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30 x 30 Times Affinity Booster


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  • 5 weeks later...

How do you use these? I also got this drop and was wondering if you use them manually or if they just automatically get added to your time. IDK why they would call them 30x if they just get added automatically. 30x implies they are single use. Which goes back to my original question. How do we use them?


EDIT: Just saw the text at the bottom. So it's x1? RIP

I cri ertiem




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  • 2 weeks later...

Well the only good side to this is... its not really hurting anyone or destroying the game or gameplay, breaking the lore, disturbing the game in any way.

So this beeing pretty much down on their list of prioritys is a good thing, better they focus on the real problems then this tiny ones not really beeing important.

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Pretty sure this has been an issue with the UI for quite a while, at least I saw it when I was Octavia farming. While it doesn't cause any actual issues, it can be rather confusing to players, leaving them to wonder how they activate the extra 29/59 extra affinity boosters. Any issue of any priority should be fixed at some point, regardless of how much it effects the game. A bug is a bug. 

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