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  1. Hell, why not just adding a Unreal Tournemant like Redeemer rocket launcher to Warframe? Cant hurt having a remote controlled mini nuke rocket launcher right? Surely wont be abused 😉 No but seriously now, would have been nice seeing some simple weapons with a lot of firepower and blast radius as well. Didnt liked that trigger system of the Ogris with holding then releasing, but it could be it was released as some kind of "safety" mechanism to prevent pressing the trigger accidentally blowing up yourself everytime. Since we got open world, why not having some kind of Rocket Artillerie/mortar like turret emplacement that can be controlled by tennos as well? (grineer or corpus origin and they of course usually control it but it needs to be manned) Or just some kind of super heavy weapon that sometimes is in some special game modes available and lays on the ground to be picked up and used and has the effect of a redeemer in UT and just cleans out an entire room full of enemies (and yourself if you dont want it and leave the room fast) with rediculess damage that just kills nearly everything no matter what it is. The alternate thing i could also be just a simple rocket launcher with direct trigger semi fire and very fast flying rockets with high damage and some good blast radius (not to huge but still good) and expect for the typical blast damage elemental type maybe have some already integrated other damage types (maybe electrical if its a corpus rocket launcher, heat for grineer rocket launchers) In the end, i dont think any of this what we write here will see the day of light in warframe.
  2. Mh... did you before use windows 7 pro and now with the new pc use win 10 ? Edit: Also, im from germany, where are you from? (Just in case this could proof usefull to know about this problem)
  3. Well, i dont play that active anymore and just logged in for the daily login rewards (mainly the 700 day one which i got already now) but yeah seems same problem for me. After now downloading the update/hotfix whatever it was, its stuck at exactly: 441.4 KB missing and before showed 100 % (but didnt let me play) Ticket was already written at support as well. Now the real question i really wanna know from you guys: Does ANYONE have this kind of problems in steam as well sometimes with updates? Because i sure as hell have that problems out of nowhere, without a warning and steam support also doesnt know how to fix that. Then suddenly after sometimes 3 weeks, it .... "fixes itself" and suddenly the update works again and its like the few KB missing were never a problem in the first place. What is that exactly? WHY does this happen exactly? What causes this and how can we prevent this? (and dont come up with "dont sit in front of a computer" thats my sentence)
  4. Remembering how it was in Star Wars Galaxies: The proffession Entertainer could use Instruments creating music, there was an option on the radial menu if you select the player playing music, to "listen" to this player. Only then could you hear his/her(/its?) music and listen to it. (at the same time that also given you a buff that the Entertainer can modify for you however you need the buff to be) My point is much like Dark__Thoughts point of adding a simple solution to turn on several players music by your own selection. Isnt there already some kind of "radial menu" for player or "inspect" function? If not the question is, how easily could this be implented a kind of radial menu that can turn on or off the sound of the players instrument playing? Would be the most simple solution for this. Also would be nice if there would be a function to tip the player Credits or Plat maybe? If you like this idea why dont you just upvote this post, or simply "report it"? (Dont know if that really reaches DEs attention but would be worth the try maybe)
  5. Sure.... then they have to accept if one day everyone chooses playing other games only as well if noone likes what they turned it into
  6. Still a step into the wrong direction....
  7. All pointless, they will nerf it. Saw this happening before with to many games... they now reached the phase of just nerfing everything unreasonable down, instead of fixing the real issue. Making the game more and more unattractive to play because more and more fun options (or options in general about what WE like to play not the devs enforcing us to play what they want us to play.... hint hint DE ....) I like Warframe also for the many choices you can make about which weapons you use with which warframe, now.... they shrink our options of choices, they force us to play other weapons even if that is NOT fun for us and we dont want that. Yet here they go on and want to nerf another enjoyable element, the speed of the Itzal... Instead of understanding what path they just chosen of taking the fun away and limiting the choices and the worst part: Taking our freedom of choice away on the way we like to play the game... they chosen to just delete every negative critisism that was made (it used to be 26 pages long on the last hotfix answers of people mostly beeing negative of course, and then it was just 6 pages long.... thats how much they deleted...) and they just do what they did wrong on the beginning with the moderator problem: They ignore it, worst you can, ignoring a problem. Since it seems they just chosen to repeat their mistakes instead of learning about them i dont see any good change for the future of this otherwise good game and only see bad changes coming for the future. DE usually used to be on my favourite dev teams out there. Just with the recent things they did... i just cannot say that anymore. I usually already written most of that but that comment was of course deleted... To all who stay here: Get ready for a lot of nerfs and a lot of things you might not agree with. Hope you can still enjoy the game.... my joy of all that recently happened is definitely gone...
  8. Thank you! That sound loop glitch was killing my ears on Sanctuary onslaught runs! (Embolyst had the same problem hope thats fixed too)
  9. Help! DE Kidnapped me! They dont allow me to play other games because there are so many new things to do now and explore! You are so mean DE, how should i play something else now? 😄 Wasnt it enouth you force me to stay for the nightwave event? Then the Razorback invasion, then baro coming now this?! Dont you overdid it there? Isnt that a liiiiittle bit much at the same time? No seriously, thanks for all the new things to do and everything coming at the same time, almost like christmas hahahaha. Cant choose what gift to open first 😉
  10. Judging by the railjack engine test in the background of the recent streams.... how far are we from the Railjack update? Are we talking about months, half a year or end of the year to expect it?
  11. I usually just watch since im mostly entertained by the streams (NEW: Now with strange background noise which i assume must be a test of the railjacks engines) and not a part of the people screaming this but... yeah i sadly have to say i also didnt recieved any switch drops. (I mean i got more then enouth pictures for my Orbiter left but i could maybe use it for my clan, still a save on platin i can use to support some friends with) And hint to Rebecca and Megan: Next time if you are in front the lasers, just look up, there is usually another way to just go above them... 😉 makes things way easier. (or in to be more accurate take a look here:) Just in case you really didnt knew about it (and a hint for others that didnt knew about it just in case)
  12. I can hear a voice talking to me from my Scanner in my Orbiter.... is that normal? (Not that hearing voices is new to me...)
  13. "No Drops" what about "Hey DE are you still there?" or "will there be a devstream since i heared a fire alarm on the end of the prime time?" No seriously, fake alarm or was there an actual fire?
  14. You cannot kill what you cannot see mmmmmh, sounds familiar... Do they say they reworked the stalker and finally given him invisibility? (I hope yes! Maybe just my wish but hope yes)
  15. Did DE yet say something about this? I mean if they think its fixed or if they are still working on it? Since doesnt look like it works. Same like the what was it? "joy ride" achievement? I got it in warframe but not on steam for some reason. (the one with riding a Dargyn so and so many 10.000 meters or whatever it was)
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