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Martyrdom Challenge - 1 tenno, 15 threats, 0 deaths


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Hello everyone, I came up with an idea to challenge yourself when you hit the mid-late / late game, so you can try if you're capable of taking a big risk and play smart.
Martyrdom Challenge is a test which tells you if you are able to fight every boss in Warframe using only your operator and not dying even once.

To pass this challenge, you have to know how to fight every boss, you have to put effort and time to build proper gear for your Tenno, you need to be patient and determined, because it takes time to beat all of them. I have beaten Eidolons, Mutalist Alad V and Juggernaut, but I excluded these for the challenge, they just took too long to put the fights to the video.
The challenge is a great way to see if you're ready for what Fortuna update brings to us.


Why this name for the challenge? Because the Tenno can feel every scratch, every bullet and every single hit they have to withstand.

The Martyrdom Challenge is an idea of Clan Warlord of Meme Mothership - IceVice.
Ask me anything in comment section, share the video to your comrades and challenge them to see which one of you is stronger.
Good Luck!


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4 hours ago, Loza03 said:

Hm. Sounds like an interesting and fun challenge. Alas, my Operator is currently too weak to undertake it. I need to power him up a bit more with Vazarin's health boost and healing factor, at least. I'll try to rectify this.

Between 43:00 and 44:00 minute you can actually see my Focus trees and Operator gear used (Did  every boss  with the same loadout) Good luck!

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