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WTS Fragor Riven

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14 hours ago, SgtHotPepper said:

Beside the trade channel ingame and the relays you also have riven.market (mostly like warframe.market but with far less offers)  that can be a option.

And the price you sell it is important.

It's not a bad riven but dont expect 2k plat for it.

i was letting people offer for it as im not the best at prices for rivens. i put 140 on it. i dont know if thats alot or not but thats what i put on it and said people can have a counter offer. Now i dont want to make this sound rude or what not but next time when u comment something like that could u please make sure u know all the facts as i was not putting 2k on it.

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It was not a agression.So i dont say YOU want 2k plats but it's a manner to say that the price is a important thing.

You can see all sort of things in the trade channel...😊

140 plat it's not much, even for worse Riven that yours, because if someone want a Fragor riven yours it's a good base and he can reroll it for better stats.


Good luck in your business.

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Am 25.10.2018 um 13:26 schrieb iice1999:


i think u can get ~500-700p for it tho. if it had a pointless negative it would be much more valuable but all the stats are good for fragor prime and melee will get a big change, not just the systems but there will also be a balance pass. i dont think they will change a weapon from crit based -> status based. i think they will improve the stats depending on how viable/popular the weapon already is so i think it wont be useless on fragor prime at all even after wards. if someone doesnt care about having stats from the higher pool by having a negative then its a very good riven. 

good luck~

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