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  1. Wanted to write 40k as well, warframes vs tyranids :D or Orcs! Tenno surely would feel like home there
  2. Thank you, given me some hope there, needed that specially lately
  3. Need to get an entirely new computer first sadly, plus want to get a good vr and THEN do the sim. THAT would be so damn amazing. Of course real flying is better but this is maybe as close as i can get for now.... just hope in years if i got the money for the license the doctors dont tell me "sorry you cant fly because this and that" would destroy me....
  4. As long as you know how to have some good builds (well, this can be copy pasted easily) and how to use it (Which also isnt a big art there...) i actually dont think you need that much skill. Your equipment mostly does the job. The rest is just knowing how to use it and getting used to thinks in warframe like the hacking system and timing on spy missions.
  5. Did DE change anything recently which i dont know about? (Not to active in Warframe lately anymore)
  6. Listening to this sometimes as well, love it. When the hammer falls is also nice and a lot of others from them. Now something else in a different direction from me:
  7. What do you think about the newest microsoft flightsim? Better or as good as X-Plane?
  8. Sounds good, but you need the commerical license for that right?
  9. Thought i just write something here again to get this thread bigger on the long run. Soon will maybe have more time
  10. I miss my birds if i see that.... good memories, but i wouldnt get new ones, wouldnt want to see them die again, wasnt nice to see
  11. Its interresting to see so many more people writing burn out threads lately, i myself derailed a harmless topic in a discussion of my own about something like that (sorry again for that to the one that made that topic 😅 ) I guess in this troubled times where so much uncerteinty happens this all just breaks out i dont know. Know the feeling if you just dont care anymore and just dont want to go on anymore, maybe because you just have enouth or you dont see a point in anything anymore. To get out of this kind of state is.... very difficult, some make it out themselves, some need help... som
  12. I joined that club of laughing oh damn this is so good lol
  13. What do you mean by the mini-quest "beeing an uber Pilot" ? And how does that help getting your money back and finance it? 70k is a lot... not to mention 140k for a plane is not that easy to afford with a "normal" job. Still would do it, just thinking about how to get there...
  14. This given me some hope for the future and inspired me, thank you. I hope some day i own the flight DLC as well, its an old dream. How much does it usually cost to byu the multi/twin engine dlc with instrument flight?
  15. Its interresting.... i plan to learn to fly in that game as well, but i first have to grind enouth money for a license, for that to grind more money i have to first do other tests and level up more and more to get more money cap for each mission. I hope to one day beeing able to fly, maybe even one day having my own plane and travel the world with it. What missions did you do to get that money for it together? Since im in search for some good missions to do for getting it together. What country did you spawn in on the beginning of RL? Germany here, 33, if my test is finished and i leveled up w
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