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  1. I've been playing since 2014 , I understand that... I do prepare, but my focus is on dealing with the lich which means I need the frame I'm best at using ... I was handling these missions perfectly fine by myself before hand I'm not asking to revert the ENTIRE change to heals on defense targets ... just this part of it because it was fine the way it was before they added alternate ways of healing it
  2. I'm alreadly equipping better Crowd Clearing weapons .. but that doesn't help when 2 or 3 Napalms Spawn in and cover the Pod with fire that ticks it's life down faster than I can fill it and now I can't just dash at it to give it some defense while I go take care of the problem. More often than not I'm having to Solo because Randos don't join in and the majority of my Clan are on burn out I'm already avoiding disruptions, if I tag Defense and M.Defense on there too .. sigh .. I shouldn't have to avoid missions that I was able to do because of a small change I offered a second idea if DE doesn't want to revert the change ... because the main problem is that it's a heal over time and the enemies DoTs are stronger than our HoTs at that level so if it was instant or healed faster I wouldn't even have made this post
  3. When I'm farming a Lich I run Valkyr , she's my main frame and I want to be ready when the lich shows their face, However Currently if I'm in a high level Defense or Mobile Defense alone I'm forced to bring a defense friendly frame rather than my choice of Valkyr because I'm now no longer able to give the pod some breathing room to actually heal , because it's a heal over time and the enemies can out damage it at those levels. So please give it the short invincibility back OR make the heal instant rather than over time
  4. I was doing the Defense Gift of the Lotus and I noticed that I would Cast Snowglobe and the counter would be 100 but rather than taking a hit and going to like 97 or something ... it'd drop anywhere from 5 to 1 ... I don't know if this is just a bug in the display or if it's actually at that percentage. this happened every time I cast so it was repeatable.
  5. TYPE: In Game during Scarlet Spear space mission DESCRIPTION: just Playing 2 of us on the Murex and 2 on the Railjack EXPECTED RESULT: Should have been able to get the Kill Codes to finish the mission OBSERVED RESULT: stopped getting them after we hit 7/9 and for 2 of us the operation link chat tab was blank , the other 2 could see it and talk to people but we still weren't getting codes....FOR 45 MINUTES we waited and then basically being forced to Abandon mission we lost EVERYTHING ... so we all just completely wasted an hour for nothing.
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