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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a step or two here. I have all intrinsic maxed out (command intrinsic 9). I hired crews. The calling thing is on my gearwheel, but disabled. So how do I designate a crew and/or enable it on the gearwheel?
  2. I've seen other Tenno's feedback about not enough reactants. I had that too on my second or third mission. It was Meso skirmish.
  3. I think I had the same issue. Video included.
  4. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Permanent electrical interference throughout the mission. Pressing 'L' key during defense stage brought up the "out of service" message (See video). VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: This was in Pluto Defense node Tried to view tactical during electrical damage in railjack (i.e. press 'L' key). It didn't go away even after the mission has ended. The electrical interference had been repaired before leaving the railjack to go to defense mission. EXPECTED RESULT: No interference. OBSERVED RESULT: Can't get rid off the interference,
  5. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Friendship door won't open because my teammates couldn't get into the ship VISUAL: [This is where you would add your screenshot or video] REPRODUCTION: Host left the mission because of another bug that wouldn't let complete the mission. I don't remember exactly. I think it was exterminate Pluto where Cy refused to open the door. After host migration, I became the host, and I was able to get in, but my two other teammates couldn't. All the enemies died already and I just ran to the green/finish waypoint to exit. But there's a friendship door. Since m
  6. This happened to me to once on day 1 new railjack mission. Just using built-in tv speakers connected to my laptop through HDMI. I wasn't the host, if that matters. EDIT: Actually made a video of it. Was going to file a bug, but not sure to repro it since it only happened once.
  7. TYPE: Railjack UI, visual/info bug DESCRIPTION: Security Node's waypoint disappearing (temporarily) VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Run the new railjack mission EXPECTED RESULT: There are supposed to be 4 red waypoints marking security nodes to be destroyed OBSERVED RESULT: I was able to destroyed 3 of 4 security nodes. It took me awhile to find the fourth one. I flew around and the waypoint showed up again (bottom of the ship) after about 2 minutes. REPRODUCTION RATE: Unknown. Maybe 1 out of 5 missions or so.
  8. May or may not be relatable. But I cannot link it in the chat (i.e. [Primed Chilling Grasp]).
  9. I just changed my IGN and it didn't keep some of the settings when I logged back in. One is the Field of View (it got reset). The other is the sorting of my void relics. That's all I found so far, not sure if there are others. Please investigate. This is on PC.
  10. This is for the song "Joey Zero - 03 The Floof Experience.mp4"
  11. Also, be careful if you're watching it with more than 1 device (i.e. PC and android phone), your "watch progress" might get reset. For example: Starts watching on Android phone at 1:00am Starts watching on PC at 1:30am <- this might reset your watch progress back to 0 to 3% I use Android phone because in the past (drop 1.0), this was more reliable for me to get the drops. I usually use PC just to claim the drops (drop 2.0), not for watching.
  12. Missing Nightwave message for Index Challenge. This was what I received:
  13. It'd be nice if we can decorate the railjack like the orbiter. I want to put my floof collection there.
  14. I'd probably put Fragor Prime on all slots for Mag because that's just funny.
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