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Inspiration Hall Skybox


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Hi guys,

SO i was playing around a bit after building the "Inspiration Hall" Managed to cliped out, dont tell you how i did it.

I hope we could get a bigger skybox ,like the observer room cause this: d86928-1539706056.jpg Is a rather small skybox, i hoped we could build outside to make some awesome stuff, but the skybox is so small that we cant build outside, i cant get my inspiration working if i cannot build around (outside) to create lets say, an awesome junlge like view outside the glass. very limiting if we are stuck with the skybox the way it is, or let us atleast change the skybox with other skyboxes like the poe box.


So folks waht are your thoughts? Would you like changable Skyboxes or have a bigger skybox to build outside? maybe DE will hear our wish.

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Problem with the Observatory is that its skybox prevents building rooms above it on a different floor and would be the same for the Inspiration Room if it also had a higher skybox.


Would be better to just allow the skyboxes to be interchangeable.

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