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  1. Dragonofdarkness13

    Tennobaum Message Still in Inbox

    Ordis' Message about Tennobaum is still in my Inbox and no matter how many times I delete it, it's back in my Inbox next time I check.
  2. Dragonofdarkness13

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    Double Axe dude that spawns in like 4 at a time and take turns knocking you over once you start getting up and more than often have NO chance to dodge because you're getting up from a hard landing that you got from a Bounce pad or some other knock down or knock back ... and some Knock backs you CAN'T dodge anymore .. like the Fire Eximus' fire wave you Can't roll through anymore. Point is it's not ONE unit that is the problem .. it's that once ONE gets you knocked over the others Lock you... AND YES .. you ARE saying that to be insulting .. you are very literally calling half of everyone stupid ... and 50% of WHAT IQ specifically ? I don't Care what your opinion is toward " 80% " of the Fortuna complaints ... you don't ASSUME that someone is stupid or doesn't know what they are talking about just because others don't. you CAN'T roll under them if you are knocked over ... If they spawn in behind you and go straight to dashing in the 3 seconds you turned away to shoot a bursa coming for you .. than you can't roll nor is it from your lack of attention that it happened Stop pretending like you're a god level player and remember that Hindsight is always 20/20 .. and if you happen to really be a god level player... than your opinions mean nothing to average players, the "Git Gud" advice is shallow and unhelpful and you're Ego is not a welcomed one an really makes your opinions carry less value as well as makes people dislike you.... So Please if you can not be civil, cease the insulting elitism towards others, and provide anything constructive... than Leave Either way I'm not responding to you again and you can assume any post you make I am Ignoring... purely to avoid Fighting
  3. Dragonofdarkness13

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    SO it has come to my Attention that Someone changed the Title of this thread and it DOES NOT reflect my Complaint as it WAS NOT about "GROUND SLAM UNITS" ...it was about ALL OF THE KNOCKBACKS, KNOCKDOWNS, BOUNCES, LANDING STUN that almost ALL the Units on the Vallas Spam I've changed it BACK to what it was supposed to be
  4. Dragonofdarkness13

    Excessive Knockdowns - This Needs to Stop

    Been playing games since 1987 dude, jumping works on Moa Stomps ... NOT the Heavy Unit Slams and all the Knock down attacks on the Vallas If you're going to be semi insulting to people with your comments, you may wanna know what you're talking about ~
  5. Okay so... I'm an old player, I've been around for a lot of stuff... buffs... nerfs... reworks... I can say that one of the most DESPISED things players have to deal with is Heavy Unit ground slams... Now fair enough it's only those few units and a tiny amount of others that do knock down... DE... I'm very sure you are aware that players HATE the knock down however.... So what possessed you to make Dang near EVERY SINGLE Enemy on the Vallas spam knockdown attacks !?! Seriously the amount of knockdown is ridiculous ... and it's not like a Proc where there is a CHANCE to get knocked down... unless we use precious mod slots to counter the knock down than it's a 100% chance of being on our butts and bellies. I doesn't add to difficultly .. it just adds to frustration and cheap fails... Come on you're gamers too... Y'all have had that moment where you yell " THAT'S BS " at the screen because of some cheap, bogus, move the enemy did ( Anyone that's played Mortal Kombat 2 or 3 knows what I mean ) All the knockdowns need to stop, there are far too many unit types that do it on the Vallas... too many bombs and bounce pads and missiles that do it ON TOP of the enemies themselves doing it... I'm not an Atlas player and I'm so sick of being a Ragdoll in a dyer every time I hit the Vallas. If you want to make it a challenge make it a challenge ... don't make it cheap~
  6. Dragonofdarkness13

    Nyx & Titania Dev Workshop

    Okay , I love the change ideas However there is one thing that's common on both of them and I think it's a system that needs to be looked into on a whole and that is Accuracy. On our side of things the Accuracy stat in the Arsenal doesn't mean much as we don't have a scale to gauge it on .. I've seen some weapons that 55 Accuracy is like pin point while others are like throwing a hand full of coins hoping you hit something ... Heavy Caliber with it's -55% Accuracy seems to lower some weapons with 100 Accuracy to 28 rather than 45. On the Enemy's side , I thought sprinting, jumping, aim gliding, rolling, sliding, etc... was supposed to make it harder for enemies to hit us.. but it seems like the only one that does is rolling, but Rolling locks us out of firing our weapons ..or reloading them.. and serves as an aid to a melee dodge but not for gun play... Some enemies are 100% perfect pin point accurate and shouldn't be ( Grineer Heavy Gunners for example ) and I think it's because their accuracy stats aren't plugged well into that they are using hitscan weapons and that the supposed Movement evade buffs we're supposed to have don't affect them.
  7. Dragonofdarkness13

    Map Issues

    Are.. Are you telling me to do that... or are you suggesting that should be how it works ?
  8. Dragonofdarkness13

    Map Issues

    Press 'M' for map... Okay ~ Well the map is huge and I can't zoom in or out and the whole map doesn't fit in my screen the Temperature gauge I've seen in other people's videos also is not there ... Can we PLEASE get the ability to better control the Map overlay ... Ya'know Zoom in, Zoom out, set custom Waypoints,etc?
  9. Dragonofdarkness13

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    I Agree with this 100%
  10. Dragonofdarkness13

    Daily Tribute Dev Workshop!

    Honestly why not just make Every 50 Days and you get to pick from all of them? Like what if you just want the Weapons and Mods and don't care about the sigils and resources so you can just skip them till the end. OR Have Sigils and Resources be every 50 150 etc , and have Weapons AND Mods be every 100 200 etc OR Have a Token System
  11. Dragonofdarkness13

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.3.2

    awesome thankies for the fixes are you by any chance going to gives something to all the people that spent hours watching the twitch streamers and didn't get ANY of the drops ?
  12. day 1 - watched 12 hours ,,,, Got nothing day 2 - watched 4 hours including Primetime and Unlink/relinked my accounts and watched another 8 hours and STILL NOTHING .. So now I've missed the Crown despite watching the streams day 3 - been watching since 12 midnight .. it's now 4 hours later and I Still have no drops I personally don't mind watching these creators ... that's not anything I'd complain about, But I am going to complain when something is broken >,<
  13. yesterday ... 12 hours of watching ... no drops
  14. been watching twitch for 4hours ... still don't have the star child thing
  15. Dragonofdarkness13

    The Sacrifice: Hotfix 23.1.1

    Training ~ They are received during the Tutorial section of the game and are Low investment way of teaching new players how mods work. They are just the MK-1 versions of the mods