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Synapse audio revamp.


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Let's begin with a simple statement:

It's outdated. A new set of more fitting sounds should follow.

During The Great Rebalance of U22.12 through U22.14 many changes were made to Synapse, along with aesthetic adjustments to fit its new behaviour:


Tweaked the Synapse beam to better represent it’s Corrosive Damage.


However, the audio layer has remained mostly unchanged, resulting in Synapse firing sound to be distinctly electric in nature, unfitting its Corrosive damage type.

The reload sound is also more applicable to a primarily mechanical weapon and replacement of pressurized container (which is nowhere to be seen on the weapon and the animation does in no way imply its presence) - quite similar to Acrid - which too is not compatible with the weapon model and behaviour.

Audio team, pls fix.

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