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  1. "You'd think they'd clone something a little less... ugly?" Actually makes me feel bad for the Grineer.
  2. I just had this happen too. As you said, only experienced it with the MOAs.
  3. I actually noticed this as well. Shadow Stalker died, and then afterwards did the blade beam attack. Really weird.
  4. If you equip an lich ephemera to an archwing, when you go into a normal archwing mission the effect is far more massive than it should be. Tested with Vengeful Charge, the effect is so distracting that it actually blocks your vision while aiming. EDIT: effect also appears to occur with the ephemera on your warframe as well.
  5. No fix for the EGS skins changing the stats on Kuva weapons? I'm really looking forward to trying out my new ogris skin...
  6. Just had this happen. The fact that I spent 30 minutes doing vaults only to get to this point is insanely frustrating.
  7. Also have not received them. This is the only one I've had a problem getting.
  8. It looks unfinished, frankly. The rest of the weapon is really cool, but the blade needs some additional texturing or something. Either that, or make it transparent. Right now, even with the reflection, it looks....wrong.
  9. Arca Plasmor and Karyst Prime buffs? I'm VERY excited now... the anticipation, oooo...
  10. Javlok and Nav Coords is an excellent addition, very glad to see this!
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