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  1. I like most of your proposals. 🙂
  2. All polarities will get the 2x bonus. Thats the effect from Aura Forma. Blanking could be done with normal forma anyway.
  3. I am waiting for information about the drops. No boss without more loot drops. 😧
  4. Wasnt that only during the 1st fracture event?
  5. Or why not just make the energy permanent on? I am disgusted by the obligation to do random boring missions to "pimp my cosmetic".
  6. Hildryn Asuron Helmet had not been inside the Credit Offering of Nightwave for the past weeks/months. With the removal of the alerts, the helmet should be included into that. A whole season of Nightwave without the helmet makes it rather annoying.
  7. 37 Wolf Points now... got a spare set now... 😄
  8. Varazin Focus, Umbral Vitality (Void dmg resist), Adaption, Trinity... the list can be continued.
  9. Wolf should guarantee a weapon drop... i run him 6 times now, 1 head and 5 mods...
  10. Nice idea Besides I am already using Sharpshooter on my Oberon to maintain my energy. I would prefer the "mod merge".
  11. Might be but 1.) Multishot is the best modifier. It outclasses DMG/CC/CD by a large margin. 2.) With 124% SC you can reach 100% SC more easily and this will then trigger the "one status per pellet" effect. Since you are no longer forced to equip the other 60/60 mods you can then go for raw damage mods instead.
  12. The MS and Status Chance is extraordinary good for Strun! Take it! Pure Status Build!
  13. There are some nice ideas to this thread but i doubt DE is ever going to fine-tune these matters. From the views of developers the end result might hardly justify the effort put into it.
  14. WTT my Imperator Vandal riven for a Phaedra or Dual Decurion riven then. 😛
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