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Arbitrations insta kill


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  • 3 weeks later...

I never had this issue before... until this morning...

Had a chance to capture that moment on video. OFC it have to be fixed, I put a lot of mods to make my build tanky as f*+- , usually I can do runs until 45 to 50 minutes in elite alert with infested without any issue, but today got that Full life > dead befor you can even realise issue.

I noticed watching the video on ultra slow motion speed that I lost all my HP exactly on the same frame as i gave damage on that ennemy. at 60 FPS record.

Only a coincidence or something like dealing damage to yourself even with a weapon that usually cannot. Or a damage reflection on NPC that shouldn't be here????


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Actually the toxic ancient killed you, when you move forward or any direction, there is an invisible point where enemies aim and shoot, they don't aim at you, they aim at where you will be, when you moved forward the toxic ancient attacked your pet, your pet moved out of the way, but you kept moving forward.

You need to be carefull about attack animations, they can be triggered by you, your teammates or your pets

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