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  1. Blame DE for making Railjack something nobody wants to play lol
  2. Yeah you're right. It does annoy me. I don't want to play railjack until they decide to balance it more from an endo perspective. I shouldn't have to grind much, much harder just to be able to get back to where I was pre-update. If this is the direction they want to go in I'd rather they just forget about railjack entirely.
  3. I think instead of grinding for endo, I'm just going to freeload on other ships to complete the nodes. The only appealing part of this update was the corpus missions; if DE is convinced I'm going to give up all my endo for this dumpster fire game mode, whew lad are they in for a surprise.
  4. I'm with you. I feel like we've lost an element of what makes Railjacks special by effectively making them vehicles to get to normal warframe missions. You could basically cut out all the railjack portions of current railjack misisions and nothing of value would be lost if, say, you made them into archwing missions instead. What's the point in having a fighter craft if you're just going to leave it?
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