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  1. DarkRuler2500

    Kavats and mining

    Got that issue alot too. Just make Kavat stand exactly behind you when you mine.
  2. DarkRuler2500

    K Drives and Extraction zone [Fixed!]

    It is a bug. It also applies to archwings as well!
  3. DarkRuler2500

    Twitch drops broken?

    I think its buggy since so many people watch it. It worked in the beginning but then friends told me that they weren't getting anything at all anymore.
  4. DarkRuler2500

    How good is this Bronco riven?

    1st stat is useless and 2nd pretty much too, since it is already quite fast. The last is quite good but that alone wont make this riven worthwhile. Try to get Multishot, SC and some damage and you might be able to sell it.
  5. DarkRuler2500

    Twitch drops are not dropping and need changing

    I understood "chance" like "opportunity". I just came back from work and got plenty of stuff for letting my twitch run afk 😄
  6. DarkRuler2500

    Biggest joke ever: Riven Cache

    This is wrong. I opened melee rivens that i have obtained before cetus and got Zaws from it.
  7. DarkRuler2500

    How should I build the sobek with this riv

    Sry that riven is useless. I would roll further or buy a better/unrolled one. MS, SC, FR, +Projectile Speed are nice things on Sobek in my eyes.
  8. I agree to this. Make 99% great again: 😛
  9. Based on the fact that the differentn weapons use the same base-animation sets and thus can be molded onto other weapons of the same type.
  10. I really love my Rakta Cernos but sadly I love the Paris Abra Skin which only applies to Paris. I like my Vaykor Sydon but the Orthos Tekelu Skin looks so good. And I adore the Teng Dagger skin and would like to see them on the dual daggers too. Many weapon skins are only equipable on very specific weapons. However it should be easily doable to transfer them to weapons of the same or similar classes. This would probably also increase the amount of platinum spent on these skins if you can use them on more weapons. DE, can you make it happen?
  11. DarkRuler2500

    Archwing Launcher Resource Refund

    Cuz they were needed in the plains to move fast. So why not stockpile?
  12. DarkRuler2500

    Matzan481 Workshop Trinity (WIP)

    Looks quite good but i really would like to see how it would look with more "decent" colouring.
  13. DarkRuler2500

    Lost 5000+ plat. is it a bug?

    There are most likely 2 reasons @Bledicus You have purchased platinum from unofficial pages. Since DE doesn't suppose those purchases, the platinum was deleted. You have sold an item to another player who has bought platinum from such pages or who has reversed a purchase from official pages due to bank rebooking. Since the original platinum purchase was revoked, your platinum is gone as well. Anyway... i hope you will manage. @Gussygoose Its rather offensive that your directly claim someone's guilty without proof.
  14. DarkRuler2500

    Burston Solstice Skin still bugged

    The Burston Solstice Skin causes the 2nd hand to glitch inside the weapon's model. It's been inside since the skin was released. Please fix it. I really like my Burston Prime but without the skin, its ugly as f***.
  15. DarkRuler2500

    Bad computers

    I would like that too but not only on Cetus but also relays and (in future) Fortuna too.