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  1. Not only that, with 5 forma and 10 extra levels there's a huge amount of build flexibility you get to the whole thing compared to what normal 6-7 forma gets where you're relatively locked in.
  2. It's not really a problem with range and stats, it's a problem with the specific powers. Also, no team comp meta pls, one of the best things about Warframe is how solo-friendly it is.
  3. Bingo, the problem is not that Amesha is too powerful, it's that EVERY OTHER ARCHWING is simply totally nonviable. Amesha also highlights a bit of an overall problem that Warframe has had for a while, which is how completely out of whack relation between player durability and what could be called "ambient damage" (the damage that you basically cannot avoid due to the volume of enemy ranged attacks many of which are hitscan) is, and how it necessitates overwhelmingly powerful tanking abilities or pre-emptive nuking.
  4. The case example of how much more variation we got now is that Fang Prime of all things is capable of killing lv 150 Bombards with ease, and Fists feel amazing to use.
  5. Personally I think it would probably be better to remove combo counter effect entirely from Heavy Attacks and simply try and integrate them as a second set of combo loops (or at least just two attacks that have a smooth execution and useful hitbox). But yea, X Steel's current Heavy multiplier is a bad thing, it has the same type of effect (albeit not to such toxic extent) as Meme Strike. It encourages only using one thing exclusively. Blood Rush has a similar inverse problem, in that it encourages you to totally ignore a part of melee. EDIT: A big problem with scaling mods I feel is that they are just about impossible to implement in a way where they're just right. They will always either be too strong or too weak, simply because of their nature. I also think Maiming Strike as it is now should be looked at some more. Not to nerf or the like, but to change how it works. Simply put, there should be no melee mod that gives DPS to a specific aspect of melee only. These all need to go, monomania should not be encouraged by mechanics. Turn Maiming Strike into a general critical mod or whatever, but make it general if it's part of DPS.
  6. There's still work to be done with Blood Rush and X Steels though, currently the system incentivizes only engaging with the melee mechanics partially. A big problem in this regard I feel is simply how Heavy Attacks and combo counter interact, right now you either want to keep full counter or you want to spam Heavy Attacks without building counter. An alternative should be found where any set-up would be encouraged to engage in using the entire kit that melee has to offer instead of eschewing entire parts of it because they are either active detriments or produce undesirably lower results. Currently BR encourages eschewing using Heavy Attacks (though the general clunkiness and lack of fluidity on part of most Heavy Attacks also does this) while X Steel incentivizes only using Heavy Attacks. This isn't a positive situation I would say. This however does leave us with the problem of scaling mods and combo counter in general, where I increasingly doubt a middle ground is possible. Blood Rush and CO have a core mechanism that makes them inherently disruptive towards other mods. Another aspect I suppose is the excess of mods, which leads to redundancy or disruption. I can't really come up with much of a solution to this. Similarly, I don't think combo counter is a positive mechanic in the game, neither now or before. It's a ball and chain around melee as a whole. It would be better to remove it, and at the same time rethink how scaling mods work or if they can even work.
  7. On the topic of gap closer RMB+forwards, I'd add that almost all that I've tried feel simply awkward to use in some fashion. A good example I feel is Blind Justice, where the pose-slide feels really off when using, it's got a very stiff and uncontrollable forward move but it also feels like it lacks impact so I often feel like it hasn't hit anyone even if that's not the case. It simply doesn't feel like it's doing its job, I've mostly used slide attacks to zip around when I need to close gaps. Most RMB+forwards have this issue, they're too restricted in their movements while their inherent movement is uncontrollable. I'll echo what Andele said about the ideal RMB+forward for Tempo Royale as an example I feel it should go, which would be like the somersault attacks of pre-Chimera August Mesto. There's a good dichotomy if forward is simply sprint speed (or whatever you're moving at), while RMB+forward would add more speed on top of that (again, like August Mesto used to before Chimera). This would create for a very intuitive mix up between forward, RMB+forward, and slide attack for mobility. Or even like Blind Justice does it, which has three different and functional stationary combos besides an awkward "gap closer" (albeit I do have to say that the neutral RMB sometimes baseball batting Noxes far away is while amusing counter-productive). Something similar to the August Mesto situation could be done with Blind Justice, by using the old Heeding Call spinning slash-smash solely as the RMB+forward. The Guiding Light pose-slide doesn't really have a good place anywhere, but the roundhouse kick from Heeding Call used in the RMB+forward could be moved to the end of RMB+neutral (also because it's sweet when stances have kicks or punches mixed in, they should never reduce their number of kicks and punches in the combos). Another thing I feel should be worked on is that stances and their combos need better ingame documentation. Damage modifiers, forced procs, and other effects like knockdowns and lifts should be detailed in the Melee Combos screen.
  8. Proccing status multiple times with over 100% proc chance and counting it for CO is a good idea IMO ("stealth" status procs on targets otherwise immune to status is also a good idea). All you need is just a sensible cap for CO comparable to Crit or Heavy Strike build DPS after factoring in projected proc effects, and some mutual exclusions between mods (ie, CO should be incompatible with crit mods to prevent hybrid feedbacks).
  9. Heavy Attacks need more functions to better integrate to rest of melee. More fluid animations that lock in with normal combos, Heavy Slide attacks, and the sort. Combo Counter could use some more work as well, since right now we're heading to a situation where melee has three monomania states, while ideally while we'd have even just two DPS alternatives (crit and status, for example) what we need with them outside of the numbers is a way for the system to incentivize using every aspect of melee. Right now using Blind Justice a lot, I do feel that I mix up my melee a good deal (altering between two combos and using slide attacks to dart around), but I feel little incentive to use Heavy Attacks outside of Life Strike (if I don't just use Daikyu Amalgam). The loss of the combo counter when running Blood Rush is just too hard a hit even if it's only for a matter of seconds, but more than that the Heavy Attacks simply feel bad to use compared to the more fluid combos+slide buzzsaw. Conversely, Heavy Attack builds I've tried use ONLY Heavy Attacks, since they lack incentive to use anything else. Additional synergy between normal attacks and heavy attacks both in the underlying technique and the stats of the mods are needed.
  10. Fully agreed. The change to Steel mods does give them a certain viability, but it does effectively encourage a monomania approach. While this is not that bad in terms of accepting that melee damage would derive either from crit or status (this is where I repeat that I think hard-limiting interaction with CO and crit mods would be important for balancing just between two types of damage and not have to worry about a hybrid grabbing interaction of both like what happened with unholy trinity of CO, BR, and Meme Strike), there is a problem with regards to Heavy Attacks that they are now more separated from other aspects of melee, with a build using them ONLY using them and other builds only using them to heal once in a while. This is a statistical matter, the question of how poorly Heavy Attacks chain into normal melee due to clunky animations still remains. Right now we're headed for the negative element of Meme Strike (on its own) that it makes one engage with only one aspect of melee (albeit not as limited and macro-driven as Meme Strike was) instead of there being a benefit to engaging with the entire system. Rage Mode and melee Exilus could be a way to allow for full spectrum melee, if you have to balance normal attacks and heavy attacks to reach the "Rage Mode" and Exilus could allow for say Life Strike or Heavy Attack mods to fit into any build.
  11. Shouldn't that you can't trade a traded Lich mean that you automatically Vanquish it without option to Convert?
  12. We should really get rid of the combo counter, it is a mechanic with only negative effects even before we add in how much damage it has done to gameplay now and before once mods factor in.
  13. The problem is mostly in the speed of Warframe. You need to keep it simple because it's possible and likely that the player will be swinging a sharp stick at absurd speeds. Simple input combo loops are the best fit for this, they allow for fast enough reaction to give the melee a certain flow to it. A secondary problem is that because most enemies are going to die really fast, advanced techniques do not really have a place in the core system. Ideally we'd have two attack buttons and twice the combo loops. Not so much branching but more directions to flow into. Currently Heavy Attacks (with a few exceptions like Sword-Whip) are a clunky pause in the flow. Ideally we'd have a full second set of combo loops for Heavy Attacks (and no combo counter malarkies possibly added to by Blood Rush/Gladiator to disincentivize using them).
  14. It would be better to cap CO, but I am inclined to say that yes making Blood Rush only affect Heavy Attack in the current system (I think in the longterm there's a lot of improvement to be done to heavy attack fluidity, since I like the idea of having two attack buttons and two sets of combo loops) would be one way to fix that still to be fully resolved balance issue. CO and Blood Rush need to be balanced with other mods, both guns and melee, and that means getting them in line. CO does have the drawback that it can't work against certain enemies, but I think that's appropriate for it and it still needs something else to discourage constant use like a cap on how many procs it counts. Blood Rush is a bit harder, but a major part of that I feel is that True Steel and True Punishment are so weak even without vastly stronger Blood Rush to compare against. Giving them the previous kind of parasitic relationship with Blood Rush is no fix to that, and only works as a step back in the problem of balancing melee and guns right (now I'm more inclined to say that melee does deserve some extra candy compared to guns, but that's me and I don't think that should translate to millions or even billions of difference in potential damage). Though with all this DE should probably establish a clear absolute level cap for enemies or make endless not actually endless, because it seems some people just can't take a hint that it is ludicrous to think melee should be balanced around levels multiple times higher than Sortie 3 and Kuva Lich, or even four-digit enemy levels. Or that it'd be even possible to do this.
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