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  1. Agreed! I was Super excited to hear that I can get the stuff from Conclave that I wanted without having to beg people to play it with me...
  2. I've been noticeing some recent issues with lighting brightness and contrast ... things to me are often too dark or are blinding no matter how I set my settings, now this is a separate problem but it's shown me a bigger issue. The way we color our Frames and Gear... sucks... Our ship's choice in lighting reflects how we color them because the Arsenal doesn't apply neutral lighting to make it obvious what the frame is going to look like, but they are also in a pose and you can't put them in a neutral pose without removing their animation set. Mixing the Energy colors is just guess work as it's not 100% obvious which one is the base and which is the highlight and often when they mix there is Bright white spots at the highlight (( Mixing a dark off red with a bright red doesn't make a rich red it makes a normal red with white highlights )) Weapons have another issue that you have to hold them and sometimes the lighting messes with the colors while you rotate or perhaps a detail is under your hand so it may not be obvious what you are coloring, melee weapons share this problem... more so if long or in the case of Nikana the blade is hidden under the sheath. So I think we need to have a better system to color our gear, something that lets us zoom in/out and have the weapons not in our hands but off on their own. also I think there should be a better system for placing/editing our weapon's grip and position when not in use as well as a placement/scale editor for attachments and Syndanas
  3. Nikana Zaw's sheath floats visible even when hiding weapon, the zaw is also not placed right.
  4. I think it needs to be Permanent and have a Switch in your Arsenal or by interacting with the frame to set it to an attack or passive....
  5. I REALLY hope these are Exilius mods but they are sort of proof that we need an Augment slot for Mods like this and Power augments they are nice but totally not worth giving up one of our 8 slots for
  6. you just buy the bait with standing ... new players aren't missing anything by not being able to craft them
  7. So is that Added on to the current random drops from Enemies in certain areas? Or is this just now the only way to get them? I'm confused because you said Added Chance AND Change of Scenery for acquiring in the same sentence .... Because if this is just now how you get them I don't think 1% on Enemies you have to go hunt for is an "added chance" vs Nekros at the Temple of Profit. So could you please be a little more clear on what you mean?
  8. Noticed an Issue with some of the lighting on the plains , Fighting the Eidolons, aiming down my Lanka... the energy beams made it so bright I couldn't see and afterward the screen was almost black for a bit afterward. This also made my Amp using the Klamora Prism just stacked it's energy brightness to blinding levels when I fired it... Also side note , I love the Idea of the dual energy colors but for the most part we can't Preview it ... and some combos don't mix them but rather just dims them or makes this odd White streaking ... this seems to be a long running problem with Flame energies as it's the reason I don't ever use the Pyra Syandana anymore... I would color it red and only the edges would be red and the rest would just be white ~
  9. Yes Please fix this Also I've been experiencing lots of disconnections when on the Vallis lately with no option to rejoin afterward and it's getting very annoying... I don't have the greatest computer but it's also not weak either yet I seem to have tons of upfront lag when loading into the Vallis. A 2nd Also ~ can we get some functionality to Hildryn's 2nd balefire while Aegis storm is active ? Like increased fire rate or a double shot or larger explosion radius , more damage .. something ? A 3rd Also XD ~ Can we get a Melee RANGE stat in the modding screen? PLEASE? as well as a Better Accuracy stat as the current one makes no sense (( Scourge has 100 Accuracy + Heavy Calibur's -55 = 4.3 ? Uh ... What? ))
  10. So... what happens if none of the DataHashes are completed at the end of the event ? Also I just need to say that I felt like I needed to BUY Hildryn with plat, because when I saw that after waiting for a month for her to come out I find out I had to wait for another week or two because she's locked behind standing AND a boss we don't even have access too yet~ I REALLY don't think that's fair to anyone that is Strictly F2P and sort of an arm twist for those that don't mind putting money into the game... I'd prefer to give you money because I want to... not because I feel like I need to
  11. How about some Good ol' Jumpstyle Specificity this sorta forward moonwalk hop and kick shift https://youtu.be/rkyhpyJ1N9k?t=31
  12. Okay , I love the change ideas However there is one thing that's common on both of them and I think it's a system that needs to be looked into on a whole and that is Accuracy. On our side of things the Accuracy stat in the Arsenal doesn't mean much as we don't have a scale to gauge it on .. I've seen some weapons that 55 Accuracy is like pin point while others are like throwing a hand full of coins hoping you hit something ... Heavy Caliber with it's -55% Accuracy seems to lower some weapons with 100 Accuracy to 28 rather than 45. On the Enemy's side , I thought sprinting, jumping, aim gliding, rolling, sliding, etc... was supposed to make it harder for enemies to hit us.. but it seems like the only one that does is rolling, but Rolling locks us out of firing our weapons ..or reloading them.. and serves as an aid to a melee dodge but not for gun play... Some enemies are 100% perfect pin point accurate and shouldn't be ( Grineer Heavy Gunners for example ) and I think it's because their accuracy stats aren't plugged well into that they are using hitscan weapons and that the supposed Movement evade buffs we're supposed to have don't affect them.
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