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A little love for Twin Kohmak


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The twin kohmaks are a great secondary.  Super fun indeed.  It would be really nice if the base ammo could get upped from the 300 that it is now.  Doubled would be sweet, even a bump up to 500 would be a great step.  Would really help this awesome secondary to shine.  A little faster reload time would be ideal also, but just the ammo increase alone would be greatly appreciated.

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The most immediate "buff" Twin Kohmak needs IMO would be to be symmetrical
(via a unique skin at least), it drives me bonkers that the second Kohmak looks so different.

Which not least would also mean it functions at least slightly differently
(at first I thought the second one just had a cover over the cylinder or something,
but no, that cylinder doesn't actually fit under there).

Which would then make it not actually a dual Kohmak but instead
a Kohmak + [some similar weapon with the same magazine type].

Blurgh. DE why.

But sure, stuff like higher Max Ammo on a bullet hose is always nice, gimme 😄

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