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  1. The jacket just needs to be more tightly around the Operator. Vent Bopper vest and Kubrodon Ventkid jacket are great examples of how it could be done (though in case of the latter, not a fan of the floaty belt). I think there's a pretty simple checklist to getting the jackets etc looking right, which is just can you look through it to see your arm and does it clip with the amp shooting animations (occasional clipping doesn't bother me, but serious clipping like the Harrier jacket has when firing and moving diagonally is kind of a bummer).
  2. Yea the pack's amazing. Only downside is really just that the operator jacket should be more tight and snug against the back and ribcage so it wouldn't constantly clip with the arms and not conflict with your usual animations (ie, aiming through it when moving an shooting).
  3. Yea the jacket just needs to stick to the back, that's basically all that's needed. EDIT: Back and ribs really, since it also clips a lot with the arms.
  4. I think it's not that it's glued, but rather that it's so oversized while lacking extensive physics (IMO extensive physics in clothing in games is rarely worth the effort, it mostly just causes amusing behaviour when the physics go crazy). It's not that they're glued on them, they look like objects locked around them by an invisible force. IMO the ideal situation with the jacket and similar jackets would be for it to just be tightly around the body, ie in this case the jacket on the Operator should cling tight to the ribcage, no gap between the back and the jacket or under the arms and the jacket. Nice and tucked tight, it should also reduce clipping that the jacket has (I don't mind clipping, style should take precedence over clipping), elimate the jacket looking like a huge lean-to tent on your back in the standard Operator amp stance, and would maximize the effect on outline that a tight-fit racing jacket like that should have (a little crop to raise it above the waistline would also be great). The collar should obviously stay as it is. I love the look of the Harrier set, so it's a pity that the jacket is so awkwardly realized. Even better would be if we had a set of options for operator cosmetics (and otherwise) involving jackets and the such. Ie, toggle for using the old bodysuit type look that earlier cosmetics had instead of the current one they have, or a toggle for having Harrier jacket as it is now and have it snapped tight on the Operator.
  5. It'd still be nice to be able to know if you qualify for Tier 3 before it's too late too. I have absolutely no idea how many Wreckages I have repaired, I'd imagine a lot of early adopters are in that position. And I'll add in that making it based on Wreckage, much less an insanely high number like 30, is just nuts. Even 10 is crazy pushing it because you do not need to repair 10 Wreckage to have an optimal Railjack. If we'd have to have a cutoff point, it literally should be MK3s, and just a repaired MK3 Wreckage for every slot, meaning two weapons, one engine, one shield, and one reactor. Or better yet it really should just be based on Intrinsics.
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