the content then" Level 40 enemies is fine. It makes the mode available for people who don't or can't waste money on being boxed into one of the four "always the meta" frames. It should stay that way for once rather than catering to meta crowds yet again. The problem becomes even worse if you are stuck playing solo because of previously mentioned issues.
  6. It isn't just ember. Any frame using default skin will have previewing issues. Default helmets won't properly change to new helmets either, but previewing helmets will allow you to preview skins normally. (provided you change to a non default helmet, otherwise the default helmet clips through) edit: Anything that has it's own shoulder/leg/etc armor parts for the skin (wukong deluxe, frost, and oberon all three as main offenders) will equip their respective armor pieces to your frame even without having bought the skin in question when attempting to preview.
  7. If you already own and are using a different skin on a frame, say for example.. oberon feyarch or blade of the lotus, you can preview other skins on that frame just fine. It seems to be an issue ONLY if you are using the default skin on something. That isn't to say it's okay, we should be able to preview things, but at least it's a bit of an explanation.
  8. Ether daggers aren't utilizing the energy colors correctly. They just show up as black anywhere except when choosing energy color. Also, you guys acknowledge that nullifiers are pretty much universally hated and a generally crappy idea, so can you do the right thing already and just gut them from the game instead of making them even more annoying and plentiful?
  9. or they could just remove the forma requirement entirely, and it would alleviate a great number of these issues relating to the secondary color being defaulted. (what they should have done in the first place, imo.) Get rubico prime, mod for crit and radiation. Proceed to laugh at pretty much everything in existence. Standard rubico might need some help, but rubico prime is plenty strong enough without a riven.
  10. It's different from frames in the fact that itzal causes things like players joining into public squads and getting immediately kicked because the host was itzaling around and cleared the mission before the loading screen finished.
  11. disable bloom instead for the white bars. Neither is a viable "permanent" solution, and so it needs to be addressed asap.
  12. I am glad to see that actually addressed. I have no problems with people in general, I just did not want to see a system designed around helping have an opening for grief due to an easily "skipped over" detail, so to speak. I make rather extensive use of the ignore list in game whenever I do have a problem with specific players. So thanks, letter for replying to my post and clarifying a bit.
  13. While I can appreciate wanting to give helpful players a way to be recognized, you guys should also carefully think about how easily a system like this is going to be abused. Things like "Oh this MRx player is my group and thus I think it's a problem because they are always <y thing> so they get a bad 'tick" or whatever have you. Other examples: "Not chroma/saryn/other meta frame" or "used limbo". I am by no means saying the system should not be implemented, I do think it needs to be -heavily- examined before implementation, and potentially limited to ONLY allowing -positive- feedback if the intent is genuinely aimed at honoring those who helped.
  14. Can we also get a fix for bloom having the blinding bars on the right and bottom of the screen? You guys seemed to not find/fix that one.
  15. 1. no. 2. no. 3. no. 4. no. 5. Rivens were put in place designed around being a fluctuating thing, you and everyone complaining should have expected things would change. God tier rivens being unchanged from one point but not others would be wholly unfair and basically a repeat of what arcane helmets once were/still are for some cases. It would lead to a small handful of people having absolute power over the game because they had these god tier rivens that nobody else could possibly obtain, and that is not something that should happen. Yeah, you dumped a lot of time into the CHANGING THING THAT EVERYONE KNOWS CHANGED. and possibly sunk a fair bit of real money in. You knew the risks. Everyone did. You can't go into a casino and demand that you get winning rates just because you were there at opening while everyone be subjected to random chance.
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