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  1. Dark_RRiderr

    Coming Soon: Devstream #122!

    Sadly never can be on anymore on Devstream times so i better ask it now: Any Plans about a new Open World this year? And will it be in Space, an Infested Open World, or is maybe even both planned? Would be looking forward to both actually happening somewhen. Jungle World full of underground tunnel systems with infested all over the place. A lot of overgrown old outposts of various factions which all failed to colonize this infested dominated planet. With some new Infested and a new even stronger boss to fight then ever before which is infested. Maybe even with some new factions of different kinds of infested which are somehow not aggressive and are neutral till ally to the tenno later on? Or maybe a Desert World with entirely new creatures and maybe even dangerous animals that can be as dangerous, if not more dangerous then any normal enemy such as Grineer. Much like the Manta Ray like creatures on Mars, maybe some other forms of subterran enemys that attack from below and come out of nowhere. (Could even imagine a Boss fight like that with some kind of gigantic Sand Creature / Dragon like / worm like thing coming out of the sand attacking, diving inside and coming out again out of nowhere to strike again) Or Open world Space where you can...... sorry i could go on and on. Only would like to know if there are any open world plans yet for this year. Hope i get the answer to this question in the recap since i cant watch the stream live sadly.
  2. I do welcome that you can get standing up faster with the Phase 4 Profit Taker mission and its rewards for this faction. Have to say that. Profit Taker Recources such as Atmo Systems What i dont like is that you are FORCED to do this mission to get Atmo Systems and such and that it is the ONLY way to get them. There should be alternatives to get those and any other way to farm/exchange/purchase them. Since doing phase 2 over and over and over and over.... (which takes about 2:30 minutes with my sadly to slow lagging 5 year old computer) and doing this for 1 hour straight getting sick of not getting any single Atmos Systems (or just 1 time and you need more) and going on next day and still not having it.... thats really not fun at all and really adds a lot of frustration that everything is depend on the mood of "RNGesus" here and there is NO other way of doing this. Phase 2 in General with a computer like mine is stressfull since im having a lot of lag if i try to move as fast as i can from Ark-Wing full boost inside the facility and then jump and move and aim and shoot as fast as my computer lets me with the lag. This is the bonus for me personally together with there is no other way getting what i need. Something not even DE can fix About Phase 4: I dont know if im the only one but its sometimes a little bit weird and appears that enemys have a strange damage spike in some runs. One time doing Phase 4 i suddenly loose about 11k Iron skin in less then a second and get downed even though im casting Iron skin as immidiatly. The other time im standing literally in the rain of missiles, energy and everything else and my Iron skin just goes down like usually (meaning still fast but not in less then a second) Inside Water but you werent in Water One time even had that weird bug i was treated like i was in water (therefore teleported) and of course my iron skin went off and i got downed instantly because of this. Host Migration Host Migrations another problem, you are not protected if that happens, you stand around there while the game shows the loading screen and before you even get the chance you are already dead. Maybe a short invul for that time? Ark Gun Ammo Might be mistaken but i think i read something about 100 % chance of Ark Gun Enemies dropping Ark Gun Ammo? Well, that one time the enemy didnt dropped it (like the next guy...) so not sure if i missread that or if that was only a rare bug. And whoever saw my Steam Profile, its full of Warframe Bug Screenshots (Think was close to 200 maybe im mistaken? Number rising) you might as well give me an accolade of "bug hunter", so maybe its typically just me having that one bug again. I also, like Phase 2 lagging for me, have trouble in Phase 4 when firing my Ark Gun (Phaedra is what im talking about with its high fire rate) which lets my game stagger and lag and sometimes even Freeze, again this is just a personal problem which DE cant do much about since its do to my Hardware. Problems for older computers In General the Orb Vallis is giving my Computer a hard time handling it. (My Personal reason i really dont like the new mining system which has now become GTA 5 Golf... if you got a computer that lags out often or has light delays sometimes, you just cant press early enouth to make it stop. It just moves on even after you released early enouth, and stops to late. On the old system i could still compensate the lag. Again, only a personal problem of me) For the Profit Taker missions this means farming and then later in Phase 4 fighting is even harder for older machines. There is much more i could write about the problems in the Orb Vallis of preservation missions where you always get disturbed by Corpus when you dont need it, or disturbed if you just want to "grind" your standing for the Vent Kids. Just that this is about Profit taker and not that. Mainly done with my Feedback (Sounds more like complaining if i do that but it still a way of feedback i guess)
  3. Dark_RRiderr

    New melee weapon idea

    Dejavu? Could swear i saw this kind of topic before. Except for the Bajonet idea, i like it. Having more different Wrist Weapons/Claws would also be nice. Since they surely dont read this anyways what i write but there is still a chance they do (and an even more small chance they actually implent it...): Wrist Launcher: Spearhead or maybe even an Micro Rocket Wristlauncher that is both, having a Wristblade but can also be used to fire some Micro Rockets, Spearheads, Poison darts or whatever else DE might feel like adding to this category of weapons. (Category: Claws. So you can use the Claw stance and maybe even add a new stance while releasing this new weapon type) Infested Claws: I like using the Venka Prime for Nidus, but the weapon looks to.... clean, for Nidus. Infested Claw weapons is what is missing here. Maybe with the special build in/inherent lifesteal if used/connected to Nidus as a nice feature?
  4. Dark_RRiderr

    Way too OP enemies?

    Well first of all you are pretty inaccurate here. Point 1: Which enemys are you talking about of which faction? Only Corpus on Fortuna, or having trouble against all the level 40+ enemys. Only specific enemies giving you this trouble with having a lot of damage out of nowhere? That would help for sure. Point 2: Mastery or not, what equipment did you even use? Warframe, stats of the Warframe (maybe best posted with a screenshot), weapons you used, and that combined with Point 1. Point 3: Maybe only in certein missions? Since i sometimes had the feeling some enemies in invasions did had more damage then the normal enemies of the same level in other missions sometimes (maybe its just me i dont know), Fortuna enemies are much stronger anyways it appears. Was it a Sortie? There are special conditions like Elemental Damage they get added to their attacks, in combination with radiation damage this enables friendly fire and your teammates did maybe accidently shoot you down. (One fourth Ability use of some warframes in the wrong moment of a Radiation Proc on said Warframe could teamkill the entire squad AND objective... and yes i did screw a mission up ones because of that, sorry) Point 4: What type of damage was used on you? That together with Point 1 and Point 2 to be considered (and of course Point 3) So this 4 Points alone would be usefull to know if you post this. I also observed some very weird damage spikes in some (and strangely only in SOME not all) Profit Taker phase 4 missions. 11k Iron skin gone 1 shot or at least in less then a second. While the other times the damage was high but didnt killed off my Iron skin in less then a second and i was fully bombarded. Just so you dont get it wrong, i do believe something might be wrong there, still more deteils could have saved a lot on this topic here. The way you written all this it sounded more like an invitation to others to make fun of you if you basicly only write "game to hard, make it more easy" you know? Try including some Data that people here (and if DE reads this) can actually use THEN you can expect change, but for some real changes to be done you also need to do some work here and tell them in more deteil what exactly happened. Observe carefully WHAT killed you so quick, maybe even make a video and upload it with a link to this topic here so people can take a look as well at what happened and might figure out the problem here already what happened.
  5. Dark_RRiderr

    Warframe Tabbing out by itself

    For some reason lately my Warframe seems to Tab out and dont let me Tab in again, this result in me needing to quit the mission every time again and restarting the game. Would like some help on that maybe someone else can help me about this so i dont need to make a ticket, this is rendering playing warframe for me nearly impossible if i do missions. Its highly unpredictable, sometimes it happens sometimes not, lately more often then usual.
  6. Dark_RRiderr

    K-Drive Shows as unranked

    Same here... 1/17/19 and still unfixed, i hope DE even took notice of it yet. Prepared my own screenshot for this but since there are already so many i might just delete mine, thanks so i dont need to post it.
  7. Dark_RRiderr

    Invisible Laser in Spy mission (curious bug)

    EXACTLY that one, if someone would be as nice and make a short gif or video of that and post it here? (Im not to familiar with that kind of stuff sadly)
  8. Dark_RRiderr

    Invisible Laser in Spy mission (curious bug)

    Yeah should have maybe still make a screenshot of it, i will try replicate the bug and/or at least make a screenshot of the tileset. Mistake on my end there thinking it wont do any good here (and usually i always do screenshots with bug reports)
  9. Dark_RRiderr

    Invisible Laser in Spy mission (curious bug)

    As far as i know (i rarely use teleport and mostly just the 1 and 2 sometimes the 4) it only works if enemys are behind it or allys right?
  10. Dark_RRiderr

    Why doing this to new players?

    Yeah i know i do, but i had a friend with me as well as i did this the first time and could get through. The only thing im curious about is: Does it increase by player number or by mastery number as well?
  11. Dark_RRiderr

    Why doing this to new players?

    The recources they need for low level mastery weapons: So i just wondered about why it is that some low level mastery weapons such as the "normal" version of the MK1 weapons like Bo, Paris, Kunais or just weapons like the Cronos are needing materials you get WAY later on Saturn instead of well... AT LEAST the first 6 "planets" (Phobos and Europe are just moons, but yeah well) so people new to the game will take forever until they can finally have the same version of the weapon that is stronger earlier on? I mean seriously, why do they need to go not to earth, not to venus, not to mercury, not to mars, not to phobos, not to ceres, not to jupiter, not to europe, NO, to Saturn (!) to get materials for a Mastery 2 or 3 weapons?! Definately room for improvement there... Enemy Difficulty on Earth: My friend that started Warframe (which is the reason why im writing this in the first place after observing all this), was close to quit Warframe early on because she was BORED as hell how EASY the enemys have been on Earth. She was at some point touching the enemy and shooting an Arrow and 3 enemys were standing byside this one in view range and they DIDNT respond at that for an awful lot of seconds. Cant remember they used to be THAT extremly easy as i started a year ago. Please tell me this is NOT on intention and just a bug because that would be horrible and doesnt bring any challange at all, no its worse, it makes the game unnessacary boring for beginners (not my words but hers and i do agree with that after observing it) Jackal difficulty: While i do welcome increased difficulty on bosses/assassinate targets, i did notice that now for even 3 beginners that i helped out this boss is in fact a bit to hard these days and i also dont remember having any problems with this boss, at least not THAT many problems. Could be do to the fact they didnt used their warframe skills to much on the Jackal, but almost all their weapons didnt showed any real impact on it at all. The regeneration on the legs didnt made it much better for them. (and no i didnt boosted them, i was mostly just present in the mission observing what they do and giving some advice, maybe from time to time killing a few enemys that annoyed me as well because not having much to do) So earth enemys beeing ridiculessly easy, and the first real official Assassinate mission (bysides Quest Captain Vor) beeing a little bit to hard on the beginning for some maybe. As mentioned, i dont remember it beeing a big problem for me a year ago, and as i this time tried it out even with an Opticor with about 21k Puncture damage it didnt one shotted it straight away (the leg) ... which is weird if a weapon with a riven mod and maxed out doesnt easily kill a low level boss, and you wonder how someone new to the game should then with low level equipment and mods accomplish this without having a very hard time. Good changes compared to 1 year ago: However, i also must give some positive feedback about the current state of the early game expirience compared to my own one year ago. Specially about things like the Howl of the Kubrow and Pets in general. DNA Stabilizers beeing finally on an acceptable credit amount (instead of beeing WAY to expensive for someone new to the game), pets beeing able to be interacted with as often as you want (my friend really welcomes that feature i think), and you recieving a fully constructed power cell for the incubator rather then getting just a blueprint and not even having access to the void to farm the void crystals early on at all... Yet, at least one of my friends would welcome it if you can have more then just one active pet on board your Orbiter, since the poor Kubrows dont got any other Kubrows to play with you know? 🙂 (Poor ordis if he needs to clean the ship for the operator with so much fur and.... other things... laying around inside the orbiter with so many active pets at the same time inside the orbiter...) In short: Please do something about the low earth enemys difficulty, the maybe a bit to high difficulty for a first boss on Venus, and the materials about certein low level (standard) weapons not requiring people new to the game to go all the way to Saturn. My suggestions is: -Either just change up the recources needed for such weapons OR: Add a recource conversation/trading Character to Cetus... where new players can exchange or trade some recources they dont got access to yet via credits and or standing maybe. -Check back the enemys on earth if there is maybe something wrong or if there can be something improved so beginners are not immidiatly turning away from the game because just not beeing challanged at all -Take some low level equipment and warframes people usually tend to have in the first days/day and do the Jackal Assassinate mission Fossa on Venus and try to use your weapons and get a picture of it yourself. Specially the MK1-Paris and the MK1-Braton and MK-1 Kunais to just see for yourself (no Orokin Catalysts on the weapons just like most beginners, no big updated mods, just act like you are new to the game and lets see what you think yourself about it) and of course also low level warframe as well with not to much installed
  12. Making a screenshot about this bug would sadly be pointless in this one case: In a Spy mission i encountered an.... invisible laser... that i tripped. (and yes im pretty sure because it already looked suspicious and i observed it long enouth to be sure) All the other Lasers were visible and worked properly just this one laser segment was.... glowing green around the borders but no visible lasers were inside of them. The other lasers were turning on and off regularly and were visible. For some reason this one decided to just stay entirely invisible the entire time, making me trip it and beeing pretty embarrased having a Loki 1457 hours mission time and showing someone new to the game how to .... not do... a spy mission apparently. Did anyone here observed this problem as well and can confirm this? And maybe even make a video of it please? (So im not entirely embarrased for tripping a laser after 1457 hours playtime and usually beeing good in spy missions...?)
  13. Having different Bells and Drums is all nice (even if im not exactly yet liking the drums yet) just why not taking this step a little bit further? Why not adding such things as new music instruments for your Dojos that you can really use and interact with? Something like pressing the use key on them ("X" by default) and then its like with hacking, a new little menu appears and you can start making sounds with this instrument everyone can hear. Imagine all the possibilitys of new Instruments inside of your Dojo, Music Instruments of all kind, maybe even something like a "band" inside your Dojo playing at your "nightclubs" in your Dojo. Adding an entirely new aspect to the game other then just killing around, a relaxing aspect, some good reason other then getting blueprints in your Dojo and gather with your Clan. Could be we just use Soma Chords for this and place a bunch and edit them, and they all make different sounds. Or creating entirely new instruments instead Wouldnt that be something nice to have? I dont know about everyone here in the forums, but i would even be willing to pay Platin for such things.
  14. Dark_RRiderr

    Defend this, Defend That... Defense Defense Defense

    About the to many Defense missions in Orb Valis: Yeah ok it can be annoying, and would be nice if there is some kind of warning that you need to defend something at some point (maybe something like a symbol or whatever could give it away) and still, its very possible to defend "without machine guns" or anything. You could also do this only with Loki and a Pistol (i used to do some Plains of Eidolon bountys just with Loki, my lex and his decoy ability to draw damage from the objective) and its still very do able. Stressfull, admited, not so "fun" i give it that... but its do able. Yet having every single time a defense segment in it can be annoying indeed. I was lucky so far, often got bountys with Exterminate only (Exterminate Moas, Exterminate Ospreys, Exterminate ANY Corpus units) the whole bounty long. Yet i do notice that tendency of DE lately focusing to much on that Defense mission style to often. I really liked what DE did with Abriations, the only reason i dont like doing all of them is that ALL of them seem to be Defense kind of missions ONLY. Interception still beeing acceptable, Excavation well.... Defense with that suicider bot as VIP? Hell no... reason i dont like Sortie Defense at all and dont do them anymore. Back to Orb Vallis topic: Yeah its sometimes annoying with the Defense missions in the segments but i dont know, its not really something i dislike that much. There are still enouth bountys without Defense. Would be just nice having some kind of warning before accepting those missions maybe thats all i can say about this topic. The rest of the Orb Vallis and Fortuna is well done. Except for having WAY to many patrols disturbing you while hunting, and Business beeing sometimes really annoying with his non stop talking even if its nice informations he gives there about the animals. Just sometimes it would be nice just having a little bit silence while you hunt (guess thats the reason some people go hunting or fishing ALONE, without their families talking non stop....)
  15. Dark_RRiderr

    Profit-Taker is a parade of design failures

    Well they did fix the part with cutscenes not beeing able to be skipped, so one point less to worry about. You get like i think 25k (now 50k with double credit weekend and even more with booster) so thats at least something i would say, specially since you get money but in real also farm for something very much else this is not so bad then. (except for Index you would need to do 5 waves on a dark sector defense offering this for example and wont special items from that usually) The Boss DPS is not so bad, even 10k Armor of Iron skin can be gone pretty fast if you dont dodge it good enouth. The spawning groups of enemys? Yeah they are actually really annoying and first i didnt liked that, still... i have to say it makes things at least a little more difficult (which is good) so i dont got a problem with that. We maybe just expected more, like an ENTIRELY new way to fight a boss, that was our fault of expecting to much maybe? Its still a decent boss fight BUT.... YES they should have bug tested it more (there where still way to many bugs left JUST like on the Eidolon hunt.......!) so there is in fact a point i do agree with very much and that was disappointing. What is more annoying is the way you farm the Gyro systems.... there should be better ways to get this and more options to get this recource, i dont really need relics from doing this bountys and would rather have an higher drop chance for the Gyros and other things you can only get in bountys then getting Relics to be very honest.