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  1. forgot a couple zeros for that. 100-150 ping has no stutter/rubberband for a lot of folks. You only really start seeing rubberbanding at 250+. If you do experience it at that point, then the problem may not be the other people, but you. (The 100-150 that is.)
  2. You can hit MR21 knowing nothing other than "point gun and click" with the occasional "press number for ability". That is the basics. What you refer to is knowing how to properly mod, which is a learned skill that not even the "elitists" know anymore due to the prevalence of the same cookie cutter builds due to the way the meta has come to shape up.
  3. So... the refinement system. You just described the refinement system with needless clicking and loss of relics.
  4. From what I recall, they said when they first showed off wisp's animations that her movement cycle (running/walking/dashing) were going to be unique to her. I haven't seen any notice of this changing as of the most recent devstream.
  5. It's a bug that has been happening for a long while now. Check if you have legacy color palettes enabled under the gameplay options menu, and if any of the colors you are using/have favorited are in the palettes affected by this option. Ever since chimera prologue, that option has been malfunctioning, and DE has basically completely ignored it, despite it affecting and frustrating so many people.
  6. Fortuna vox solaris rep is easier than ever now. Find someone with thermia, go farm exploiter, get 11k rep per exploiter toroid handed in. Save the other toroids for important things. And while farming the exploiter toroids, you also get tons of fortuna gems/fish bits/etc, some of which can also be turned in for rep with solaris united. If thumpers gave sentient cores, they'd be roughly equivalent in terms of freedom of progression options. (eidolons are stupid primarily because of the arbitrary idiocy that is <must have x tricaps to "deserve" eidolon runs>)
  7. DE, I know you guys were all hyped to get us dual energy, and you've been trying to "fix" the bugs. One of the inherent problems, and it shows on attachments -still- is that the secondary energy color is always "default" until the player changes it. The problem is, with attachments in particular, you cannot forma them. The solution is an easy enough fix: Enable dual energy across the board without the forma requirement, so that we can actively change. A lot of the issues happening with the dual energy currently are happening on people who for whatever reason or another don't have things forma'd or are using deluxe skins(which have problems of their own that need addressed in this debacle). Basically: Dual energy was completely and totally -not- ready to be shipped. My suggestion is posted above, but for clarity I shall repeat it here: Remove the forma requirement from dual energy and it will fix a fair portion of your current problems with color mismatching after this most recent hotfix.
  8. or they could just remove the forma requirement entirely, and it would alleviate a great number of these issues relating to the secondary color being defaulted. (what they should have done in the first place, imo.) Get rubico prime, mod for crit and radiation. Proceed to laugh at pretty much everything in existence. Standard rubico might need some help, but rubico prime is plenty strong enough without a riven.
  9. Up until this most recent patch, archwing enemies were moving entirely too fast across the board and it was breaking stuff. It honestly made archwing missions even more tedious than they already are. I would rather have the slower enemies, even as someone who loves archwing. It is not a mode that gets benefit from having fast enemies. So far as the capture points for arch intercept... when archwing first launched the archwing enemies could insta cap the towers by just looking at them, and it honestly made the whole mission type feel dreadful. Especially since the visual link wasn't there at the time and thus it was impossible to tell who was targeting the tower in that split second.
  10. There's a few frames suffering from this, and the dual colors malfunctioning. Steve said it was gonna be fixed tomorrow, so hopefully it does actually get fixed. XD
  11. Phoenix studios is handling this aspect with an interesting idea: They are attempting to fix it so that whatever plat you buy is restricted to the platform it was bought on, while still allowing cross progression. That would solve a huge part of the plat sales issue, however it wouldn't solve other aspects of cross progression, so I agree with the general statement of "don't get your hopes up". They'd have to have all versions patching at the same time, which would ultimately cause problems given how often they tend to hotfix after new updates versus how long cert tends to take for console versions. There are some actual technical issues related to this for DE as well, though I can't think of them offhand.
  12. The problem is, pretty much everyone hates the profit taker because even -after- the nerfs, it's knockdown city and a bloody tedium to deal with the stupid shield rotation crap. Absolutely nobody wants a repeat of that. And exploiter/thermia fractures were basically an apology for the level of utter crap that the grind was. (still doesn't rectify the horrible arbitrary gating crap that is standing caps being tied to MR level.)
  13. Valkyr screams, umbra screams, chroma... roars? So it isn't like there's no precedent for warframes making noise, and the entire storyline of the sacrifice kinda directly confirms that they should be able to make noises. So... yeah. I agree that the wolf howl emote should have a sound. If nothing they could use umbra/valkyr howl soundbytes and alter them to suit each frame better.
  14. The problem with shockwaves is they also tend to come with knockdown, which the vast majority of the playerbase absolutely despises. (Check the threads about profit taker when it first went live to see exactly how much hate there is for it.) Also, futuristic space shooter, technically the force of an arch gun coming into our hands even in the warframes should knock us flat on the ground, bullet jumps should ragdoll enemies like they weighed nothing given how fast we are supposedly moving when executing it, and several other things that are just kind of nonsense for how much nothing they are. Sometimes "realism" isn't worth it because it will annoy more players than it will make happy, and this is one of those cases, or at least that is how I seem to have seen based on feedback in regards to the various forms of knockdown and "shockwaves" currently in game.
  15. You... you're joking right? She makes literally anything within range of her 3 immune to anything but melee, her 2 knocks things away from places you don't want them, her 4 can be a bit chaotic, but it's great for status and minor CC, building for her 3 gives you some ridiculous travel ability with her 1 which also has an accompanying knockdown inducing slam to anything in it's range. I have a fairly subpar zephyr build I'm sure and she still is one of my go to frames for just about any content that isn't against infested on a defense tile. imo she has far more uses than volt. Mobility isn't her strong suit in closed maps, strictly because of her floaty gravity mechanics and how her abilities work. Basically look to zephyr and speed volts if you wanna see why k-drive in regular missions is a garbage idea. The problem isn't that zephyr isn't useful, it's that so many people get told she isn't that they never give her a proper shot, primarily because everyone expects meta frames like umbral inaros/chroma/shield volt/trin/saryn. She will really shine for the gas city rework, given how much focus on aerial traversal they seem to have put into it, which hopefully will show people how great she can be at other things too.
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