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  1. Same here. Got the pistol too but no Hydroid Prime.
  2. Then the weapon Cassowar ought to be renamed asap. Cannot stand this name, its insulting.
  3. No primary tombfinger has a radial explosion.
  4. I dont run Defense anymore at all because of this very reason. Interception is much more chilled because you can hold a point each and enemy count does not matter. And if i am forced to do defense, i will take a nuker like Saryn.
  5. I would prefer a Lanka or Ferrox variant before giving Opticor another thing. And no, i like the Original more too.
  6. Rivens should not have existed in the first place. DE made rivens for RNG time sink and to "shift" weapon balance out of their "to-do" list.
  7. some of these dont have Corrosion weakness but Radiation weakness. Overall your build looks good, i think the main "disadvantage" is the lack of primed mods.
  8. Perhaps its just grumpy-ol' me but I really do not want DE to divert their attention on such niché stuff. Mainline updates get delayed all the time and I for one want to play Warframe not CoinRush WF-style.
  9. DId you sleep the past months? Catchmoon was nerfed so hard i hardly see ANYONE using it. The damage falloff is so massive now its almost a melee weapon.
  10. Even if you would have proof, DE would not do a thing. I had proof once and i did not get a thing back when I contacted support.
  11. A weapon that is required for a quest to start. Ofc its showing overusage. DE ... wtf
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