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  1. I said it can, I just forgot I had that augment in place so thanks for reminding me. I didn't say her 4th was OP'd just what it can do.But endgame it falls off.
  2. Banshee is solid with her skill set. Her abilities all focus on the use of sound. Her 1st ability can strip armor as well as knock down crowds in front of her. Her 2nd ability paints the enemies weak points for higher damage (there is a mod that furthers this as well) .Her3rd ability allows her to go silent as well as stun enemies that come into the range of her silence aura. Her 4th ability while nerfed a bit back can still do major damage and either lock in place or knock down large groups of enemies (there is also a mod for this that allows her to cast it and keep moving.
  3. I just do them in PUGs...someone gripes I say form your own damn group and shut the hell up...usually works.
  4. Being a noob is not about MR..its about if you know how to play the game and use your frame properly. I've seen MR5s out play MR25s...a lot of these 20+MRs rushed up there thinking its what you had to do. Not being a noob is knowing its not about MR, its about how well you play with others.
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