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  1. Seeing people saying nightwave bad bring back alerts, then other say alerts bad keep nightwave, I always had this idea of why not have both, for this to work DE would need to have no limit (or a very high one) of nightwave ranks after the initial 30, nightwave can keep its daily and weekly challenges but add alerts(maybe seasonal themed) that give night wave standing apon completion, 1000 for simple exterminate and captures to 3000ish on survival and defense.
  2. Railjack is in a fine spot now, but I'm thinking about the modular archwing and think maybe the warframe revised part 4 could be a revisit to the current archwings and rework them, with most of the weapons as well.
  3. with corpus kingpin system going to be talked about more in the up coming devstream, what are some things you want to see and don't want to see Like I would like to see way to choose what kingpin ally will help in battle and see if we can extend the duration of them staying. What I dont want to see is more phrases needed to take down the new ones, it will unessecarily extend both grineer and curpos kingpins grinds.
  4. The most recent archwing disscution on the devstreams talked about removing the archwing mission node and/or combining them with railjack nodes. Nothing about modular archwings in a while.
  5. Some where around summer 2021
  6. Thanks to xaku and helmith scarlet spear is going to be easier the next time it comes around, let see how DE handles mesa with Xata whisper
  7. sounds like your lich is a dead man/woman
  8. So now that we have a very good idea of what is in store for MR 30 will we see the people who care about MR riot because it is not enough or pleased because they can do something no one else can On the flip side those who don't care about MR will they riot because there is something that can't do until reaching Mr 30 or will they not care P.s only MR 27 but does now seems like a more worthwhile goal to me
  9. Railjack: first came out loved the idea if ship combat, played the mode on launch mostly in other people's ship, half the time dread playing the mode because it sat in shambles for 4-5 weeks due to the holiday break, the other half loved it until I got to the veil where it was horrible unplayable for everyone but the host, remained that way for me until the revisit where I enjoy the game most much more being able to fuse ship components and not being on fire 24/7 still play every now and then for leveing up and now resources for helminth. Lich: got first lich didnt quite understand how to
  10. Time to replace Mark for death with breach surge, just moving the problem somewhere else
  11. Thanks to the sacrifice we know for sure how warframes are made, with that knowledge I hope in the future we get a quest or event that goes more into the stalker on how he came to be, maybe who he is. And how/who the acolytes join him.
  12. So the first time we were given a name to TMITW was by Rell, I took it as rell was being communicated to by 'wally' telepathically and rell didnt fully understand how it was happening and could of thought it was like the walls were talking to him hence the name. But now we got grandfather over here giving him the same name. This adds some detail that in the void he does look literally like a man fused into a wall but why, could it be some prison?
  13. Xaku, so they will look at void damage more seriously and maybe rework it
  14. Your friendly reminder to have an early lunch today with konzu
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