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Banshee Focus Farm Tips and Tricks


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Use the focus school that gives the affinity spike. 

Then you need a melee that will one shot all the enemies on adaro. Maiming strike orthos or some such.

Add to that a savage silence banshee build and then you are ready to go.

When you go, it is important to always have your silence active and be as quick as you can.

What you are looking for is that sweet 400% stealth kill affinity bonus. And that means..

DO NOT get spotted or let anyone set of the alarm. If that alarm goes off even once your entire run is bust..

Also. Wait for 30sec at the start of the run to get  focus bubble sooner and slow down the kills between bubbles. 

Savage banshee focus farm is a practice thing. You do not get your focus for free with her. 

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