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Can you price my Sobek riven please



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35 minutes ago, (PS4)Mighty_albafsh said:

Anywhere from 50pl-80pl. I dont know how many rolls you have on it but if you can keep rolling it these are some of the stats you want to see for sobek: dmg, CC, CD, multishot, Electric, FR (debatable), and Toxin. with a combination of those you could sell it anywhere from 100pl-200pl

I disagree.

Priority stats for sobek are status chance and multishot. 

Base damage is also good but you want enough status chance that you can hit 100 percent easily. 

If you want grits with it use a cat and some arcanes. The 100 percent status potential is much more useful imo.


I can't price your mod because I am not on ps4, sorry.

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