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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: No kill code received REPRODUCTION: Join random murex raid EXPECTED RESULT: Kill code from ground distributed evenly OBSERVED RESULT: Only 3 squad out of 7 received kill code constantly on one of the flotial REPRODUCTION RATE: 3/5 In addition, the leaderboard is bugged we got different score even thought we all in same squad, one person didnt even make it into the leaderboard TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Murex raid end on its own at 2 murex downed REPRODUCTION: Finish murex one 2 times EXPECTED RESULT: Can move on to the third one OBSERVED RESULT: It end suddenly during capturing the satelite REPRODUCTION RATE: 5/5
  2. TYPE: Ingame DESCRIPTION: No additional scarlet credit for reaching threshold VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Finish the scarlet on ground reaching total 5k+ scores EXPECTED RESULT: Get rank 3 emblem and additional credit OBSERVED RESULT: Only emblem came from inbox REPRODUCTION RATE: just once
  3. Well the last time they made something fun (raid), its somewhat got a lot of bug (caused by lag). Ever since its seems DE choose to make more smaller scale content but with somehow same level of bug as raid. They prob also ran out of implementable idea while working on big things and too much focus on that. Scarlet spear is one of the result, not too fun for vet, helish for newcomer squad (like seriously, how mk1-paris going to do anything much even at ground). And they def. not expecting covid level disaster, giving us less quality stuff to do since they push thing on deadline.
  4. TYPE: [ In-Game] DESCRIPTION: [Railjack mission didnt reward client] VISUAL: [Progress bar didnt increase at all] REPRODUCTION: [Finish the scarlet spear railjack (murex) as client] EXPECTED RESULT: [Client get reward the same as the host] OBSERVED RESULT: [Client didnt get progress reward for railjack] REPRODUCTION RATE: [2 out of 2] Appear to be fixed, but the reward from inbox is wrong amount (pre-patch 27.3.3 one)
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