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  1. they really effed up with this hotfix. guess it's a whole weekend wasted for those of us affected by orb vallis breaking who've done everything else in-game. can't squad up, can't find exploiter, can't start deck 12.
  2. eudico says something when you complete the scans. you missed it.
  3. i'm still getting the bug where exploiter doesn't spawn after cave fight. edit: 3 times solo attempts. all no exploiter after cave. good hotfix gg edit 2: 2 times squad attempts, no exploiter after cave fight. fix your broken S#&$, DE
  4. the way blocking is implemented now is a problem. it is impossible to use charge attacks if facing a mob of enemies because the block will keep triggering over charge attacks even if melee button is held, plus the aim glide/block problems mentioned above. i'd prefer if DE gave us the option of choosing which melee control scheme we like. while i don't know how they will change melee combos and channeling (i actually invested a fair bit in a stealth channeling build [enemies killed while channeling disappear, leaving no corpses behind to alert remaining enemies] and i like certain combos in certain stances e.g. vulpine mask and seismic palm that trigger finishers), i hope they give us a choice. if melee 3.0 dumbs melee down to just spamming e, then i don't want it. i'd rather tolerate the 1-2 second animation to swap weapons of the old system if i can keep tactical use of combos and channeling.
  5. nyx was my first prime and i've always had a soft spot for her. thanks for making nyx more viable in high-level content. i do wish that we had more control over psychic bolts though. while the ability to strip armor and auras is really powerful, it only works if there are few enough enemies or the bolts happen to randomly pick the right targets out of potentially huge groups of enemies. if the bolts don't rng the right targets, we have to waste time and attention recasting and recasting the ability. the bolts still have a duration and we still have to spend time and ammo to kill the enemies ourselves. as it is now, it's a very rng-based ability and doesn't reward players for prioritising and actually aiming at targets. if you're going to keep target selection random, allow us to affect more than 6 enemies through making psychic bolts spammable (so we can choose to debuff more enemies at the cost of energy) or give it some synergy with absorb by letting us cast while in absorb, with the number of bolts scaling up (and energy cost scaling down?) with the amount of damage absorbed (so nyx can become a semi-mobile debuffing auto-turret lol). better yet, make it so we can choose who we want to debuff e.g. through changing the ability to be a small aoe where we aim, making it a "psychic wave" like frost's ice wave where we can debuff enemies in a line, or letting us pick targets like ash's bladestorm. there's enough rng in this game with loot drops, rivens and relics. don't make abilities lotteries too!
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