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  1. It really would be better if heavy weapons were merged into Primaries, or heck even both Primaries and Secondaries (one Heavy Weapon at a time tho, obv). That's one way you could call it an incentive to obtain and use them, if they can expand your loadout options to such a degree. Due to how unwieldy they are right now, even being able to reload them outside of Profit-Taker wouldn't really make them useful beyond their one gimmick which is shooting Profit-Taker with Imperator Vandal.
  2. In regards to the ground slam and ragdoll, one solution might be to introduce air finishers as well.
  3. Considering how sluggish and unresponsive RMB combos also feel now, it's clear that the autoblock and zoom-switch also broke something integral.
  4. A related quality from the ZoE comparison, the wall bumping animation's got to go. Warframes still have arms and legs, just have them do something to show they are against a wall (ie by just squatting against it to push against the Archwing's thrust), but not get interrupted by it. Jehuty never bumped against a wall because mecha are too cool for that. And because it clashes with having fast XYZ axis combat.
  5. Eh, air combos wouldn't really work in Warframe. Two problems really, the camera isn't made for action of that sort, and perhaps more importantly 99.999999% of the time enemies won't need that level of time+damage investment and doing so would be counter-productive. Warframe's a horde fighter, not 1 on 1. Though I do believe air melee would be better served being a repeating wide swing attack instead of a clumsy single strike. Wall latch melee similarly only serves as a mistake you can make. Overall I agree, but I don't believe any combo that isn't Move Backwards should have movement interference. Simply put, RMB would be vital for what is effectively the core dynamic of combos and mix-up: Forward is overridden by RMB. This is how you can switch up between three types of combo (stay put for neutral, Forward and RMB for movement) and the hypothetical Backwards combo (which indeed needs to do something mighty impressive to warrant coming to a halt). Having these four maps as you outlined form the common input set is what stances need, since these are the inputs that are functional within the context of Warframe's gameplay model. (While I do believe ideally we'd have two attack buttons for melee, it's more realistic to suggest improvements that work within current system) A lot of stances have combos that would be better served being mapped to RMB and Forward, since I agree Pause and Hold as mentioned shouldn't even exist as inputs because they are not in synergy with Warframe's gameplay. Returning to full-equip is ultimately something I feel would be for the better. Melee 3.0 needs to be developed from the perspective that it needs to be a full co-equal alternative to guns. Right now the trend seems to be to try and stiff melee in favour of guns. Rebalancing of entire classes of weapons along with their stances is absolutely what melee needs (another example of this is melee and certain bosses), not being more easily switched to a gun. Ie, every weapon really SHOULD do a wide area, because that's essentially the requirement in Warframe melee, not hitting only a single target. How to do that wide area is only a matter of aesthetics (I for one have zero problem with punches not actually colliding with enemies, heck just add a little shockwave effect around the fists and feet if it bothers folk too much), which is only down to style and creativity because warframes aren't bound by anything resembling realistic human limitations.
  6. I have, they just feel... Off now. Like, really sluggish and unresponsive compared to before. Like something was capping your ability to turn, and similarly the zoom switch is a little disorienting in itself when you start the combo (if you aren't going with just melee in your loadout). Anyway, ideally we'd have two melee attack buttons which would have one or more combo LOOPS each that you can switch between as willed. However, since ideal solutions are rarely realistic or practical, it would be better to instead indeed allow player control to combo input specifics, and with that narrow the combo inputs down to ones that actually possess utility and synergy with the speed Warframe can play at: Neutral, RMB, and Forward (Forward+RMB possible?). Hold and Pause are not inputs in tune with Warframe's speed (and with most melee animations; the only time Delay pops up tends to be because Berserker+buffs will raise speed so high Delay will semi-reliably happen just due to weapon speed being so high in ratio to click per sec) and should not be used ever again, but overall I feel the best way to proceed would be to let the player decide their own change combo inputs to their own taste and likes. Including to use Hold and Delay is you for whatever reason want to. And of course, unlimited melee sprinting needs to be reinstated, no combo momentum alone can replace this vital quality for melee.
  7. It seems to me that RMB combos have all-new control issues that aren't just because of the zoom switch. Even when using only a melee weapon and having manual block, RMB combos still feel stiff and unresponsive, like something is capping your turning and reticle movement. And even with manual blocking, the combos will at points fail to register RMB is being held and you need to depress RMB and start over.
  8. Ideal solution I feel would be to either redesign combo system around two buttons and two combo loops per stance (maybe with RMB variations if manual block returns), or alternatively to give the players control over their stance inputs because currently the problem is that Delay and Hold combos are basically antithetical to demands of melee. Either way this (with restored full sprint melee movement, which is long overdue) would satisfy everyone. I like more stylish, slammy combos, but right now I am left unsatisfied as well because the movement lock remains, AND the new zoom switch interferes with RMB slam combo fluidity on top. It seems to go beyond this tho, after trying out "Sword Alone block" it STILL feels much more awkward and unresponsive than ever before, I feel like my melee hardcaps my ability to turn around if I use RMB combo, and the RMB combos also stop registering randomly and I have to depress RMB to rectify. Me too, but I feel too often stance combos make the forward lunge too abrupt and uncontrollable. Ie, Gaia's Tragedy and Wise Razor basically teleport forward. And in some cases, like Twirling Spire's Vaulting Apex which seems like they should be lunging but don't. There's not many combos that even before movement lock had a great lunge with good input, Tempo Royale being the case example of how it should be because the speeds are perfect even if you're going insanely fast from Volt+Berserker+Vice+Arcane+all sorts of wacky stuff, since it succeeds in the function of making you go faster, slam enemy groups, and maintain maximum control over your movement. Nowadays because of the movement lock, the only frame that I feel fully gets to enjoy melee is Nezha because the burst-slide can provide some of that desperately needed lost mobility.
  9. We really need an option to disable right click switch and instead use it for "manual block" (heck, not even that, just having RMB use aim glide and combo input is enough). It's just too disorienting to zoom when you try and use RMB, and melee aim glide is still something that would be useful to have (ie, if you use toggle aim and use melee for a snappier aim glide). The new system really would need redone melee inputs and structure (ie, two melee attack buttons), it is handy to be able to switch at extreme speeds but the combo system is not made with this in mind. Also melee still needs unrestricted sprinting back.
  10. Honestly, I can't really see that much of a benefit in doing away with the old system, or not making it an option to stick with the old. The new system feels like most of your control over melee has been taken away, with guns simply forcing themselves on you instead. It feels odd to have to aim to use RMB combo (which as mentioned also feel disoriented and off now because of zoom residuals; you can also get knocked out of the RMB loop far easier than ever before now), or having to look to block instead of having a block button. Channeling requiring a new keybind also adds another button to map, while also making it less reflexive to use Channeling for its primary purpose (Life Strike). One idea I would see is if Channeling could be double-bound with Reload instead of just having its own button. Right now tho, it feels like you can't stay focused on what you're doing, whether it be using a gun or melee. I'd say the problem isn't so much that quick melee switches to melee, but that guns can switch you out of melee. Of course, most of these tie in with the general problem of combo inputs. You need to get those swings out as fast as possible to deal real damage, so combo inputs like Hold or Delay are simply detrimental to have. Now RMB isn't reliable either, so stance combos are really Forward or nothing most of the time. I would say that changing from the current system to having two melee attack buttons and two stance combo loops tied to those buttons would be ideal. But practically I feel it would be better to bring back manual block, fire to channel, and other parts of the old system back as an option instead of the new system, or have an option to not have instant melee-to-gun switches. Or at least bring back manual block instead of zoom overriding it. Related criticism: Melee still needs unrestricted sprinting during combos back. Melee SHOULD be faster than other forms of fighting, the current states of most likely being SLOWER is just wrong when melee requires closing the gap all the time. And NO MELEE ATTACK should stop your movement. The new elemental FX are quite nice to look at tho (well, most are anyway, Toxin and Gas don't look nearly as rad as Electricity), albeit it's a pity we are sort of forced to Toxin(+whatev) looks due to only a certain elemental mod being Primed.
  11. I'd say it's better to look at it like this: Do X of Y is something you just need to do within the week. Do 60 minutes of something in one perfect go is a much bigger and possibly unreasonable thing to ask.
  12. Definately seconding non-expiring challenges, it would be far more fair as a system to most likely many players.
  13. That's basically it, a weekly that you have to do for one hour and can fail back to starting point at minute 59 is inexcusable. Reasonable alternative would be 1 hour TOTAL of survival within the week.
  14. Say, one thing I was wondering about in regards to feedback and general TennoGen outreach, did you guys send some sort of notifier to creators about the Round 15 submission deadline? Just curious, since I don't think there's one in the Steam Announcements about it or the accepted items for Round 15.
  15. I'll add to this, having a toggle option for how mutations show up for Nidus would be great, especially considering how amazing base Phryke looks.
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