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  1. Main issue I feel is just if the Kuva weapons are randomized stats or a specific preset per weapon. I would much prefer the latter, the former would be another Riven disaster waiting to happen. Since they don't have MR (or so I understand), they shouldn't be too big of a deal, and it could be a way for Grineer weapons to get a "Prime."
  2. Are block animations getting a touching up tho? I feel this is a bit of an issue that's been, they don't really have much oomph and pazzaz to them. They feel more like you're waving something trying to hypnotize someone rather than a fierce block of a serious attack. An example of how it could be for many weapons I feel is something akin to how Cyborg Ninja would block automatic gunfire. Or in case of heavier paddles, something like just holding it in a downward diagonal angle or similar without waving it (we'll just agree that the sheer awesome presence of the gigantic paddle compelled everyone to shoot directly at it), maybe place a hand to support it from behind. Also, lots of sparks. Can't have blocking bullets without sparks flying everywhere.
  3. And honestly, we should just sing a little song for Meme Strike being publicly executed and CO being nerfed, like earlier posted: Ding dong the witch is dead...
  4. And Meme Strike is dead? Are we all just dead and in teh heavan?
  5. This sounds extremely interesting and promising for melee gameplay. Seems most issues raised from phase 1 and that were pre-existing are getting addressed.
  6. Two attack buttons? - Maybe? Sort of? Yes? Well heavy attacks in alt-fire does sound great. Autoblock gone? Manual blocking back? Full melee mode? - Yes, yes, yes. Fantastic news! Air combos? - Yes. Sounds great, should be way more workable than the current air swing. Juggle? - Well, it could work, if it keeps ragdolled enemies from being hit around like baseballs. That's a problem that some weapons currently have. Combo rework? - Sounds like the right marks are being hit. All in all the workshop looks extremely promising!
  7. The thing with double-tap for controls is that like hold button, it is inherently not a good control for what's a FUNCTION in the game. It can work for what are skill-based elements such as combos in fighting games or character action games, but for a function they present more of a pointless detriment, especially if you tie them to another function. This is basically why all the "hold to get on horse" controls are inherently annoying, because a single press should do the same thing. This is why ultimately either resuming the old switch system with added hip shot switch (because this works, even if it does prevent hold channeling, but there's no telling what's going to happen to channeling either) or maintain current system but add for reload to switch to equipped weapon is an alternative, but regardless it is the conflict between function (switching weapon) and a critical function (being able to combo properly, having control over your glide, etc) is why RMB simply has to be taken out of the weapon switch and thus zoom matter. Double-tap is also a worse control for functions than hold is. Double-tap is something you can do wrong on two levels, either by accidentally pressing twice (or worse, letting go of the button too early and repressing it because you want to block in case of this game) but can also fail to press it right. Single button press is ultimately the best way to handle what are functions, and in case of switching weaponry it's absolutely crucial to keep it simple.
  8. The bigger irony there is that the so-called gap closer of forward+RMB is actually SLOWER than just using the forward combo if you have just Rush and Amalgam Serration. The movement lock on melee introduced in Chimera is completely non-sensical and arbitrary, and should be completely removed (since any combo you also want to be used without movement should just be matter to neutral or neutral+RMB, or in dire circumstances backwards or backwards+RMB if you have so many combos to throw in). All it really does it enforce a bizarre situation where melee is SLOWER than using guns, when it already needs to be faster because it has to constantly close the gap. Ideally the relationship between movement and combos would be one of steady modification to your speed, ie a forward+RMB combo makes you move faster than a forward combo. This again ties in with the problem of "gap-closer", because in Warframe you do not close a gap. You're ALWAYS closing the gap. The choice of combo is around how fast it will let you move and if it has additional qualities. Tempo Royale is/was something of a perfect showcase of this, with the smooth way in which its RMB combo would allow you to be faster (and still does, but nerfed and negatively affected by autoblock and RMB switch, and requires a frame like Nezha to "crouch" mid-combo to properly build up speed). More importantly, it's a big wide nice hitbox, it isn't a kick and a poke that are really bad at actually hitting things, when melee's primary need is to hit everything around you. This is another failure of the Wukong iron staff "gap-closer", it doesn't do all that well at actually hitting things in my experience. Melee doesn't need gap-closers, it needs rocket steamrollers. PS: rabble rabble rabble
  9. Last time I used a whip it didn't kill everyone else in the room.
  10. You don't even need a public test server for the changes, just having internal spot most of the bugs is enough. The actual design issues melee had and current phase has are so simple that they can just be repeated over and over again because they should be obvious in the context of Warframe's gameplay model. Simply acknowledging this thread's feedback would have been enough, and simply acting on it fast would have been the correct thing. Destroy autoblock and never allow it to return, scrap RMB switch and never allow it to return, start changing combo inputs to eradicate Hold and Pause inputs, revert the Chimera nerf to melee and moving. Also rabble rabble rabble
  11. Making people play Street Fighter 1 is basically some sort of warcrime.
  12. Directed, aimed blocking is an idea that is fundamentally unsuitable for a horde fighter like Warframe. Just as even sudden sporadic changes in FOV screw with melee *hard* (and just as hard with "aimed block" as they do with RMB switch). It's a completely unworkable as a concept. Blocking was not used much because in Warframe you have WAY stronger passive defenses than you have with blocking, a frame's ability to tank comes from all sorts of things and blocking is only a tiny little thing by comparison. Blocking is not used for real tanking, even before autoblock nerfed it. Even as an emergency tanking function from moving from A to B as a flimsy frame it was not that important. That's even before we get into the fact that active defense in Warframe is KILLING EVERYTHING and not trying to aim at a Bombard to block. But what blocking mattered for is specific abilities tied to it (ie, Electromagnetic Shielding), gliding without a zoom in, and the fact blocking is a cornerstone of melee combo inputs. And those are what autoblock has been screwing with hard. Making blocking zoom in just perpetuates this same disruptive problem.
  13. As we've seen with the current system, it will inevitably be disruptive in nature, except even moreso if blocking would also zoom in. Zooming in during melee ALL THE TIME is even worse than how it can be with the current system, since now that same disorienting and unhelpful effect is happening constantly. Spatial awareness is extremely important in melee, and since holding RMB is one of the key combo inputs it would have disastrous consequences if it zooms in during the entire combo or even just between combos.
  14. No, blocking should not be tied to zoom switch in any way. But having the LMB just not immediately fire is indeed an unnecessary delay or need to double-tap (since the whole point of LMB switch is to shoot immediately from the hip), so IMO the better solution would be either that reload would always switch to "active" gun, or alternatively using the switch weapon would switch to the "active" gun instead of the other gun if you've got melee out.
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