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  1. DarkRuler2500

    Do you still remember NYX Dulex Skin?

    For those who where wondering: And yes, I am looking forward to that one too!
  2. DarkRuler2500

    Am I behind on weapons and mastery rank?

    Are you part of a clan? Do you have built any of its weapons/warframes too? Do you check the market bp's frequently and obtain previously-locked BPs? If all yes, then you should be on point.
  3. Greetings, i know that my thread is entirely subjective opinion although I have asked some friends (30+ individual persons) about what Magus and Virtous Arcanes they are using. The (not so shocking) answer: Only five have ever used a Fortuna arcane and only one is still using at least one in the gears. Why is that? Compared to the Arcanes of Quill Onkko the arcanes offered by Little Duck are lackluster. So far the only required content to beat with Operators only is Eidolon and most of the arcanes are straightforward useless against it. And if you were to use the arcanes against other enemies, well the Warframes are always a better choice. What should change? I would not change much. The most arcanes have a quite nice idea although its somewhat poorly implemented. See below how I would change it. Feel free to discuss with me about it. 1.) Virtous Surge, Virtous Spike, Virtous Forge, Virtous Trojan Current effect. Converts 100% of void damage into Electicity, Puncture, Heat, Viral damage. You cannot continue your amp-exclusive void damage. It renders the amp useless against Eidolons. My proposal: Adds +100% damage based on the Void damage to the Amps damage. That way you can still damage Eidolon and even with double the damage the Amps will not break balance in ordinary missions. 2.) Magus Melt Current effect: Adds +% Heat Damage to all damage effects that do already deal heat damage. Bad effect why? : Because it only helps Madurai deal more damage. All other focus schools are excluded. Proposal: Make it like every other elemental damage mod. Add +% Heat damage based on the base damage. And allow to combine the elements. E.g. Zenuriik electric + heat = radiation 3.) Magus Overload Current effect: Striking a robotic enemy with Void Blast triggers an explosion dealing x% max health in area. Bad effect why? Its not exactly bad... its just that its exlusively against Corpus/Corrupted. Proposal: Perhaps make it x/2% max health to all factions and keep the x% for robots. The effect is really good already... only the restrictions suck. 4.) Magus Lockdown: Current effect. Binds an enemy and after 4s deals x% of the current health as damage. Bad effect why? Because it is current health... it still has to be calculated with armor, it is affected negatively by viral, etc. Proposal: Make it scale with enemy max health instead! Arcanes that i would not change - Magus Anomaly: Its fine tbh, range is ok, effect is strong although it could cast a longer stun on the drawn in enemies. - Magus Destruct: Heavy hitting! That one is very good. - Magus Accelerant: Same as with Magus Destruct. Very good heat support. - Magus Glitch: Good in Tridolon to keep your health up - Magus Revert: Also good to spam your dashes. Tell me what you think, folks 🙂
  4. DarkRuler2500

    Warframe Prime Time #232: Tonight at 7pm ET!

    Looking forward to it... perhaps i'll stay up. (1.am. in Germany :D)
  5. DarkRuler2500

    Bounties aren't resetting in POE.

  6. DarkRuler2500

    No cetus bounties

    No bounties are available and constantly attempts to refresh but fails.
  7. DarkRuler2500

    Vauban is in a wheelchair.

    I am absolutely rooting for a Vauban rework.
  8. DarkRuler2500

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.8

    RIP... now all that remains is Swwaak-Madurai again. :s
  9. Over the past few days I have decided to sell lots of my old Arcane Enhancements but i came upon one issue: It is not clear which arcanes are in use and which are "floating" in my inventory. I have wrecked so many loadouts by selling the arcanes because i sold those that were installed in my loadouts. Perhaps a setting in either the Arcane menu or an overlay in the trading menu would help alot here. Because with so many different frames it is always bothersome, that I had to reinstall them all the time.
  10. DarkRuler2500

    please buff Cryotra's crit chance

    This. And the Fortuna sentinel weapons need a strong buff. And while you're at it... remove the double-mod thing... its so annoying and outdated.
  11. DarkRuler2500

    Orthis prime or regular Krohkur

    Orthos has a larger ranger but the Krohkur's stats apepar to be better. Another suggestion: Cassowar? Have you tried that one?
  12. DarkRuler2500

    Price of Cetus wisps from Quills is still too high

    3000-5000 would be reasonable tbh
  13. DarkRuler2500

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.7 +

    Can you please stop applying patches in Plains of Eidolon nighttime? Its so bothersome.
  14. DarkRuler2500

    An end-game awesome concept by Ashisogi Tenno

    I am against having to watch a video for getting a description of what end-game is supposed to be like. And a whopping 17 min video even less... If you really want to show us, then do a typed summary.
  15. Right now the Smeeta Kavat has six different abilities but they all use the same symbol. The name is shown when the buff is applied but I would like to present some alternative symbols that could better show what each buff is doing in case you have missed the description text. Critical Chance Buff Resources and Affinity x2 Buff Shielding Buff Instant Reload Buff Ablities are free Buff Generate Rare Resource (does not need one since its instant) I hope you like this idea.