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Ores / Loot not showing up in minimap (PoE)


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Since my old post was archived and the bug still exists, i'm gonna try to explain how to replicate (now that i have more experience fixing it every single time i try to farm minerals on the plains). It seems that the bug only happens when you are holding the Advanced Nosan Cutter and go operator (zenurik void dash to gather some energy) and is not 100% of the time (and happens with nodes far from you, not the ones already displayed on the map). Is not a "display" only bug - the cutter does not detect nearby nodes (the feedback sound) that are affected.

One example that just happened: i leave an area with 10-20 nodes (Er-Phryah's Vigil - all being properly displayed on the map) to kill the commander in a incursion located south of the Vigil; after complete the incursion, going back to the area there was no nodes being displayed or detected; going operator does not fix the problem, you actually have to, holding the cutter, go operator then void dash to "fix" the issue (sometimes more than once).

I do not recommend anyone to farm wisps and mining (like i used to do) because of this - do one or another and if you are using the operator to gather some energy while mining always void dash upon entering an area you know have plenty of nodes.

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