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  1. I would not disagree with that. Miter 2.0 🙂
  2. You missed my threats point entirely @Firetempest The main reason why we cannot have two pets active right now is because of the management through the incubator. Because DNA degrades over time (even though its almost neglible because of the Companion Incubator Upgrade) having two pets active with degradation would not work unless they would change the entire base. If the pets were "free" from this system they would no longer need to be stased in the first place and choosing freely between them would be much more comfortable.
  3. There are loads of companions in Warframe but I am sure most of you use either Smeeta Kavat (for Charm) or Adarza Kavat (for Crit Buff). Kubrows seem to have lost their purpose as well as the Helminth Charger (if it ever had any). The main reason might be because the cats' buffs are very potent but I also think that DNA degradation is another reason too. You can only have one pet unstased and it will constantly loose health until it perishes. If you decide to swap your pet it will be deleted from your loadouts and has to be reequipped manually on returning to the original pet. My ideas would be: Allow us to create a one-time usable that can be given to a pet that will make them unstased at all times and that will freeze their DNA stability at 100%. This item could optionally be market only too... i would not care, as long as it exists. My hopes would be: To see more diverse pets... e.g. Kubrows and Helminths using their unique effects in actual gameplay. 🙂
  4. That would be even better. I hate every fist stance but would love to use Claw stances. 😮
  5. You can get lower-quality specters by being "sloppy" in rescue. Trigger the alarm and dont kill all wardens and you should get a vapor spectre blueprint instead. You're just too good.
  6. I remember the times where Boltor Prime was the strongest rifle in the game by a large margin. Power-creep sure is real 😄
  7. We could try later what happens if I invite you to my Clem mission?
  8. When I play with the elemental frames i often notice some weird calculations in combination with the infusion augments. Mods like Fireball Frenzy, Flash Accelerant, Smite Infusion all seem to use less than the modded strength for their effects. In the following image i show you 199% Fireball Frenzy bonus and 99% Flash Accelerant bonus despite having 200% strength (30%+55%+15% from Intensify, Transient Fortitude and Power Drift). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1887074996 Could you please have a look at this @DE
  9. 1.) Go for Damage, Multishot, Critical Chance and Critical Damage. The rest can be filled with elemental mods. Since the physical damage is evenly spread, +dmg mods there wont do too much. 2.) A forma can polarize a slot and mods that are put into "correct" polarized slots have halved costs. Later you will have mods that cost 18 or more drain and then halving them is a necessity. 3.) Hydron... sadly Hydron is unbeatable by a large margin. Wish there were an alternative though.
  10. Would love that. Only taking Smeeta to missions cuz of Charm and not for fighting at all.
  11. They probably nerfed it. The chance seems to be much lower now.
  12. I cannot really describe it properly but for me (and some of my clan mates and ingame friends) the last huge update with TennoGen made something with the game regarding performance. Ever since we have much longer load-times, your FPS is rather unstable and we even have some crashes again. Has anyone else these issues?
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