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  1. Rerunning the Demo rooms is cool, I just REALLY hope they don't expect us to attend them to get the armor
  2. What about Me sitting in an empty relay waiting for the Armor ? Am I getting that ?
  3. So if I can't get into the relay during the main event or I get booted for connection problems am I just Screwed on getting the Armor ?
  4. Okay so this is just a big Nerf to Glaives... Their normal combo attacks are already janky and a pain to use so it encourages throwing them over ever using them as a real Melee Weapon. For me this is fine because I prefer to focus on throwing but for people that want to fight blade to blade not so much. But now It's going to take me Longer to charge my throw because you couldn't have just made the Heavy attack the throw and the Light attack the combo? 0.6 to 1.2 isn't an increase in speed it's a decrease and doesn't seem to address the problem that fast attack speed well trigger accidental quick throws and just hurts players that focus on Heavy throw builds. The Primary and Secondary Arcanes... Good Idea HOWEVER, those unlockers better not be something that costs like 100 Steel Essence or a random reward. ALSO these Arcanes SHOULD NOT be Separated by Primary and Secondary... they are the same 3 Arcanes for both... it make sense Current Arcanes have a separation because you equip them on the Warframe so how else would you choose it functioning for Primary or Secondary... But these are going into the Weapon ... there is no reason to have to farm 42 Arcanes just so you can have 2 maxed arcanes of the same nature for big guns and small ones. If you insist on this being the case than I REALLY hope you buy these and they aren't random... and if you do buy them I really hope like the unlockers they aren't super expensive because 21 x 6 = 126 ... if each of them are even 50 Steel Essence that's 6,300 ... I love this game but I'm not going to smash my face into Steel Path long enough to get that much Steel Sponduli to buy all that Plus the unlockers for more than one gun
  5. Thankies for the Update I personally would preferred a Toggle for Gara to have the Glass on always and never ... I know she is the Glass frame but the glass doesn't color well and I much prefer her body shape without all the glass covering it... Plus that lattice gooy glass skirt thing is just... ugh But whatever
  6. Thank you for the hotfix any word on when the Bishamo Armor is going to be de-coupled from operator gender?
  7. Thank you for the hotfix any word on when the Bishamo Armor is going to be de-coupled from operator gender?
  8. Thank you for the Update ! When are you going to decouple the Bishamo Armor from our Operator's Gender ?
  9. It's called the royal everyone, as in not literally EVERYONE , but a large majority of the people commenting on it. And why would you hope they never do this ... it would literally not affect you if you are happy with the armor you are wearing, you just not buy the opposite gender's armor
  10. I could but that's not really the point, Everyone asked for it to not be coupled to gender, DE said they were going to decouple it, ... When is it coming
  11. Well it is of course a matter of opinion, but either way it's still a question of when are we getting the armor so either gender using either version
  12. Yeah, I just really wonder WHEN they are going to get to this ... doesn't seem like it's be that hard to make it happen
  13. YES ! This would definitely be a good place to start
  14. When is this going to be decoupled from gender ? The Male version looks so bad compared to the Female version... and I remember you getting a lot of feedback saying the same and you saying it was going to be separated from your operator's gender so we could have both if we wanted. Just wondering when that is supposed to be coming, because it doesn't seem like that hard of a change... I mean I could be wrong of course
  15. Would it be possible to get some more skins for the Arrows that look like ... Arrows ? Like thinner shaft small normal looking fletching and tips that look like blades and not boxes or corndogs or little guillotines Something like the Paris Arrows or the ones on the Dryad skin
  16. Why is there only ONE SnS weapon that is ACTUALLY a Sword and Shield ? The Sigma & Octanis is the only one that is an actual sword. The Silva & Aegis is a knife with a flame extension so it's close to a sword but then the prime version is a mace ??? Cobra & Crane is more of a bladed club or short spear while the Ack & Brunt is an Axe. Now the new one coming is a Hammer ... Would love to have more SWORDS in the SnS weapon list... or at least a bunch of Skins that make them Swords
  17. Any News on Fixing the Hacking Quick Cipher issue with Grineer Hacking ? Because it doesn't work and I'm sure it's known that it doesn't. Also any News on the armor Teshin sells for the operator being decoupled from gender?
  18. I Don't know if it's a bug or not but can you fix not being able to press the Gear Wheel button during a hack to auto use ciphers on Grineer Hacking ? When is the Armor Teshin offers going to be decoupled from the operator's gender ? Not so much for me but can you remove or give other ways to get Mutalist Alad V Coords ... because it's like 1 coord a day or 2, an hour to make a key saving up for a week then getting 4 mesa nueroptics in a row ...2 weeks in a row
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