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  1. That's why you jump up and use your legs when you draw, duh, that's how you can dual wield bows. (and yea, this is kinda overly complex and doesn't really add anything to the game)
  2. Agree, it's not really something that you can really fix. Roar is just kind of universally useful. In this situation you will end up with a catch-all meta if you don't make everything useless so there can be no meta. But I do think that there is something to be learned from Helminth and what it tells about power balance, the problem that I think Helminth really highlights is how BAD most powers that do not have some sort of scaling effect. Self-buffs like Roar, Warcry, Firewalker, and Eclipse always outperform something that has nothing but a static damage value (and a mild CC) like Ice W
  3. One could say that the problem isn't so much the Helminth, but Roar (or EVERY OTHER POWER, depends on how you want to look at it). Damn this kind of Augment synergy would be rad. Even if maybe not all that practical.
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