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  1. According to Wiki (comment section), you need to defeat a Sister of Parvos for the 25th mission. https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Challenges
  2. I'm not sure if it's by design or it's a bug. When I did the SP daily mission Ropalolyst, the health bar keeps resetting. I didn't manage to capture the reset. The video below was the workaround I found after 2-3 attempts to kill him with the canon when his health bar reached 0. I had to activate the canon as soon as the health bar gone. Notice that the bar went full again for a fraction of a second after the canon hit. Another bug is that the specters like the crewmate just don't shoot (same video, but from beginning). Please investigate.
  3. I was scanning some enemies to collect Simaris standings during (multiple) void storm fissure. I got the message "daily standing limit reached" and it blocked me from collecting more points from subsequent scannings. When I got back to my orbiter, I still have 3k+ daily standing limits left. I'm not sure, but I think this happened before Sister of Parvos update as well. Please investigate.
  4. It didn't spawn for me the first time (rank 1, zenith coin), rescue mission Triton - Neptune. It spawned for me the 2nd time (capture, skyresh - phobos). Not quite immediate, but fast enough, 5-10 seconds after exit. PC Platform. Edit: @[DE]Momaw. It looks like if I entered the hand less than 200ish meters from the exit, the Sister larvling won't spawn. It happened to me 4 times already where the hand locations were between 50m to 201m. Video below. I waited a few minutes just to make sure.
  5. How's the wind up speed affect the throw? Does it become "throw" wind-up speed (in a way)?
  6. Assuming that I'd be throwing my glaive (Xoris) 95% of the time, which attribute can be ignored? Attack speed - does this affect the throwing speed? travel time? It's pretty hard to tell with very low riven disposition. Heavy attack wind up speed - does this matter at all (again, for throwing) Range - same question Heavy attack - same question Thanks.
  7. I'm having the same issue today. No workaround since I was using Ash Prime. Please investigate/fix. Video attached. As you can see on the minimap, the other teammates are already on the 2nd terminal.
  8. I haven't played open world for awhile. Today, after the update, I went to Orb Vallis for a couple of Fortuna bounties. I noticed that Wukong twin didn't die when I deployed archwing then landed. He survived! Is this new? Nothing to complain, really. I just can't remember what the right behavior is. But if it's new, I wonder if there's anything else that I've missed. Thanks.
  9. Unleash the power of the sand. O wait, different Gara. Nevermind. :D
  10. Stuck at end screen of daily steel path mission. Keyboard/mouse seems to work, but couldn't do much but "/relaunch". Video attached. This is PC.
  11. I'm assuming you're talking about "watch party". It's possible. Many did it last year.
  12. Yes! I'm missing one sculpture. Hopefully I could get it.
  13. Just need a clarification. "Secondary" damage means damage by your secondary weapon, right?
  14. Just had the same issue after playing for about 20 minutes and host migration. Video attached. Please investigate.
  15. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a step or two here. I have all intrinsic maxed out (command intrinsic 9). I hired crews. The calling thing is on my gearwheel, but disabled. So how do I designate a crew and/or enable it on the gearwheel?
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