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  1. To open straight to the point before I start talking, I really would like to see the Revolvers in this game carry sounds more like what you'd expect to hear from Large Caliber Revolvers and not have them sound like tin can plinkers. So I'll admit I am a Revolver fanboy, I like the feel of having 6-8 very powerful shots and needing to aim but knowing that what you hit is going to drop with a thunderous blast. Warframe Delivered a Lever Action Rifle that gives me the cowboy shivers in the Prisma Grinlok but after all this time I am STILL waiting on a Revolver to fit the bill. Most of the Revolver style handguns in Warframe are more in the low power section and ALL of them sound like 9mm semi autos or 22. can plinkers. Legit the closest to the sound and power I want from a Revolver in this game is the Lex Prime and it's basically a golden 1911. With the Magnus Prime coming I was hoping I'd get what I was looking for, the non prime magnus is decently powered weapon it just sounds weak... So I hoping, even to the point of trying to ask during streams every time the chat was off cool down, that the Magnus Prime would SOUND like a revolver. Well I just heard it today and it sounds like a 22. Plinker with a spacey laser zip filter over it... I'm still going to use it but can we PLEASE at some point get a Powerful Sounding Revolver with Stats to match ? This--> Not this -->
  2. I really hope it sounds like a revolver and not a pea shooter like the normal one. Like why does the Lex sound more like a revolver than the Magnus and Vasto?
  3. Rerunning the Demo rooms is cool, I just REALLY hope they don't expect us to attend them to get the armor
  4. What about Me sitting in an empty relay waiting for the Armor ? Am I getting that ?
  5. So if I can't get into the relay during the main event or I get booted for connection problems am I just Screwed on getting the Armor ?
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