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  1. Very cool, thanks a bunch. The Affinity Booster is nice, I just started leveling Grendel.
  2. Oh my GOD I've been trying for ages to figure out what the heck was going on with the melee trail colors. Never would have thought it would be the Latron skin on my Tombfinger that was the problem. Excellent detective work.
  3. My thoughts exactly. Glad to see Baruuk getting some love. And that Nidus Technocyst skin is NUTS.
  4. Definitely agree here. I'm a K-Drive enthusiast of sorts, and it pains me to see commonly reported issues like this one go unfixed for long periods of time. I was hoping the recent update would fix it but no dice. The yellow energy is getting old, please let me change it!
  5. Same, Ordis is the best. He's woefully underappreciated and underused.
  6. Karyst Prime: 0.75->1.05 Oh man. It's all coming together now.
  7. The Gauss Mag thing is most certainly a typo. But yeah, the Grendel alt helmet missing there has me worried. Please don't forget about Grendel!
  8. Please no, I like Revenant the way he is. Like others said, a few tweaks are really all he needs. His theming is basically irrelevant at this point. He's established now and has his fans, like me.
  9. Still not recolorable, unfortunately.
  10. The fact that opposing syndicates will try to literally assassinate you for helping their rivals, despite the fact that they live on Tenno relays and the only thing preventing murderous clones, insane money-worshipping cultists, and overwhelming amounts of flesh monsters from killing them is the Tenno.
  11. "You'd think they'd clone something a little less... ugly?" Actually makes me feel bad for the Grineer.
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