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  1. So,I'm wanting to make a Corpus themed fashion frame with Volt,but unfortunately I'm having a really hard time coming up with ideas. If anyone could help inspire me,I'd be really grateful. I wouldn't,like,pay you or anything,but I'd still be grateful.
  2. There's been a lot of people talking about the corpus liches and railjack content that DE announced,but most of the feedback I've seen has been people talking about how buggy it will be,or how they don't like the system as it is so they aren't looking forward to more of it. I'm wondering what people are looking forward to with these new additions. Personally,the new weapon they showed off is something I'm wanting. It'll look great on my Corpus themed loadout. What is everyone else excited for? (PS: Try to stay positive here. The point of this thread is to say what we're exci
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