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Buzlok visuals and accuracy bugged


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The tracer of the Buzlok shots is very hard to track now (after Chimera) and the big tracer visual is gone (at least for me, sounds like not everyone have their graphics bugged like the Lotus Noggle head being smushed, DE hasn't said a word about it either from what I saw). Changing the display settings and even putting particles on max did nothing.

It also seems that what made it not as inaccurate is also bugged. Before all shots seemed to be redirected to where you aimed at, you would notice that the tracer visual would show how the projectile would correct it's deviation right after leaving the barrel (this is in non homing mode), this no longer applies and the projectiles spread quite a lot straight from the barrel. Curiously enough this does not happen to the first bullet fire, the first one is always spot on the crosshair. It gets to the point that without ADS some bullets will hit the floor not far from you even if you aim straight forward. ADS is not as bad but still absolutely terrible comparing to before.

I have a couple of examples of it now, sadly I never took screens of it before the bug for those not familiar with the gun. The screen from 3rd person is without ADS, the second is with ADS (forgive me for my low resolution, tracer is hard to see now but that didn't happen before as I explained). To note that Heavy Caliber isn't equipped.






Perhaps this could be related to how projectile weapons tend to misbehave with multishot (though usually when coupled with heavy caliber), and since the aim correction function seems to have died it just spreads out of control. This is painful on a weapon that already has one of the worst projectile travel speed in the game.


Edit: I did a quick youtube search and found a video where you can see how it worked before Chimera, not extremely recent but only 5 months ago. Skip to 1:19 to see it working without homing.



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